Pluto Grows More Mysterious | Space News

Pluto Grows More Mysterious | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at NASA’s New Horizons mission
to the dwarf planet Pluto has provided scientists on Earth with
countless puzzles and mysteries. From impossible sand dunes, which were never expected on the
tiny planet’s frozen surface; to equally unexpected
giant mountains; to surprising absence of
so-called “impact craters” and selective regional cratering
with highly circular craters not to be expected on
any Kuiper Belt object. The Plutonian moons have proved equally
surprising, such as the moon Charon with it’s puzzling troughs and trenches
stretching for hundreds of miles. And now, a team working with
the Chandra X-ray Observatory has reported perhaps the greatest
surprise about Pluto to date, the discovery of the emission
of X-rays from Pluto. The team is also reporting that
Pluto has a giant comet-like tail, which the scientists believe maybe as
much as 1,000 times the radius of Pluto. The scientists say of
Pluto’s surprising X-rays: “We have just detected, for the first time,
X-rays coming from an object in our Kuiper Belt, and learned that Pluto is
interacting with the solar wind in an unexpected and
energetic fashion. We can expect other large Kuiper
Belt objects to be doing the same. Before our observations, scientists
thought it was highly unlikely that we’d detect
X-rays from Pluto.” Today, physicist Eugene Bagshov begins
the first in a four-part series, offering his analysis of the most compelling
scientific data from the Plutonian system. In the recent months, we have seen
more and more data being released and analyses being made in the
wake of the historical Pluto flyby of the New Horizons space probe. Let us briefly review the available
data in some of the publications to see if they might provide a noble
outlook on this warped planet and maybe even clues relevant to
the Electric Universe agenda. First, I would like to discuss
the visual part of the planet, and what is happening
on its surface. When you look at Pluto, probably the
first thing that catches your eye is its incredible diversity. We might see quite complex and strange
land forms as well as more regular ones: craters, mountains, rills,
valleys, smooth plains, “pitted uplands, bladed
terrain, snakeskin terrain,” and even something that resembles sand or
snow dunes and other things like that. So, from the first look it doesn’t
appear to belong in the place where it is situated
right now in our system. Rather it looks more similar to
our terrestrial planet family or maybe Saturn’s moon Titan. In previous Space News
episodes about Pluto, we’ve already touched on
that subject and discussed the possible origins of this dwarf
planet as a captured object, possibly former moon
of a giant planet. So the diversity of its surface
seems to support this idea, which is consistent with the EU
scenario of planetary chaos. Probably the most distinctive
feature on the whole planet, or at least the part that we’ve been able to
observe, is the so-called Tombaugh Regio, a bright feature sitting slightly to the right of
center of the New Horizon’s encountered hemisphere and on the opposite side of the planet, with
respect to the prime meridian of Pluto. The prime meridian is counted from the spot
above which the biggest moon Charon hovers. So, this mentioned region
cannot be seen from Charon. The brightest part of Tombaugh Regio
is called the Sputnik Planum, and in a lot of ways it’s very different
from all the other visible regions. According to the spectroscopical
data, Sputnik Planum terrain is mostly composed of nitrogen,
carbon monoxide, and methane ices. We might see very bizarre
cellular patterns on its surface. From the visual data available, they
seem to be a slightly convex features separated by shallow troughs
about 100 meters deep. It is thought that this might
be caused by convection, since the mentioned ices are somewhat
soft in the present conditions and might flow almost like a very viscous
liquid, creating these convective polygons. The heat source for this
convection is unknown. Basically a few
versions were proposed. The remainder of the internal heat left
from the epic of planetary formation, the heat from radioactive
elements in the deeper layers, or maybe there were freezings of the
hypothesized subsurface oceans, which would also liberate a
significant amount of latent heat. Aside from those
cellular structures, the Sputnik Planum demonstrates
another remarkable feature, the complete absence of craters. So, whatever it is that shapes the surface
of this region, it should do it fast and strong enough to erase the possible
cratering that could have been present. Aside from the
convective resurfacing, another acting force could
be the atmospheric erosion, mainly the sublimation and subsequent re-freezing
of those ices on a daily and seasonal basis. It is also supposed that the mixture of
those 3 ices might non-trivially interact with water ice and could possibly
flow into the nearby regions, causing some geological surface changes,
pretty much like glaciers do on Earth. I’d also like to note here that
electrical erosion, of course, might also cause the material
removal and deposition, and it is unknown whether it
might play a role today or not. At this point, we have
no idea about how strong is the electric field
in Pluto’s atmosphere. But as we’ll see later, we
have some other evidence that might suggest
it is present there. I’d like to venture now
into some more speculation and discuss the possible nature of the
Tombaugh Regio and Sputnik Planum. It seems likely indeed that,
as the scientists suggest, this is the planetary scale reservoir of
nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide ices. But why does it occupy
this particular place? If the atmospheric dynamics of Pluto
is mostly governed by sublimation and refreezing of ices, then they
might end up anywhere on the planet. It is actually known that the atmospheric
characteristics are pretty homogeneous there, pretty much the same all
over the Pluto’s globe. So, one might expect more or less
homogeneous distribution of ices, at least over the strips
of the same latitude, and indeed we see those
ices in various places but not anywhere near
that kind of quantity. So, this leads to the question of
the formation of this feature. Maybe initially there was a
significant terrain slope and a huge basin in this
part of the Planum. Actually, the New Horizons team seems
to think the same thing, I quote: “Sputnik Planum is mostly bordered
by locally higher terrain, which suggests that it fills
a topographic basin.” And later this basin could have
been filled with volatiles since the temperature on
Pluto rises with altitude. So, the terrain depressions act
like refrigerators, of sorts. NASA scientists seem to consider
that some large impact event as being the reason for
Sputnik Planum formation. Yet the two recent papers
that model the ice convection do not consider the depth of this reservoir
to be more than around 10 kilometers. But what if it’s not formed by an impact,
what if it’s significantly deeper? Just as a wild speculation, I’d like
to note that this region is located wide at the equator
of the dwarf planet, where the orbit of Charon
and other moons lie. And it has roughly the same diameter as
Charon, a bit more than 1,000 kilometers. Could it possibly be the very
place of Charon’s birth? Maybe it was somehow torn out of Pluto
or perhaps the material was just excavated electrically during one of the
chaotic events in the Pluto’s past. The same event could have led to
the rich volatile loading on Pluto and birth of its
other satellites, which have later settled closer
to their current resonant orbits. There’ve probably been
dozens of other satellites, which had had too unstable
orbits to survive. Although, as I mentioned earlier, the
actual point above which Charon hovers is located right on the opposite side of
Pluto with respect to the Sputnik Planum. So, if this version of
their origins is correct, there should have also been a certain
period of stabilization of orbits, possibly including strong
mechanical and maybe even electrical stresses
to the respectful bodies during which Charon eventually migrated
to the opposite side of the planet at the same time significantly
slowing down Pluto’s rotation. For continuous updates on Space
News from the Electric Universe, stay tuned to


