Pictionary with the Meyers Family

Pictionary with the Meyers Family

-We are about to play
a game of Pictionary. All of this is on loan
from Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show,”
so we give thanks to them. And we do hope
that we do them proud. Here are the rules.
30 seconds on the clock. We’ll each take a turn,
then we’ll have a showdown where both teams draw
the same clue at the same time, worth double the points.
May the best team win. The teams are Josh and Dad,
me and Mom. And, Josh,
why don’t you go first? Dad. you sit over there.
And Mom and I can sit here. -Perfect. [ Cheers and applause ] -All right. Tell us — Josh, tell us what
the category is, as well. It should say it on your card.
-I got a phrase. -A phrase.
-A phrase. -Oh, as soon as you start,
the 30 seconds will start. -All right. Let’s start. -Yeah.
-Okay. [ Laughter ] -So confident.
So overconfident. [ Laughter ] -Albert. -What? [ Laughs ] -Eyes? Looking? Looking at, uh, stars? -[ Laughing ] -Yeah, I don’t know. Looking at… -Time’s up.
-All right. -Cool. How many did we get? -All right. All right.
What is it? What was it? -A Closer Look. -Ohh!
-Ohh! -That is a burn. That is a burn. Are we gonna have a buzzer?
-Yeah. -All right, great.
I think that’s a nice addition. -We could have gotten — -Kind of famous in game shows. -It’s not fair. I never
heard that phrase before. [ Laughter ] -This is a person,
place, or thing. -You have to specify! [ Laughter ] -That’s the category. -Oh. Okay. All right. Gotcha. -You think I read
all the categories? [ Laughter ] This is a person, place, thing,
color, or automobile. -Stop it. Okay. [ Laughter ] -All right. -Candles. [ Laughter ] Um, pants, big pants. [ Laughter ] Shot in the he–
Oh, wicked big pants. Um… [ Laughter ] Um, person, place, or thing. Um, um. Mommy jeans? Um… Um… [ Buzzer ] -Oh. It was a good idea. The buzzer was a good idea. -Bruce Springsteen. -[ Laughs ] Oh, and he’s my favorite! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Sighs ] Boy. We are off to a real dud
of a start. -Yeah.
-All right. Daddy’s a real good drawer.
-Is he a real good drawer? -He is. -Can we make sure
Bruce Springsteen never sees what’s up there now? -He does have great big arms,
though. That’s from playing the guitar. -That’s supposed to be
his jacket. -Oh. Okay. -That’s the cover —
That’s the album — In case you’re wondering,
that’s the album cover for “Darkness
on the Edge of Town.” -Daddy apparently can’t read. -This is a person,
place, or thing. -Person, place, or thing. -Watch and learn, people. -Okay. Very confident. -Very confident.
-Very confident. [ Cheers and applause ] -Um… [ Laughter ] -Oh, that’s really bad.
-Yeah. -Uh, it’s a bird? “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Uh…
Watch and learn, everybody. [ Laughter ] Uh, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck. -Wait! -Um…
[ Buzzer ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Duck, duck, duck —
-Duck bird lever! [ Laughter ] -Uh, okay.
Wait a minute. Hold on. -Well, no. The buzzer went off. -Then you need a better buzzer. -We need a better buzzer? I don’t think that’s
what the problem is. [ Laughter ]
-What do you think this is? -A turkey. -Thank you.
-I don’t know. -Turducken.
-It’s a turkey. -Ahh.
-Ahh. [ Cheers and applause ] -Mom, your turn.
-They all knew. They all knew? -They all knew?
They all knew because they see the whole time
what the answer is. -Do they?
-Wait. Is Hilary not drawing? -She is drawing, but I’m gonna
take this paper off, because I feel like
it would’ve taken a long time. -All right. I’m taking my shoes
off ’cause I might go flying. -You’re taking your shoes off?
-Yeah. -Well, well, well!
Pictionary After Dark. [ Laughter ] -All right. Oh, my favorite number is 3,
and it’s already gone. -All right.
-Oh, bummer. -All right. -All right. Remember.
Don’t show it to us. All right. That’s definitely — Best way to do that.
-Don’t pull — -All right.
I’m doing this for you. -Yep.
-You don’t have a category? Do you want to tell him? -I don’t know
what the category is. -It’s on the bottom.
-Oh, it’s a phrase. -A phrase.
-All right. -It’s a phrase!
-Ooh! [ Laughter ] -All right.
Wait a minute. Here we go. -Remember, as soon as you start,
it’s 30 seconds. -But you know how terrible
of a drawer I am. -All right. -Well, not that anybody else
has done very well. -Yeah. That’s true.
-All right. Ready? -And go. It is a — It’s Florida. It’s, uh… It’s… [ Cheers and applause ] The smile. Smile? -No, no. -Um, uh, uh, it’s, uh… -Ohh! [ Laughs ] -It is — Oh, my God. This is — It is, uh, turn that frown
upside down. [ Buzzer ] -What is it? -Well, Florida could
also be called — Actually, that was
New Hampshire. -Wait. What? -But, um, so that
could be called a what? -Well, a state?
-Yes. -And what’s that?
-A smile? -No.
-A swing? -Yes!
-Swing state. -Haven’t you heard of that term
in politics? -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Man. Let me tell ya. The bar is low
when that gets applause. -[ Laughs ]
I have friends in the audience. -You do.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you. -All right. We gotta do the same one. -All right.
-Oh, this is the — -This is for all the marble. -Intentionally a single marble. -Okay. What is it?
What’s the category? -It’s a person, place, or thing.
-Okay, ready? -Ooh, boy. -And go. -Um… [ Laughter ] Oh, boy. [ Laughter ] -Uh, baby pants. -Diaper.
-Baby. -Mm-hmm.
-Baby. Baby…bunting? -Baby socks?
-Baby socks? -Baby — Baby slippers? Baby shoes? Baby piano? Baby grand! [ Buzzer ] -Baby grand piano! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dings ]
-We’re going to take it! Or we’ll be here all night! [ Laughter ] Thanks again to Jimmy Fallon
and “The Tonight Show.”


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