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  • 1:57 advice is sooo accurate! I thought it would be a gradual progression towards feeling better but I feel like it's been kinda on and off, one day I am really good, but then I'm not, but then I am, but then I get nostalgic, but then I get hopeful, but then I get sad and it's so bipolar!! But yeah, super unstable but one day I'll be off this rollercoaster.

  • gabrielacamargo21 says:

    My bf and I broke things off and this has helped me a lot. It hurts more because I'm on Christmas vacation and I've never felt lonelier.

  • Rob Dandapāni says:

    Heartbreak is a serious matter. Some of us are going through a lot of pain. Why make such a peppy playful video??? Please stop this. Please.

  • This was the worst advice ever. Was expecting something more thorough and insightful. Instead, I learned to make a clapback rap video and send it to my ex.

  • Hey girls!!! Subscribe to my channel & dm me your questions/stories on IG: viridianalilizeth and I will upload video giving you guys my advice! ?

  • Laura-Lee Gillion says:

    Just a question to get some wisdom. Has any of ya’ll been in a serious serious relationship where this was someone, for the first time, you felt like you wanted to build your whole future with him/her? And the thought of ya’ll breaking up was imaginable, you felt so and your significant other also felt so. Your family and his/her family was fond of him/her and vice versa, and of course your relationship was very public. But for some reason ya’ll ended, not because either of you lost your feelings for one another. Perhaps other circumstances, like this person was toxic for you or something. How did you find the strength to dump him/her when your feelings were so strong? How did you realise this person was for example toxic or incompatible and it was time to move on despite how you felt about your significant other? Does anybody have some advice for me, that be great!

  • My advice: when a relationship starts to decline rapidly and for no apparent reason, don't try to regain anything because the choice is probably already made. Instead, say goodbye and focus on other things.

  • I mean people can move on, when he said you don’t ever get over it you jus learn to manage it, I feel like that’s kinda not true at all

  • I hate breakups. Especially this break up, I'm thinking it probably really meant something because I haven't been this hurt for a long time. I really really really liked this guy… But he didn't want to like me…. And he broke it off when he realized he wasn't ready. Such horrible timing too… My life is a mess right now and it felt like he was the only thing keeping me stable…. Now that he's gone everything just feels like it's crumbling.

  • My ex cheated on me and left me for someone else. He never told me, i had to hear it from the girlfriend of his best friend. Lol. I did everything for him and he did nothing back. Angry but happy that he left ?

  • My ex bf broke up with me 4 days ago. Over a text, still love him. Want to be friends with him, but I need some space and time to recover

  • realpassionlife says:

    Friendship breakups can be really tough tooo and as painful and heartbreaking as a romantic one too… breakups don't only happen in a romantic relationships

  • The good news for men, is that a woman's sexual Market value plummets with age, while a man's continues to rise. Men age gracefully, and their value is much less judged on looks.

  • I am a good man. I don’t believe breaking up with anyone I date and love. People have broken up with me, but I kept my faith until the very end, and that is everything a good person should do.

  • stupid hipsterdoofus says:

    happened 2 days ago, she was my first love, the last thing she said was that she loved me but that we didn't work together:(

  • I literally still loved him and I thought everything was going perfectly. We broke up the same place we got together. When we got together we rescued a duckling. We broke up, and what’s swimming down the river? Fgs it’s a duck. I can’t even be angry at him because he’s so so so nice and lovely about it. I hate it.

  • the worst thing is when you lose your virginity to your bf and then he randomly texts u he doesn’t have feelings for you

  • //SuperAsh4U// says:

    How do I teach myself not to care about certain things…. without suddenly not caring about anything…. and making sure I don't care about everything?

  • Mascot with a dinosaur says:

    My friend:It's not working between me and my partner anymore.What should I do?
    Me,a fellow Digimon fan:Get break up!To break up!Nararanana~

    Sorry but I only found this vid through searching for that song lol.

  • Natalie Darst says:

    But my ex she was the best but it's hard bc we are still friends like she doesnt know that I love her I keep telling her I'm fine that I dont like her anymore but she still wants to be friends so I'm like okay and we hang out a bit but it's hard to look her in the eye everytime she looks at me I look away so she wont see the sadness

  • Tiffani Bryant says:

    I’m 14 and I had a breakup . It’s hurts so bad he was the only person I could be myself around and be weird around and now I have to sit here deleting photos .

