People Share Their Social Media Horror Stories

People Share Their Social Media Horror Stories

– Sometimes mysterious, sometimes painful, almost always embarrassing. Take heed of this warning. These stories of my
coworkers will put fear in your heart and may make
you never use Facebook again. These are social media horror stories. – My name is Auri. I’m 26, and I had a traumatic social media occurrence just this last weekend. I have a friend that thought me and her roommate would be cute. She sent me his Instagram story. It was a nice Instagram story, it’s like him playing the guitar, and I responded to her nice vibe but not super into the face. What I didn’t realize is that I had actually direct
messaged him that and not her. I was like, “oh damn!” Like, I can’t believe I said that to him. I was like backpedaling, and I was like, “Oh sorry,
didn’t mean to send that.” “You have a great face,” and then he responded, “Ha! Thanks?” I feel like this was a good lesson to be really sure that
you’re sending the message to who you think you’re sending it to. (soft piano music) – When I was in college a few years ago, I went to New York City to visit a friend, and we went out to a club,
and we were drinking, and then we came back
to my friend’s place, and I was very, very drunk, and I decided that it
would be a great idea to send someone a dick pic. So I took a picture of my penis, and I think I’m sending it to this person. So I went to bed, and I woke up to realize that this picture didn’t go to the person I sent it to. It went to my story on Snapchat. I deleted the picture immediately. I looked at how many people saw it, and it was only like 30-something views and like two screenshots. I was in the east coast,
which is a few hours ahead, so when I posted the picture,
all my friends were asleep, and when I deleted it they
were probably still asleep. I don’t know who screenshot it. I deleted it right away, but whoever did screenshot it, you’re a garbage person, and ever since there’s no
naked pictures of my anywhere. I don’t send them, I don’t
mail them, I don’t email them. I was just drunk and I felt adventurous, and lesson learned. Never again. – So my social media horror
story comes from college. In fact, the last day of college. I wanted to celebrate my last
paper of my college career. So I hold out my paper like this, I take a photo of it from back here and post that photo to Instagram. Being the senioritis, spring
quarter senior that I was, I decided to take a
creative writing class, and so I decided to make
a really creative story for my final story for that class, and that was quite risque, and I get right into it on the first page. I uploaded this photo to
Instagram thinking nothing of it; people would just see a
paper with text on it, then the comments start flooding in about how interesting my story is. To give you an idea of what
was on that first page, I’d just like to read
you a couple of excepts. “AJ was stressed out; however,” “he could feel his dick start to harden.” “With his left hand, he
fiddled with the buckle” “on his belt while simultaneously” “craning his right hand
to type” “into the browser’s address bar.” I did write a story
about a guy watching porn and then artificial
intelligence coming from it, and I had to explain why I had a sudden fascination
with sex things. (soft string music)


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