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  • does anyone notice the uptick in space news lately, its because the world has begun to turn away from the luciferian space myth, it does not exist, welcome home my friends, welcome home

  • Ελένη Γκαραγκάνη says:

    Another proof the universe is electromagnetic. physics news: tides are magnetic!

  • To Everyone asking the question of how & why Pluto emits X-Rays : Please stay-tuned for more episodes – Eugene Bagashov will be covering that question(s) in later installments of Space News videos. Too much for a single video so be patient and make sure to watch each successive video. Even if Eugene's conclusions are highly or even 100% speculation, it will be interesting food for thought, I'll wager.

  • Funny how almost every "meteorite crater" in the solar system is round, as if they all hit at a perfect 90-degree angle to the surface. What are the chances of that happening billions of times on dozens of worlds? Yet we keep getting told they are impact craters and not the result of electrical machining. 😮

  • Aaron .aus Bielefeld says:

    One on hand if you watch closer to Pluto and Charon's orbits, it seems likely the gravity is responsible for their rotation. That might be a prove that gravitation is the force that causes the orbit of our planet and moons.

    On the other hand what about the other moons. Why isn't their a gravitation problem as Charon has a very large mass as well. Pluto and Charon are so called double planets, for their weight and size is so equal to each other in comparison to other planets and their moons, it's really almost like two planets. So, we is Pluto obviously the only thing that causes the rotation of these moons, and why isn't there a gravitation problem caused by Charon. All those moons can't be in a straight orbit around Pluto without being infected by Charon which should have already leed to collisions are some of these objects should have thrown out of the system.

