Pixel News September 2018

Pixel News September 2018

Diggy accused of using dark magic!
Neverending war still rages in Emporea! Carl’s hot dogs were voted the best in
town! Count Dracula missed his dentist appointment! Hi everyone! Welcome back to
Pixel News! Flu season is hitting us really, bad but here we are. That’s right.
So in case you have any special tips on how to cure a flu really fast just let us
know in the comments below. But in the meantime, let’s get this episode started. After completing all of Zach’s super modern Hyperloop contracts along with
the Maglev madness event, we have decided to get back in time a bit and appreciate
our diesel locomotives. This time, we have decided to put a face to the Diesel
Domination event – Carl. Your good old friend Carl. Along with it as usual,
special seasonal game settings and achievements were implemented. We have
put in some features which were desired by the Trainstation community. And after
a rocky start, we can now proudly say all of them are
working correctly and we are developing another ones as well. And what will come
next? You can look forward to Halloween, and we will be celebrating Trainstation’s birthday as well. Red rings, Parry Hotter and so much more in your Diggy’s Adventure. September in Diggy’s Adventure started off with engaging Red Ring week
full of rewards. But what’s important is what followed. A new event full of magic
was added to the game where you could relive the story of Parry Hotter and
his friend defeating evil Moredevolt. But this is not all – at the end of the
month you had a chance to claim an old event of James Blonde for free! Exciting
isn’t it? And what awaits you in October? Double production week will be followed
by the Halloween event, with a very famous and funny family. The end of the
month will be celebrated with a piece of camp equipment for coins in your special
offer. So save up Diggers! There’s still plenty fishing Seaport! We hope that you didn’t mind moving to Cuba for some time, but now, back to Europe! The
colorful fishy event came to an end and our pufferfish will be changed for the
black cat. Santiago caught the legendary tuna, thanks to you! Oh, by the way, how did
you like the fish challenge? Who completed it? I did it cost me tons of
fish, but the rewards were great! And now let’s see what is waiting for you in the
seas in October. It’s gonna be bloody hard. That’s right.
Dracula is coming with his bat crew. The fishing huts in your port will soon turn
into a haunted castle. Also new feature will be available. Count Dracula and Dr.
Vann Helsing will tell you more about it shortly. So get yourself some garlic – it
may save you in this spooky madness. Or not! Our eight legged friends paid us a visit in Emporea! In September,
you could have experienced two events in Emporea. Arachnophobia and Wrath of
the Lizard Warchief event. The mighty Xoggoth has been defeated once again
in game realms Selene and Hephaestus. You can find the winners on our Facebook fan
page as usual. In a special game world, Zeus have found many strong alliances. We
are looking forward to see the spectacular fight in the end. DO NOT MISS IT! And what’s coming next? Who knows. But you should definitely stay
tuned for the mini event hide-and-seek with our beloved lady Jess. So. uh. September, am I right? Yeah I’m really looking forward to Halloween – it’s my favorite time of the year. Well good for you Lenka! So in case you do not follow us already, hit the
subscribe button now or just give us a like. And if you’re interested in a
free-to-play game development, please check our YouTube channel with the Talks
with Experts – Series. See you in a month!


2 thoughts on “Pixel News September 2018”

  • Thanks for the update!
    I hope the following ideas for 'Diggy's' may help:
    As a level 250 in China, players like myself could do with more available equipment! There especially needs to be some equipment which is 150+ energy refill, & 1000+ energy base amount (2×2, 2×3, 2×4), for those at higher levels, who have chosen not to rush to Atlantis/Greece.
    Also, tile cost in some newer events has been too high (example: 'Parry Hotter Challenges' in China) – we'd rather have more tiles than higher tile cost! – I always look forward to getting a Free, Old Event (non-regional), so I can spend more than 15 minutes playing Diggy's at a time!
    Game design/graphics has never been better (many thanks!), especially having the moving/cut scenes (could do with a way to show a repeat of these though, for when you get a screen on top, & miss part of the action!). 😀
    The only let down for me Graphics wise, has been with the 'Equipment for Sale' (for £/$) – the quality just hasn't seemed as good recently.
    As the 'James Blond' section uses all tuxes for 1 item, we could do with being given 1 free one via FB etc.!
    Once an area has been cleared 100%, the Coded/Decoded pages should go into a Folder – not use up so much space.
    Decorations could also do with a way of being split between Areas/Events (for example).
    Hope these ideas were the type of things you were looking for! Well done on the recent events!

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