Physical Media Creates A Connection With Your Fans That No Stream Ever Can: Indie Music Minute

Physical Media Creates A Connection With Your Fans That No Stream Ever Can: Indie Music Minute

Hi I’m Tony van Veen CEO of Disc Makers. You know I had a couple of artists come to
me recently and say, “You know Tony I’m not gonna buy CDs anymore to make available to
my fans because I’ve had a couple fans come to me and say that they don’t have the ability
to play CDs anymore because they don’t have a CD player at home, they don’t have a CD
player in their car.”And of course they’re right , not everybody nowadays has the ability
to play a CD just like not everybody nowadays has the ability to play vinyl. But there still are a ton of fans who do have
the ability to play those products and are willing and able to support you as an artist. You see in this streaming era, physical product
in general, CDs, merch, vinyl, USNs there as important as ever to help you drive income
as an independent artist. But physical product is so much more than
just an income generator. It is a way to create an intimate connection
with y to the people who come to your performances. When you’re at your merch table and you have
a vinyl record there fans eyes light up. They lover, say “Wow vinyl, how cool. ” Or when you’re having a conversation with
a fan across the merch table from you who’s come and you’re autographing your CD and you’re
making that one on-one connection. That could be a once in a lifetime connection
with you for that fan that create a lifetime of fandom and of loyalty. And then, what about merch? If they buy that cool t-shirt, that’s not
just a garment to them, they’re part of your tribe when they wear that and they make a
connection automatically with anybody else who is part of that tribe when they walk by
in the street and say “hey, cool shirt.” So you see physical media is so much more
than product. It creates this special almost irreplaceable
human connection between you and those people who love your music. And that’s why in this streaming era physical
media continues to be important, because no stream can make the impact that a t-shirt,
or vinyl record, or a CD makes. Hope you found this helpful, see ya next time!


8 thoughts on “Physical Media Creates A Connection With Your Fans That No Stream Ever Can: Indie Music Minute”

  • Colleen Kitchen says:

    What is the point of selling CD's at all if it is just an excuse to have a one on one with a fan while you take more of their money. Any branded merch will do that.

  • Chords of a Man says:

    Just ordered a batch of CD's for our 5th album. I don't gig, and I thought about throwing in the towel on CD's for the reason mentioned, but in actuality, I found I am able to send 4 or 5 emails to my biggest supporters who regularly buy a bunch of CD's in bullk to gift to their friends, and my whole CD order is paid for. I then have enough left over to sell some on my site or give them to my peeps.

  • physical media is still a half billion dollar industry just google the data, there's a conspiracy to end the cd/dvd so the powers that be can still control our content,publishing and masters! 30 years of compact media an that industry went out for a while but is making a come back!

  • DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR CD PLAYER. LIKEWISE YOUR PHONOGRAPH. I know a few people who, to be 'hip' or 'progressive' they got rid of their so-called record-players, back in the day. They later wound up beating themselves up because in their zeal to be 'cool' they pretty much threw the baby out with the bathwater. LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO VINYL in the last few years! Ba-da-BING! As the saying goes, 'what's old is new again'! Thanks Tony, I'm about to compile a bullet-list of WHY hard-copy is still so important. I'LL BE BACK.

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