  • You'll feel better if you shoot her boyfriend that you find out she was cheating on you with and now she's trying to make him your child's new dad.

  • Alexandria Garcia says:

    I’ve been watching these types of videos for the past 4 days ughhhh lol. Why are 4 days not enough to get over a break up????

  • 0:08 I can't but glad I change my username so he can't find me anymore but he's sad but now I don't have feeling anymore I'm happy with life I with just moving own my two parrots so cute the give me love and I give them love back

  • Princess Mononoke says:

    I am 26 now and my first breakup happened 9 years ago and it was very awkward. That day I ate a lot and I went to his house to give him a basketball that I borrowed from him. I didn't expect that he was going to dump me and when he told me"we need to break up" I tried so hard to not to cry in front of him and I farted! Literally! And the sound was really loud! And I saw a little smile on his face and I said ok bye and ran as fast as l could! Hahaha. After that, I cried a lot but at the same time I laughed inside because I remembered the fart. Now, 9 years later we are friends and we make fun of that fart. He told me one day that it was the funniest breakup that he ever had and breakups are not supposed to be funny xD

  • Carla Barreiros says:

    Well, last night my boyfriend of 7 years, who I live with, broke up with me because he didn't love me anymore. I still love him as I did 7 years ago. What am I supposed to do, honestly.

  • thanks yourube .. actually I still brokenheart when I already 2 years with him, like he seems like doesn't care anymore.. He do his work and do his activity without me.

  • It’s been 2 weeks since my breakup after a 3 year relationship. I became the toxic person and it was so unhealthy. We’re about to start college and it’s hard accepting that I need to move on and let go. He was my everything and I let my insecurities get the best of my relationship. Now I’m without the person I love the most..

  • Don't send emotional and long ass texts that lead to nowhere but destroying every bit of self respect you had for yourself. I learned the hard way lol.

  • Worst feeling ever especially when they say " I don't love u anymore " . She is not only your girlfriendbut also your best friend and it is so painful to see them gone and literally ignoring u and be better off. 2 months since the break up and still recovery. Still thinking about her and trying to avoid it. Like a virus in your mind. Wish u all a great recovery and come back. Your souls partner is only a step away .

  • Going through a break up now. This sucks sooo hard. It’s scary to think you will never find someone who will compare :/ eeeek life suckssssssss

  • my ex broke up with me at 1 am when I was staying over at his place in the weekend. it was the worst bcuz he dropped me off at my parents place 2 in the morning and it was my dad's birthday??. so I had to act like everything was fine, when it really wasn't.

  • Got broken up with almost 3 months ago. I was in a 5 year relationship..the more time passes the more I miss her. Moving on is so hard ?

  • she was perfect…
    yesterday, I was hanging out with her and two of my other friends, she seemed a bit off. She was just acting strange, like something was on her mind, but she couldn't say it. Eventually, she had to go home, I had planed on staying the night at my other friends house (the other two are twins.), when i got to their house, one of them gave me her phone and told me to read what was in the notes… it was a breakup letter from my girlfriend. She didn't even do it in person. The thing is, I still love her. She was, and is, and will always be my everything.

  • My first boyfriend was bi and turns out we had a great relationship. Then a few months later 11 months. I said i love you and a few weeks later my friends. Told me that he had a crush on someone and it was true. It was a dude so that day my heart was crushed and it took me like 3 days to get over him. Some reason hes mad at me. So he blocked my number for no reason. So the next day he ends up saying hes gay? I was hurt and all but i understand what hes going through so i forgive him even though hes not even talking to me… Thats how my first relationship turned out… Im so happy to be single again that relationship was stressful. I hope he's happy and doing ok.

  • Mirian Bonifacio says:

    I’m in so much pain rn ? my boyfriend just broke up with me but ik that I’ll be get over it eventually. I’m strong.. I think

  • I'm actually the Stig says:

    God i miss my ex so much!!! She was my best friend!! The dude here with the curly hair really helped me the most!!! Such a good dude and speaked so clearly for me!!!

  • Definitely take your time. Don’t hop from one relationship to another without getting over your ex, don’t drag new people into your mess.

  • Yeah…. You will grieve like the person died…. And what makes it hurt even worse…. is trying to accept that they no longer love you… And yes….REAL men cry REAL tears… when they REALLY love someone and lose them….

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