Pet Adoptions Skyrocket As Social Distancing Orders Grow | NBC News NOW


33 thoughts on “Pet Adoptions Skyrocket As Social Distancing Orders Grow | NBC News NOW”

  • Dogs can catch and pass on the coronavirus, if you think you're sick maybe wait until after the pandemic to adopt a dog.

  • this is great, but hopefully it will remain that way. As people are purchasing pets to comfort their current needs and anxiety, lets hope after the crisis these very same peoples going back to work will not later disregard there responsibility of pet ownership. later putting them up for adoption.

  • this is not a all good news… please foster, do not adopt unless you are serious. I hate when people "add" pets into their lives for the most idiotic reasons and bring them back to shelters..

  • Anthony Stafford says:

    Where are they all going to go when everybody goes back to work. Maybe time to jump on some doggy daycare stockπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • Basic Cannabis says:

    πŸ†”οΈπŸ”ž&πŸ‘what happens when people go back to work. Humans are so selfish. Temporary love is so unkind.

  • hey guys not sure who will see this but I am a Canadian trapped on a tiny island in the Caribbean, I started a youtube channel. Any support is appreciated hope everyone and their families are safe, much love. πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

  • Regarding the coming vaccine for this so-called virus: Do not allow them to inject you! Did you know that the Supreme court ruled that you can't sue vaccine makers? If vaccines are so safe why would you not be permitted to sue in the event they are not safe? Logic should tell you they are not safe. If they were so safe you wouldn't have to sue, right? The truth is there are thousands of stories of death and injury from vaccines, the paid-off politicians by the vaccine makers won't allow the stories it to be told. If the truth got out that vaccines are killing and injuring thousands and that the Supreme court stopped suits against vaccine, well…

  • All you people that are adopting, dont you fn dare abandon them again, they been through enough and need forever homes.

  • TLDR; I believe many of these people are going to doom their dogs to a boring and lonely life of domestication, devoid of enough walking and affection time.

    Some adults should not have kids just as a large number of people should not adopt dogs because they do not have enough compassion for the dog's feelings to actually give them the attention they need. For those owners who have not realized this yet, if they have enough of a heart, then they will see the sadness their dog will begin to display on a daily basis if they as the owner do not provide their pet with the necessary attention and play they need. Some owners will find balance and do what they can for the dogs even when life gets busy again. some owners will abandon the dogs, and some owners will just let their dogs be neglected, unplayed with, and barely loved as the years pass and their dog grows old.

    I am someone who did not give enough time to his dog from when my dog was about 4 to 9 years old. I was busy with "more important things". Then the sadness that grew in me over him finally was impossible to not act upon dramatically and consistently. When I fully opened up to him emotionally and got onto his wavelength of emotion, he cried and whimpered to me as if telling me, "I have been

    so alone and sad for many years. You have finally shown to me how much you want to care for me. Please be with me more, play with me more, it's not enough to just take care of my basic needs. I love you and would protect you with my life. You are everything to me and you are my world. It would absolutely devastate me if you let me live like this until my time to pass came."

    So I began to dedicate 3 hours a day to my dog on most days. I realized it was one of the more meaningful decisions in my life because when my dog passed I learned just how much choosing to care for him impacted me and him when he reached his final days. I realized on much deeper levels just how deep of a friend he was to me, and just how blessed I was to have him and his love when my emotions began to grow and influence my thoughts due to his coming death.

    I don't ever think I was an ideal owner, but I know I tried hard for him and maybe am roughly better than 80% to 90% of owners in the dimensions of health and playtime for dogs. Dogs can be noble, honorable, sacred, and angelic. I always felt guilty after I had to stop being with my dog for the day. If I felt that what I did for my dog was still not enough then many of these adopted dogs are in for what many dogs have to go through in the modern life of domestication by humans. It's always sad to see bored and lonely dogs in people's homes. It's a hard thing to change for some dogs because some owners just can't see or choose not to see, and even if they do they still can't find it in themselves to do something about it to the point of making a small meaningful change in their dog's life happiness.

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