40 thoughts on “Pizza delivery guy gets insulted, Internet gets revenge”

  • Dude I had a seizure while at work and the manager locked me in a room with her and the other manager, I wish I could've got fucking 7k for that shit

  • Where is the “white Privilege” at? Oh that’s right, it’s a Fucking Lie! News Flash; People are just NASTY to each other!!! Period! Don’t let the news tell you differently. “They” want us at each other’s throats. Remember “United We stand & divided we fall”… what exactly do YOU think is happening in society right now? Huh? They are dividing EVERYONE!!! It’s time to wake the Hell up. Quote~ we either hang together or we will HANG 📿 Separate!
    ~Ben Franklin (If you get your information from the news & not life experiences, then u have a false sense of reality)

  • Damn, if every time I was disrespected at my job or given no tip or talked to in a bad way, or even fired for no reason, where's my GoFundMe page?

  • She deserved to be fired.
    She was totally disrespectful. She just wanted to have the last nasty comment to make everyone think she is cool and funny.
    Haha. Sucked in missy.

  • Now bitch your foot is literally up in ur ass!😠 Acting tough gosh i want to slice that womans throat like a pizza.

  • Practice what you preach. What's with all the thumbs down? Must be lots of salespersons whom hate tipping.?? Pizza man gets no commission for lying through is teeth…. ouch!

  • Anthony Drake says:

    TWO FIVES….When you give the guy 2 20's and 2-5's for a 43 dollar transaction you are saying you don't want change because if you did, why'd you give him the extra 5? and a 7 dollar tip on a 43 dollar purchase is just over 16% gratuity; totally apropriate. IF the guy is guilty of assuming… it was a completely reasonable assumption.

    Post script… F&R Auto went out of business and the City refused to renew their license even under a different name.

  • darick ellsworth says:

    Seems there were three slugs in that office who should be selling cars in Kabul. Once we know where they are , we can call in an air strike.

  • There's a lot of used car lots about. ..I hope buyers avoid going to buy from this one. Total scumbags…I hope all local fast food delivery services decline any future custom from these jerks…

  • When peace lasts for too long then people slowly start to become bad and aggressive towards each other. Silly problems become a huge ones. This planet is doomed cuz we do not respect each other.

  • It's that typical northeastern attitude and privileged mentality. Unfortunately, there are some good people up there such as the pizza delivery guy and other responsible residents that are often on the receiving end of arrogant and ignorant individuals such as that disgraceful woman seen on the video.

  • nebojsa borkovich says:

    Why the fuck do I have to pay a tip to anybody that does any kind of service just because it's "customary".?In U.S.Hardly anywhere else in the world.Not my fault their employers don't want to pay them a living wage.Atop of all the federal,state,local and sale taxes have to pay everyone a goddamn tip.And a hefty one at that.Don't expect $7.00 from me pizza boy.Good for them they complained about him just taking off with change.Do that to your daddy not paying customers .Insane society…like with guns and drug addiction.

  • S and R Auto Sales the scum of this country, never ever buy a car from them.  Post 4 yrs old but we must continue to abort them or they will do this again.

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