Playboi Carti’s Most Memorable Lyrics | Genius News

Playboi Carti’s Most Memorable Lyrics | Genius News

TIA: Playboi Carti’s had a pretty lowkey
2019 so far. He’s been featured on tons of projects,
ranging from Tyler’s ‘IGOR’… to Mustard’s …to Mustard’s ‘Perfect Ten’… to Solange’s ‘When I
Get Home.’ TIA: But by far, Carti fans are most excited
for his upcoming project ‘Whole Lotta Red,’ which he claimed back in July would be dropping
within the next two months. CARTI: I’m tryna drop that shit in the next
60 days. TIA: While we haven’t gotten any official
solo releases from him in a while, Carti has been flexing his baby voice a lot recently,
something we covered back in June, with the help of Dr. Sharese King. DR. KING: Your voice is akin to your clothes. We wear different things to signal different
aspects of our identity or maybe different personality traits about ourselves, without
having to actually say these things. TIA: Carti’s also had tons of leaks blow
up, everything from “Kid Cudi/Pissy Pamper” to “Dropped Out” have been on repeat for
those waiting for his upcoming album. TIA: And since we haven’t had many new official
songs from Carti, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite lyrics, starting
from old Carti, to today. CARTI: I wanna be a motivational rapper every
time you listen to me you’re inspired to go get it. TIA: Playboi Carti aka Cash Carti or Sir Cartier
started out making noise online as a teenager, and as his following grew and he kept changing
his name, his music rose above his peers with tracks like “YungXanHoe” and eventually
“Broke Boi” helping him blow up. TIA: After building an army of fans and hype
online, in April 2017 Playboi Carti released his self-titled tape, which included classic
hits like “Magnolia” and the Uzi assisted “wokeuplikethis.” CARTI: I didn’t spend a hundred on a watch, I spent a hundred on bracelets. TIA: In May 2018, Playboi Carti released his
critically acclaimed debut studio album ‘Die Lit,’ which according to some cemented two
classic projects. CARTI: What I mean by die lit is more so just
whatever you do man just do that shit to the fullest. TIA: Outside of his own projects, Carti’s
lent his voice, whether baby or otherwise, to collab with other rappers like Chief Keef,
Yachty, and Travis Scott on a few of some of his most standout lines. CARTI: The way I move and the way I do my rollouts and what I do it’s just like that’s it. Die Lit forever and I just want my fans
to realize I’m here to stay. TIA: No matter when Carti blesses fans with
‘Whole Lotta Red,’ at least we’ve still got his old music to bump. TIA: What’s your favorite Carti verse? Let us know in the comments. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. CARTI: Some niggas can say I changed on them
because I thought they was on the same shit I was on but they not. Or they was on some shit I wanted to be on
and when I got on that shit I got on and surpassed them and they was just lost in the sauce.


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