    It's the same with the asteroid Ida and it's moon Dactyl, for instance. Not only that the gravitation is way too weak for heaving a moon on a tiny asteroid, but it's also unexplainable why the moon is rotating in a normal rotation although Ida's form is completely irregular. The gravitation cannot cause a normal rotation, the mass is not even enough and too irregular.
    But its rotation is similiar to every other rotation we see. Dactyl rotates around the asteroid like every other moon or planet rotates.

    So, obviously there's another law of nature responsible for this effect.

    And this other law of nature, which must be strong enough to cause the rotation unlike gravity, could also explain everything else we see like the own rotation of the planets and moons that exist or (almost) not exist, why they are moving around, which can't be really explained due to gravity. The only way to explain it by gravitation is that they were flying around right from the get-go and nothing ever stoped them; and that's the next question, why did nothing ever stop their movements? That makes no sense. Why doesn't the gravity create problems that would lead to problems. Every planet should be attracted to each other, so, when the come closer to each other, the normal cycle should be stoped, instead they must getting closer to each other.

    This other effect must be a force that is strong enough to create a normal rotation and is strong enough to explain why Uranus is attracted to Neptun so that it's faster once it comes closer to Neptun and slower when it's has passed it without leading to a total gravitation collapse that would destroy their normal rotation.

    May be the gravity causes some of these effects we see like when Uranus is slower or faster due to the Neptun, but the weak gravity force is overwhelmed by another force which is really responsible for its rotation and is way stronger, so Uranus still remains on its normal rotation while the gravity only forces a small, tiny effect for a short amount of time on its normal rotation period.

  • What if Pluto was once the moon of the new ninth planet recently predicted/being proven that was captured into solar orbit somehow? prehaps from an impact?

  • I am a scientist. There will never be open science in any field as long as liberal socialist Nazi "Democrats" have their fingers in the pudding. They only see that which furthers their Islamo-Nazi World Order and all else is Subversive Behavior. Quite punishable.
    and the entire
    Klinton Krime Kartel
    for the sake of
    Free Science
    World Peace

  • Phillip Brewster says:

    for all u idiotic deniers of gravity then please explain to me this if gravity does not exist than why the he'll does earth's oceans have high and low tides that are caused by the moon being over head and the moon,has what gravitational pull on our oceans causing high and low tides so with out gravity what the he'll causes high and lowest tides when the moon is over heads and th e earth is round too. some people take conspiracy theories to stupid levels

  • Cgi is not reality. NASA creates a construct to fool the masses and most revel in the 'magnificence' of their fiction much like Tolkien's middle earth. EU is using NASA's construct to make sense of reality when there is little that isn't fantasy. There is truth to a lot from the Thunderbolts but there is also leftover fiction.

  • says:

    You pronounced Charon wrong… and don't gimme any shit about the astronomers wife. He lied to her just to get her to be quiet about something. Pluto is the god of the underworld, and Charon is the guy who takes you there.

  • Why are they talking about Pluto as though it is in the Kuiper Belt…? isn't the Kuiper Belt between Mars and Jupiter? and Pluto is way out past Saturn…?

  • Backstabbing Smithsonian says:

    05:06 I see 2 Tubular UFO'S just look up in the Sky ! Do you see what WE'VE Seen ? Now you see them 2 ?

  • seems like a blow torch was pointed at it and smoothed it out . or maybe one of its moons caromed off of it and split in two causing microwaves . fake . I don't think so

  • Maybe the craters are being covered by dense ice and cannot be seen yet. or maybe they are being camouflaged by something

  • The temperature of Pluto's atmosphere rises with increasing altitude? Interesting…much like the sun's photosphere is hotter than the 'surface'…

  • Funny that these scientists don't realize that the light spots of Pluto and most planets are the new crust (with the dark parts being the older uppercrust).. Like our continents and seafloor which is at its older 280 million years old (youngest 1 year from rifts)… The upper older crust of Pluto (dark parts) fit as a smaller sphere just like our continents do…

  • imnotabotrlyimnot says:

    Sure, Pluto just happens to have an area that is the silhouette of Pluto the cartoon dog. Totally believable.

  • The style and delivery of this horrible science video is more like it was produced in the late 1950's. Boring, dry, text in the video, I mean seriously old school, it was this kind of stuff that send so many running from science as fast as they could.

  • Pockets MacCartney says:

    i wonder what the largest a body of water ice can be before its own gravity heats it to melting. mechanical stresses must generate heat. what if a block of ice were as large as the sun?

