PM Imran Khan & Donald Trump Complete Media Talk in White House

PM Imran Khan & Donald Trump Complete Media Talk in White House

well I can't say that yet because so far he has not extended being in and after today's meeting maybe he won't but I have a feeling he might yes I'd love to go to Pakistan are you talking about from Afghanistan yeah yeah we have already withdrawn quite a few and we're doing it very slowly very safely and we're working with Pakistan and with as you know we're negotiated with the Taliban and we are doing I think very well in that regard again it's something that we could do we could go one of two ways we could do a number the likes of which they've never seen before and win it very quickly I don't want to do that I don't want to do that because you're talking about millions of people and I don't want to do that and we're working with Pakistan on getting a solution and I think I think it's being worked very well well I don't know we're moving a lot of them out and we've done what we were supposed to do we've been there for 19 years and we've acted as policemen not soldiers and again if we wanted to be soldiers it would be over in ten days one week to ten days if we wanted to but I have not just and that wife why are we why would we kill millions of people it wouldn't be fair in terms of humanity it wouldn't be fair so we're doing very well and I think that Pakistan is going to be a big help you see this is the the closest we've been to a peace deal in Anniston yeah and there is no military solution in Afghanistan there is dominating solution because as mr. president says if you go all-out military there will be millions and millions of people who will die so there is only one solution and I feel that I think we will discuss this closest we have been to a peace deal and we hope that in the coming days we will be able to urge the Taliban to speak to the Afghan government and come to a settlement a political solution and what the Prime Minister choosing what the Prime Minister just said is a very big story and that's one hundred percent of where we've made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks and Pakistan has helped us with that progress but a lot happening a lot of things are happening for the United States and I think a lot of great things are going to be happening for Pakistan – under your leadership I really feel thank you I think Iran doesn't know where they are I've been watching and reading a lot of reports and right now they're a very mixed up country they don't know whether they're coming or going they have tremendous problems economically their country's in turmoil they're having demonstrations all over Iran their inflation rates at 75% they have a lot of problems so whatever it is it is I'm just going to sit back in wait let's see what happens but I will say they are doing they are doing very poorly as a country and we'll see what happens we did actually because they said no and you know it's a religious country or religious leaders but they lie a lot we did shoot down unfortunately we had to shoot down a drone the drone came down you know how it was how it came down with a new technology that's actually quite amazing but we took down one of their drones instead of saying yeah that happened to eat live they say it didn't happen so we have there's a lot of proof it's called take a look at it on the ocean floor just go down there take your scuba gear and go down there and the one of you would do that I know but we took down a drone I think very importantly I read a report today about CIA that's totally a false story that's another lie they put out propaganda they put out lies I don't think Pakistan would ever do a thing like that pakistan never lies but iran does unfortunately so let's see what happens with iran we are ready for the absolute worst and we're ready for sense too but we are very geared up and if they they are they are really the number one state of terror in the world now i have to say they pulled back because they their money is running very low the deal that president obama made was a disaster because it was such a short term it didn't cover ballistic missiles and they couldn't see the important sites under this you couldn't inspect the important sites or many things wrong and of course they gave 150 billion dollars plus 1.8 billion in green green beautiful cash that's called many plane loads of cash I think Pakistan would like to have some of that cash but they gave 1.8 billion dollars in cash which is unthinkable and instead of being respectful and thankful believe they should have been to the United States and to President Obama for making that ridiculous deal instead of being respectful they put their finger up in the air and this thing of the thumb they put their finger up in the air and they disrespected the United States they shouldn't have done that that was a big mistake one of the best things I've done is terminate that ridiculous deal if they want to make a deal it's it's frankly it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with Iran because they behaved very badly they're saying bad things and I'll tell you it could go either way very easily very easily and I'm okay either way it goes I want a couple of Pakistani yeah I like them I like it much better than our you have so much you mean what they didn't do in the world well I don't think Pakistan look I don't think Pakistan respected the United States I don't think Pakistan respected its presidents and I think Pakistan could have done a lot I think Pakistan can do tremendous amount against with respect to Afghanistan they didn't do it and I don't blame them because they were dealing with the wrong president who knows but I think Pakistan could have done they're helping us a lot now I think they could have helped us a lot in the past but it doesn't matter we have a new leader he's gonna be a great leader of Pakistan and we have a new leader here sort of knew him two and a half years now getting to be three years can you believe it you're gonna find time flies but no I think Pakistan could have done a lot but they chose not to that's because they did not respect the US leadership well I'll let you know that very quickly I'll let you know I mean I'm gonna know soon it's not gonna be like a long-term thing I figured things out very quickly so the question was it's probably the best question you've