Personal Branding Using Social Media | Interior Designer’s Guide.

Personal Branding Using Social Media | Interior Designer’s Guide.

well he llo guys welcome back to aseel by
sketchbook I’m Super Duper excited about this particular video just because it
made me force myself to research this topic which I’ve been curious about this topic since
forever! today’s topic is about personal branding why do you need a personal
brand how to do personal branding and I’ll show you this is really hard for me
to do by the way so it’s just easier to do this personal branding is very
important especially in this day and age because of the following reasons first
of all if you’re applying for a job so for an interview or if you’re meeting up
with a client your interior designer or not the interior designer this video is
for everyone literally or if you simply just want to grow your business you need
a personal Brown that’s right first of all half of the employers right now if
they’re interviewing you half of them that’s 50% of them check
your social existence (online) so they will go through your Instagram they go through
your facebook they look at what you have to offer this is why you should refrain
from being offensive or from cursing and from swearing you know especially if
your profiles are public you want to clean background check take a look at it
if you have a personal profile that’s great you can keep it for yourself you
can open public if you want to establish a business you can mix between like your
own you know content or your own pictures and the rest of the content but
again you need to have this balance you need to focus more on the niche that
you’re working with in the upcoming years 40% of the workforce will be
actually freelancers so the chances are you might be a freelancer you’re working
as a freelancer if you don’t have a personal brand then you don’t have a
contrast that shows who you are between all of the other candidates and I’m sure
that everyone has their individual characters let’s talk a little bit about
individual characters because first of all we need to celebrate our differences
each one of us is different than the other person the chances are you and
your spouse or you and your best friend you have a lot of things that are very
very different. use. that. difference. these little quirks
to have your personality and everyone else says that they’re weird these are
the things that make up your personal brand so for example if you are
incredibly organiz d or OCD this could be a quirk of yours
(Monica Geller): I got soap and
sponges and rags and carnuba wax and polishing compound.
this is something that people
associate you with because you’re super organized or your supre messy like I am
message to you is f-first of all find your own voice find this character
about you that no one else has you know of course if you put content like
everyone else then you’re not very original I mean unless you’re PewDiePie
then you can pull it up pull that off pretty well
original and you deliver something that’s tasteful aesthetically and
functionally pleasing to you the chances are people will like it because people
like what other people are passionate about their people will want to go to it
because you’re passionate about it and people love what other people are
passionate about if you’re passionate about something you talk about it you
know other people are response to it and they would want to be inspired by you so
by the end of the video I will share with you a couple profiles that I think
did personal branding pretty well and I’m so excited for that so stay tuned
for the end of the video if you want to know who I’m talking about first of all make yourself a cup of
coffee second of all go to this website 16
personalities calm I’m not paid to say this but I promise you you’ll figure out
all of things about yourself that you didn’t know before basically
understanding your personality type and having some self-awareness on who you
are as a person will actually lead you to figure out the key words that you
need to start off your personal branding process just please do me this favor and
write me in the comments down below what your personality type is especially if
you are a fellow ENFP you guys are like kind of my favorite because I’m an ENFP
or an INTJ that’s my husband’s personality type so let me know what
yours is the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna niche down and we’re
gonna choose something that fits our aesthetics depending on the keywords
that you found out about yourself this is your starting point if you want to
write something how you you can research how you want to make people feel through
your personal brand you can provoke multiple emotions you can even provoke
anger I see a lot of youtubers do doing that with commentary channels but still
their personal brand is analyzing how others are acting and being a little
judgmental I’m not saying it’s right or wrong I’m saying that it’s a strong
personal brands but I mean it’s up to you you do you alright alright after
choosing what kind of emotions we want to evoke exactly like if you’re choosing
an outfit in the day like you want to convey a message about who you are maybe
if you wear a completely black (outfit) you want to say that you’re a rebel and you’re
against all stereotypes or if you were colorful things you’d want people to
know that you’re a fun person like it’s exactly the same concept when it comes
