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  • Efipania Marasigan says:

    Salamat po Ramdam nmin yun pag mamahal ninyo sa Atin Bansa at sa mmmyan Pilipino pag pakain po kayo ni lord

  • Eddie Gumisad says:

    Keep up the good work always Mr President Rodrigo Roa Duterte sir and his administration God blessed Philippines

  • Laki nang pinag kaiba before 1st time ko nag abroad time ni panot hindi nirerespito nang mga pulis lalo na sa middle east pro ngayon time ji pres duterte pag may check point ang mga pulis pag pilipino ka hindi na nila sinisita malakas daw ang ating embassy laki talagang pinag kaiba

  • Enrique Aragon says:

    Thanks God,you gave us a good Peesident.We love President DUTERTE,God bless you and guide you all the time.God bless the Philippines

  • President Duterte is a strong believer in protecting the Filipino people, the poorest of them all ! And these corrupt politicians believe in just for their own sake to steal the peoples' money ! Why ? Because they are evil .. conscienceless sympathy and arrogantly greedy ! History will tell your deeds, your evil deeds and I hope you guys will burn in HELL ! Putang ina kayo!!

  • National Irrigation Administration? Why is it that every year they repair but no services for 5 years during summer? Why not repair with A class materials. Specifically here in our place. Rossles, Pangasinan

    I am a retired civil engineer. This is my observation. I am concerned. I have my pension. If my services is needed, free food would be enough. 2 or 3 yesrs I am still be able at 74 years old. My President I am ready to contribute. Erase this. Gawa Lunes sira Martes.

    DPWH the same corrupt people. I can erase this SOP system.

  • Smart and clever President ot the Republic of the Philippines , Pres Rodrigo Roa Duterte . Long live our beloved President .

  • Mabuhay po kayo mahal na Pangulo ng bansa , bansang Pilipinas . Kayo po ang katangi tanging Tatay ng Pilipinas .
    Godbless you πŸ˜‰πŸ˜™πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’ž


  • Salute!!! to you tatay Digong. One of my brother died because of drug addiction. I cannot forgot what he does when he is still alive one time i gave him a watch as a gift and because i love him it cost me $175. I work hard for it. But how disappointed of me that one day he sold it to our neighbors to the amount of $0.50 because he wants to buy drugs to satisfied his addiction and not only that with things that he could sale around the house rice, set of beddings jewelry etc. My mother try 2 times to rehab him and still his in bad habit again and again the addiction of drugs that cause of his death. It is sad because when he did not taste that stupid drugs he is the most amazing older brother you wish for. Addiction of drugs changed his attitude he become the brother that you wish you don't have in your family. Sad very sad and how bad drug addiction changed the lives, the attitude of a person.

  • Arlyn Mag-usara says:

    Tinuod jud daghan gi rep sa mga addict bisan bata pa, dili na gani mu respito ang addict bisan sa kaugalingon ginikanan ipamaligya gamit sa ginikanan para ipalit ug shabu

  • Shirlita Reyes says:

    Im proud to be a filipino. Dahil ky pangulong dutertemaganda .aayos masaya na ang pilipinas. Salamat pangulong duterte. God always in you.

  • korek stop cortuption in our country mhiya nmn kyo gngmit nyo pera ng taong byan dhil sa lifestyle nyo tpos nghhirap ang taong byan.kkapal

  • presidenteng mtpang lng kgya mo mgdestroy sa knila kc narcopolit8cian n ang pinas involved lhat ng drugs pati npa.omg.its time to punish them all to protect all pilipinos to the devil who ruin us.Godbless philippines.please help our president to clean up the drug to our country.

  • Mhelavzby Bermudez says:

    We always love you tatay digong your the best President. Merry Christ MA's and God bless you always.

  • Elizabeth Leyba says:

    Hayaan niyo makuha ko ang para saakin. Kahit pang suporta ko sa family.ko.any kind support from my have a receive or claim.san ba nadaan ang cash allowance.on me? and who the family.? ngayong pasko ni bigas wala kame.mapuputol na ang kuryente ko. I think monday. How communicate on you?

  • Elizabeth Leyba says:

    President.mag utos ka ng tao.alamin kung sino ang nag uutos. At nag bibigay ng druge sakapatid ko. Hind naman na alis ng lugar ko.alam niyo na aawa ako sa pamiliya ko.wala ako maibigay,na tulong sakanila.ako pa ang binibigyan nila ng pang saing ko araw araw.walang pinag aralan sila katulad ko. Mga irtite. Kung makukulong nakakaawa ang mga anak. At ako ang mag sasaper. Hindi kona kaya. Ang hirap at kalagayan ko dito.namatay ang nanay ko dahil sapag huli ng anak ko.wala kame na kukuha kahit ano suporta galing sa sarili kong pera, kundi yang shabu nayan na ipinapabenta. Sa kapatid alam mo kung san nggagaling.binabagsak kame at unti unti pang babaliwin.sakahirapan at takot kung ano ang mangyayari. Action nan muna yan .immediately.bago mahuli ang lahat.ako ang naiipit.bibigyan ng yellow.huhulihin naman ng.pula. i said dont game .to our situation on me.with family.

  • Boni Macaludos says:

    Very good answer Mayor Digong! Mind opener for those closed minded people who only have eyes on the other side of the coin.

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