asked it alone first time since always asking mother mother Mother's she's been asking this mother thing for the best question so I have to focus on that because that's such a great question I think Pakistan is going to do a lot I really do I think Pakistan is going to make a big difference I think Pakistan will save millions of lives in Afghanistan because I really believe they can they have a power that other nations don't have with respect to Afghanistan and I will say as of this moment they're working very hard and very nice you know I know presidents you were working on trade deals right now we'll see what happens Rita they're paying us billions and billions of dollars of tariffs which is fine with me but I know that they're working I know that's a very important situation for President Xi and you know you could say what you said but you could also say that he has allowed that to go on for a long time and you know it's been it's been relatively I think it's been relatively nonviolent well they are I mean they are I don't think China stopped him China could stop them if they wanted I think I think that again I'm not involved in it very much but I think President Xi of China has acted responsibly very responsibly they've been out there protesting for a long time I've never seen protests like it will you have that many people it looks like 2 million people those are big protests but I think the president I hope that President Xi will do the right thing but it has been going on a long time there's no question number one this is the longest war that the United States has ever fought it's almost nineteen years number two I'm one of those who always believed that there was no military solution because anyone knows the history of Afghanistan you just have to look back at the history there was always going to be a political settlement at the end and I have to compliment President Trump because he has no force people to end the war to have a have a settlement and that's where I think Pakistan is playing a very important role because Pakistan has a 15 100 mile border with you Afghanistan and all the areas where the trouble is which is the eastern side of minus 9 so this is a critical time I'm looking forward to my dogs with President Trump we have a military leadership here because this is obviously a security situation and what we want is under screen the two countries I can show President Trump that whatever we will be saying will be the apps we will be straight with them they will never be any question of any doubt on Pakistan's intent because in apart from of Anniston the country that wants peace and of understand more than any other countries because we got directly affected by it and Pakistan needs stability we have had 15 years of fighting this war on terror over 70,000 Pakistani casualties over a hundred and fifty billion dollars lost to the economy so we desperately want peace and I'm happy that President Trump has pushed us forward I will be asking President he's it's the most powerful country in the world the United States it can play the most important role and bring a peace in the subcontinent you know there over on well over a billion and a quarter people in the subcontinent they are held hostage to the issue of fish beef and I feel that only the most powerful state headed by President Trump and can bring the two countries together I from my point I can tell you we have tried our best we made all overtures to India to to start dialogue resolve our differences through dialogue but unfortunately we haven't made headway as yet but I'm hoping that president Trump would push this possible so I was with I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this subject and he actually said would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator I said where said Kashmir because this been going on for many many years I was surprised at how long it's been going going along I think they'd like to see it resolved and I think you'd like to see it result that if I can help I would love to be a mediator it shouldn't be I mean it's impossible to believe two incredible countries that are very very smart with very smart leadership can't solve a problem like that but if you would want me to mediate or arbitrate I would be willing to do the president I continue that right now it you will have the prayers of over a million people if you can mediate and resolve the decision should be resolved so but he asked me the same thing so I think there's something so maybe will speak to him or I'll speak to him and will say because I've heard so much about Kashmir such a beautiful name it's supposed to be such a beautiful part of the world but right now there's just bombs all over the place they say everywhere you go you have bombs and it's a it's a terrible situation been going on for many years if I can do anything to help that let me know let me go in Afghanistan as an example so a lot of you don't know this but we dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever built in history we dropped it in Afghanistan we were getting ready to make many of those bombs this left a hall that was it took out a lot of the lot of the tunnels and everything else but it left a hole in the earth that looked like the moon it looked like a crater from the moon still there it was nobody's ever seen anything like it people heard it 15 miles away they said what was that it shook the earth non-nuclear the largest ever made by far and they were going to make many of them and I said no we don't have to I don't want to drop that I don't want to do that so many easy solutions that's actually the easy solution and they'd come in and say let's have peace but you don't have to do that I think we're going to be very successful without having to go that route and I have tremendous confidence in the Prime Minister I one or two more Pakistan Pakistan press as if the curbs or the Pakistan has one of the freest presses of the world all you have to do is since I'd be in the prime minister in the last ten months I mean the criticism I have received from my own press unprecedented I so to say that their curves or Pakistan presses is a joke wait a minute way way uses no way you've treated worse than I have to speak because I didn't hear your words yeah freedom of the press we will do that we will turn we're talking about hostages we're talking about hostages being