  • Somethingelse says:

    Who was the a-hole who got Pluto dropped off the list of planets?

    i remember seeing a newspaper pic of a misshaped rock and they said this is what Pluto looks like.
    well what bull, turns out Pluto was the victim of snobbery back on earth

    good luck Pluto, I'm glad your back, and back in style

  • Yatch Roberts says:

    This just proved that the time we lose our interests or love to something or time to somebody, that is the we will realize how precious and beautiful that thing is. Just like pluto being kicked out for being a "planet". Now scientists are slowly discovering how wonderful and how precious this heavenly body is for being a planet despite its size and faults.

  • Hector Guevara says:

    This is bull. The XRAY's they speak of is the xray camera in the equipment that detects a thin layer of gas atmosphere coming from Pluto which shows as being pushed away from the planet from the solar wind. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THESE BADLY MADE PSEUDO SCIENTIFIC videos. Not worth your time, people.

  • All these so called scientific  "EXPLANATIONS" are ZERO TRUTH. Dr. Norman Bergrun who was the TOP scientist during the Voyager 1 & 2 Mission Program, who have 4 pages RESUME, wrote a book which in my opinion is more a scientific paper with SOLID data not just assumptions as this narrator is portraying, well, he showed exactly how these planets, moon, asteroids, comets have been transformed and must likely "BUILT" by the enormous Electro Magnetic Vehicles or EMVs as he discovered they worked with that type of energy, demonstrated with "ORIGINAL" photo plates taken by the Voyager and only available in the NASA secret archives that you can only get to examine them if you have a very high TOP SECURITY CLEARANCE which it should not be like that because we the tax payers along with the scientific community have the full right to research , examine and evaluate these super important data for the advancement of humanity as a whole. What he showed is beyond comprehension, these EMVs built, maintain and transform this entire so called SOLAR SYSTEM, the real picture that emerged when you put together all the FACTS (not CONJECTURE) is one disturbing TRUTH, this is an ARTIFICIALLY MADE SOLAR SYSTEM, This Solar System is a dark structure full of tubes and weir structures where it should be "empty space between the celestial bodies, I can demonstrate this fact by showing visually all the images gathered by every single Probe sent out along every celestial body (if we can call them that) the must disturbing thing in my opinion is that nothing that happen on Earth is NATURAL (NOTHING) is all directly related to the actions of these electro magnetic vehicles, the asteroids are been directed must if not all of them are artificially made or the result of plasma blast while forming structures on every single body (celestially called) the SUN is really a TORSION FIELD, the source of it's energy come from above it, you can see this very clearly on the SOHO stereo images, in the planets, moons, asteroids, comets not a single inch have not been untouched, essentially what we have is a giant container and we are inside of it like in a big laboratory, this is TRUTH for EARTH itself, the images from Apollo 8 shows structures coming in and out of every single part of the moon, many are translucent, others are only visible with cameras that work on the different light wave length, there are images from the Cassini Orbiter that shows millions of spherical objects that surrounds the entire Solar System , these spherical objects worked as electro magnetic Transceivers, what I can put together from a 16 years of image research is beyond our understanding, Dr. Boyd Bushman (rip) talked about a Neutrino Universe, about the 7 known and very little known forces that we are only beginning to study, well, I can show and have been showing these things as I find them along the knowledge been acquired, it appears that Earth is a Laboratory, the moon is a control platform for this Bio-sphere. NASA have 2 sets of data, one for THEWM (the truth) and another for the dumb humans (False) as long as we continue in this path, Earth will not longer be habitable for so many humans , these EMVs are the main FACTOR contributing to the warming of this planet, that's the final assessment, the breaking and melting of the ice glaciers and shelf in Antarctic is a very clear signal that a major event is approaching at an alarming pace, the human population is not and will not be able to overcome these transformations that will occur, NASA knows that and will not tell anyone that is not in the KNOW LIST

  • DeenanTheKemon I says:

    They pick a planet.. They grow their life, have their fun, watch us slowly destroy ourselves and then push the planet out into the solar system as a new one is moved into place. And life is seeded again. Prison Planet

  • an artist's conception all the planets ha ha are including the eart you fools read the fine print and disclaimers.
    flat earth. is.

  • And then the god that simulated this universe is enjoying all this drama in the human world while our alien counterparts are billions of years ahead of us and to them planets are just pieces of rocks that deserve to be mined only.

  • My discoveries of things in Africa tell a story of old across its land .. Most will never know until what I show is wildly discussed and studied , to reveal there secrets of the past….

