Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

– Pinterest is a place that people go to discover, to be inspired. And if you’re the type of photographer that creates inspiring images, well, then it’s kind of where you need to be. A lot of people think that Pinterest is only for mommy bloggers
and DIY craft experts. However, it’s incredibly misunderstood. 250 million people use the
platform every single month to create mood boards and to curate ideas for their next photoshoot. For a lot of photographers,
what’s blocking them is that they don’t understand
how marketing on this channel could help them grow their business. The secret of Pinterest is
that you’re using images you’ve already created. It’s only gonna take you
a couple of hours a month, once you set up your strategy. And that’s what we’re gonna teach you, how to market your
business with the platform. First, we’ll sit down with
a commercial photographer. We’ll show you how to take
your existing content, and show you how to connect
it to your target market to what they’re looking for
when they go on Pinterest. We will also sit down
with an event photographer and talk to them about the
successes that they’ve had on Pinterest over the last year. We’ll define all the confusing terms. We’ll talk abut how to
use a scheduling tool so that you don’t have to
be pinning every single day. Pinterest was made for photographers. It rewards imagery at its core. For you to gain more
visibility for your brand, more traffic to your website, to continue to grow and
expand your presence. I encourage you to take advantage of the step-by-step process
we put together for you.


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