held in various places I've had very good luck with hostages with North Korea with many places they've treated us with respect and I appreciate it made a big difference we have two or three hostages that we're talking about that's one of the gentlemen that we have heard about and will be we will be discussing that with many other subjects yes we president trumpet we will be giving you good news about the two hostages thank you good ask it again well I think they're very bad for our country I really think they must hate our country I think therefore congressman we're talking about the Congress women what they've said about Israel what they've said about our country when they talk about disgusting people when they talk the way they talk when the one mentioned that brown people should speak for brown people and Muslim people should speak for Muslim people and you hear all this it's not what our country is all about no I think they're very bad for our country I think they're very bad for the Democrat Party I think you see that and they're pulling the Democrats way left nobody knows how to handle them I feel they're easy to handle to me they're easy to handle because they're just out there they're very bad for our country absolutely there's no racial tensions oh I had my best numbers recently and it's because of the economy and what I've done for the African American when you look at the African Americans are doing better than they've ever done in our country that we're creating numbers look at the poverty numbers look at so many different look at the unemployment numbers the best they've ever had no we have fantastic relationships with the African American community I think you'll see that certainly you're going to see that in 2020 they say that you're going to win the 2020 elections and you are obviously very comforted about that sir you are also having a big war against corruption in Pakistan so can you just well I I think he's gonna win and I think what's gonna happen because you got a little waste away but I'll go over I'm gonna campaign for you I agree and I think that's very true and I it's actually a very good question the answer is yes I see great trade with Pakistan and I'm not talking about a little bit more I'm talking about we can go 10 and even 20 times what we're doing right now Pakistan is a big country it's actually a very big country and they have tremendous product they make great product they make tremendous I bought from Pakistan over the years when I was in the private sector they make incredible product they're brilliant people they're hardworking people I think we're gonna have a fantastic trade relationship I don't mean well increase it by 20% I mean I think we can quadruple it I think if you go I mean literally sounds great you could go 10 times more you could go 20 times more because what we do right now is not much and we should do a lot so I think that's gonna be and I also do agree that that has so much to do with great peace having a great trading relationship has so much to do with peace and extremism in this case I think it can have it so I expect that we will within a very short period of time start having very significant trade with Pakistan now we just have a very good relationship and probably they would like to meet and we'll see what happens there was a little correspondence recently we're very positive correspondence with Korea again there's nuclear testing there's nothing I think we will when they're ready when they're ready we'll be discussing I think I can't very well have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Modi and I think we're gonna have a phenomenal relationship with the Prime Minister of Pakistan I do think that it's a two-way street you know you say India is coming in and destabilizing Pakistan but India is saying that Pakistan is coming in a destabilizing so there's a lot of room right there where we could meet I think we could meet you had a question reporter did he step down oh look he's a terrible governor I think you have an even worse mayor of San Juan she's horrible I think she's horrible I watched her my people did nothing but complain about her when we help them with their hurricane problem the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico is a horror show she's incompetent grossly incompetent at the same time the governor's not good so the United States Congress you won't believe this please close your ears because this would be gave Puerto Rico ninety two billion dollars last year for hurricane relief now they haven't got the money all of it but they've got a lot of it but they're scheduled to get the Congress of the United States handed them ninety two billion dollars and that ninety two billion dollars is in the hands of incompetent people and very corrupt people but the governor has done a terrible job and the mayor of San Juan has she's horrible I think she's just terrible she's so bad for her people and I think the government of the United States have to be careful I'm the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico because we did a great job in Puerto Rico they don't like to give me the credit for it but we did a great job at many Puerto Rican friends I have a real understanding of Puerto Rico I've had jobs in Puerto Rico I had I think the most successful I owned the Miss Universe contest of pageants and we had them in Puerto Rico twice and I'll tell you we had tremendous successes in fact they said literally a hundred percent this never happens almost I think this is closer on but a hundred percent of the island itself was watching they liked those pageants I've had a great relationship with Puerto Rico I'm the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico but Congress has given them 92 billion dollars Pakistan would like some of that but 92 not 1.3 because Pakistan was getting 1.3 92 billion dollars and the money is squandered and wasted and stolen and I'll tell you what the Senators are not happy about it and Congress is not happy about it because you really do you have incompetent totally grossly incompetent leadership at the top of Puerto Rico the people of Puerto Rico are great and the people of Puerto Rico like me and they should because nobody's given them what I give them but the leadership is corrupt and incompetent thank you very much everybody that was okay but the one before it thank you we're leaving now