to personal branding it’s kind of how you wear an outfit to the world is what
you convey on social media and this is why aesthetics are very very important
you argue that aesthetics is one of the most important things especially in
social media to give you a personal brand and aesthetic
can be a challenging task but I have a few ideas for you that you can do you
can definitely go to Pinterest or any website that you find inspiration and
look at pictures that draw your attention if it matches the emotion that
you want to provoke matches your keywords so after putting together a
comprehensive mood board what you can do is you can apply filters to it and you
can check what actually matches your taste a by making a mood board as well
or what I would strongly strongly strongly advise you to do is download
fonts that go with your overall aesthetic you can choose like as many
fonts as you want but I would tell you to stick to two fonts that you are known
with for example I always use on all of my videos they’re the same fonts unless
it’s something bizarre people kind of associate me with these fonts because
this is like kind of my aesthetic so this could be something that you aim for
a certain color but we’re talking about Instagram grids you can aim for certain
colors you can aim for certain filters the more you are consistent with your
contents the better the overall page looks the stronger your personal brand
is I’ll write down in the description box
all of these useful links where you can learn how to make a mood board and as
well I’ll leave their sources for the fonts how to you know download the font
to your computer and all the useful tools on how to build the personal brand
I’ll leave it down below as well as a blog post that talked more about this
topic let’s go to the Instagram accounts that I think that are a really really
good example for personal branding a shameless plug is I’ll start with my
account opened up Peter (Mckinnon) showed up with his p.m. grid challenge which was like
an autumn transition on the grid the Instagram grid that he put in his video
also link it down below this is when I started like getting really experimental
with my grid there’s a lot of better grids than mine. my best friend that was my
kind of the opposite of my grid it’s she’s a like really colorful really bold
with the colors and she does art as well she does pouring art they’re focusing on
her niche is very shown in her grid she also posts like personal pictures of
course and it shows the personal side shows the human behind the art which i
think is really good other profiles that I really really enjoy is Ala’ Zakaria
who is also an interior design student and a blogger but she has this very
distinctive graphic style that is also handmade and I can relate to this
aesthetic a lot we also have shambenzblog blog her name is sham and also her grid
and her content is very strong and a really great personal brand other
accounts that really enjoy is contessa artwork and her name is Rawan she is the
girl that made me this little bottle that I hang on my wall which is the
moodboard wall and I think also her calligraphy Arabic calligraphy I haven’t
seen it in a while so to see her account was very refreshing okay7anan is
another (AWESOME) example they’re both interior design students and it’s just seeing
someone who is like aware of personal branding from the beginning is really
really good for the more professional accounts I really enjoy sample board
inspo I love their account I love how they lay out their mood boards and some
inspirational pictures Huthifa sketch but if a sketch
I love his sketching style actually sketching style is very distinctive and
I think it has a very strong brand of its own and he does tutorials as well so
he shares his knowledge with people more famous grads are Liza koshy Liza Co she
is very funny she’s very colorful when you go to her grand you see a lot of
muted tones and minimalistic personal branding I love that the contrast is so
good between her reality and which he displays online or in social media I
cannot finish this video without Kaylin Nicholson’s gred she’s my favorite
youtuber and I really listened to her podcast and I watch her videos she’s
such a spectacular person and I really enjoy her content as well her grad is
very structured it’s very well done Peter Makonnen is also a very big name
in the world of photography I loved his feed of course I do but also he is the
person who got me into the grid game and got a lot of people to be honest if you
know any accounts that I should follow and you want me to see their personal
branding please leave them down below because I would love to see it leave
your account down below as well I would love to see how you do your personal
branding whether it’s on Instagram or on any other social media even YouTube is
like I would love to see how you brand on YouTube alright thank you guys so
much for watching also uploading this video in Arabic tomorrow and I’m
uploading I’m loading twice a week there are the same video but one of them is in
Arabic and one of them is in English because of the high demand in Arabic if
you want me to make a whole youtube channel for the Arabic content and leave
this channel for just the English content now let me know in the comments
down below thank you guys so much for watching and have a great time of the
day wherever you are in the world good bye


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