  • Why is the outline of Pluto from Mikey Mouse on the surface of Pluto. I’m not a flat concave Earther, but this Pluto mission does seem too much of a coincidence. I think NASA is full of it.

  • why is it that the answer to everything from some of these scientists is either a meteoric collision, or a moon is ripped out of the main planet… could they not just have formed on their own? but I do love these videos, I do learn a tremendous amount form them thanks for posting.

  • Not much in whats said humans an others escaped the nuclear holocaust that engulfed earth 1.150million yrs ago they now reside IN venus, mars jupiter pluto andromeda other humans survived in hollow earth. Usa has diplomatic ties with venus mars jupiter pluto andromeda..thats right

  • At 6:49 this genius take the credit of what the astronomer said, as the New Horizon team seems to get their information from him.
    It is the fuckin other way around .
    Everything he say is a copy of New Horizon report about Pluto encounter.

  • Stefanie Daniella says:

    sputnik planum which is lower in elevation most likely resultant of past drastic EDM (electric discharge machining) blasting huge chunks of rocky outer layer above a very heavy metallic protruding iron layer beneath it bare enough, so future EDMs no longer occur, because metal more readily discharges less violently and very passively, quickly, and uneventfully

    whereas regions still having substantially thicker outer rocky layers, have a greater charging capacitance, and discharge more violently, such that it continues to bear the more common circular pitting craters due to high intensity EDM arcing blasts

    the bared metallic iron lower regions of sputnik planum serve as lower lying areas where liquified gases and ices can readily pool over time, and if flows are high volume enough, the frozen outer surfaces will crack as the more fluid lower areas churn as volume goes up

    pluto's rocky chunky moons (the lopsided ones, especially) may be rocky remnants blasted in past intense EDMs that created the now sputnik planum gas-ice "ocean"

    if rocky pluto exhibits cometary tail, from electric charging-discharge balancing, then its rocky little moons will, too
    until rocky parts of any planet or moon is entirely and thoroughly electrically scoured of its rocky layers, until "bare metal", it will always exhibit some degree of plasmic electric cometary features (EDMs, glowing tails, chunks blasting away violently, etc)

  • DWARF PLANET!!!…I'll give you dwarf planet! I give you dwarf planet. Don't you trivialize me! I'm as important and complex and surprising as anything you've seen, or your tiny brains could suspect. You carry on about Jupiter or Saturn. Ha! – big balls of gas swirling in circles. No mountains, no craters, no valleys, no ice, no nothing . I'll give you the news…size doesn't matter. You finally got here, but the last is the best. And how dare Disney name that stupid cartoon dog after me! Ye gods…a mouse with a pet dog.Well I guess if that's the limit of your imagination…Earth Creatures! …no wonder you couldn't imagine me……

  • Oh how I would love to see a moon birthed from one of our planets. Or one of pluto's moons destabilized and returned to it's mother.

  • This video is explaining a spherical structure, and its description is describing an engineered superstructure. This is not something natural, This is something that deviates from the normal, from its polygons Dome like structures, the layered atmosphere, its moons configuration (in perfect circular orbits) and Pluto's over all low density, which implies a hollow interior. Also the comet like tail indicating self-propulsion (plasma engines) and the the unusual X-rays emissions (internal energy source).
    But the most striking is its overall configuration of the 5 moons, which can't be justified by pluto's low mass and the retention of a complex atmosphere which cannot be explained by the low mass gravity of Pluto.
    There are discrepancies between videos taken from afar, and photo's given by NASA of Pluto. Pluto is not a spherical object, it is asymmetrical, it has large bump extending out like huge domes! If anything, the reality of this object is telling us that 'Fermi's paradox' has been solved!!

  • NASA has hoodwink everyone including Thunderboltproject ! Pluto and its moons is a system which has been engineered By an intelligence, Pluto is is a mega city, this has been known From the Hubble data and every cubic centimeter has been designed and it is also of a asymmetrical construction. Due to its asymmetry it would be unStable in its rotational spin, the moons has been strategically placed in its Orbit in order to Stabilize the entire system.

  • Eric Nicksdaddy says:

    I don't get why they always go back to mysterious heat being caused by original accretion, and radioactivity, It just sounds stupid

  • Seeing that your organisation receives information and photos from NASA your hard work has been waisted. NASA are lying to you. You’re better off launching your our spacecraft to find the truth. All this work just leaves more questions than answers.

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