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  • Trump, wipe your mouth before you talk about Afghanistan and Afghan people. Secondly, you backed stabbed Afghan people so many times, first, looking for Osama Bin Laden, America killed half a million people since 911 fighting with Taliban the servants of Pakistan and Saudis. Now, you want to negotiate with Taliban and honoring Pakistan the no fried, fried. Now you say you could have ended the war in ten days but killing 10000000 people. Why don't you go kill 10000000 Americans.

  • I think people of Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Pakistan 🇵🇰 and India 🇮🇳 should work together and solve their issues, if we all listen to USA they will never solve our issues but they will make it worse to sell their weapons to all of us. It’s up us how to work together. If IK make to Afghanistan 🇦🇫 people would use bad language same if he was traveling to in India 🇮🇳. Last year Ashraf Ghani went to India 🇮🇳 but Pakistan 🇵🇰 users using bad language, therefore we should work together to build friendship.
    Love u all here from Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  • At least IK acknowleged the Pak army has killed 70000 innocent Pashtun, that is how Pakistan treats its Pukhtun population. How on earth will the killers of the Pukhtun nation facilitate peace in Afghanistan when it's whole policy is anti -Afghan. The nerve centre of terrorism is GHQ just be clear on that Mr Trump.

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    App log ye dekh kar khan se muhabat kar rahe hen hum to wo hen jo ye sab dekhe bagair hi khan se ishq karte rahe hen 🙄😊😊😊😊❤

  • Pakistani Syasetdan yad rekhn k Allah Pak aur Nebi Pak G saww k bad un k liy sb se bri taqet wuh khud nyi hain blk hm Awam hain jbtk hm sath hain to Dunya main bhi izzet ho gi

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  • Imran Khan Pakistani qoum ka sucha leader he ..I love imran Khan ALLAH PAAK Imran Khan ko duniya or akhirat ki nemat or rehmat atta kare. Ameeen

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    اب بلو رانی اور نانی مائی تم دونوں کا کیا بنے گا۔ اگر ذرا بھر شرم ہے تو ایک گھونٹ بھر پانی میں ڈوب مرو۔

  • Imran khan be carefully yahood o nasara kabhi b musulmano k dost nahi ho sakty ye mafadad k liye khush akhlaqi ki ja rahi hy

  • Prashant Juyal says:

    Trum can't dictate or guide India please accept this reality my Pakistani friends, he is just giving statements for the sake of it

  • A difference between Howard degree holder and getting educational from Nagpur university, is very much apparent.

  • Kal sa. Bharrttii media ki b CHEEKEIN nikal CHEEKEIN 😂

    Kashmir 💖❤😍 In-sha-ALLAH soon…. FREE ya 🇵🇰💚
    …..PM _ ImranKhan 🙌 💖
    ❤💖❤🇵🇰💚 FORCES , COAS , ISI 😎🔥 & ISPR 😎 🔥 😍 Zindabad

    89 dislike Indian PTM ya patwari 😝😝😅

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