People living in tiny spaces – Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities | BBC Two

People living in tiny spaces – Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities | BBC Two

This is the most Expensive real estate in the World in hong Kong Homes cost 18 Times more Than an average Family’s income Rents are more Than twice the amount you’d Pay in the uk with space at a premium Most hong Kongers live on top of each Other in tiny flats I’ve come to the tie wire area in the City’s New territories where the long family have a Two-Bedroom Flat? They share their home with four other relatives and it’s Forced them to look for an ingenious Solution Wow It Really Looks like something futuristic You Should Be on Mars or Laronne They’ve installed sleeping Pods in the front Room Effectively Giving them two Extra Bedrooms On the upper deck and my Parents So what is it like to sleep in that i like It yeah yeah i enjoy Sleep Here Just Like in this spaceship The Pods cost Just Over a Thousand Pounds Much Cheaper Than renting or Buying more space It’S quite fun yes oh? yes The Light is really relaxing Actually and It Feels a Bit more spacious Than i thought Because They can Sit up How difficult is it for a Family to be Able to afford to buy a house in hong Kong Let’s Say One Daughter Brother and mother Go outside to work you save all the Money After 20 Years you May Maybe You can buy a house It’s very Very Expensive pull down the curtain and like closing the door and you can Lock It Here how do you pull out and Stark Help Good Night The Learns are Lucky Hong Kong Has One of The World’s highest wolf gaps the poorer you are the less space you have? So i’m Just about to meet a guy who lives in What they call a cage community Here and he lives Here because Property Is so Expensive this is all he can Afford i Just want to find out What life’s like for Him At first there Seems nothing Unusual about this Building It’s only When i get to alan’s door that i realize Just how small his home is Wow Now i wasn’t Expecting that i was Expecting to open the door to go into one, Place but There’s Actually Two Doors Here can We come in This used to be Just an Ordinary flat but a private Landlord Has illegally Divided It into Bed spaces there are no larger Than a Cupboard Nice to meet you Adi adi adi Alan Has Lived Here for three Years He says Eleven People live in This Corridor alone and There’s another One Just like It Next Door tell me about Where you live Visit this space or All of This Bit Here they’re going a dollar Just in this space And Your Kitchen Where do you go for that i think Donald Keep Up so where’d you go for Food then Well took Lighting oh Allen Works As a Dishwasher He pays a Hundred and Eighty Pounds a month To live Here To rent a Room in this area Would cost Nearly Three Times as Much He used to live with relatives but after they passed away this Was the only place he could afford So you’ve Got about six foot of space Lengthwise it’S so small i Can’t imagine What it must Be like to live in in this small space you Know book the Bobo’s Funkier Find Out the Man KonyAku did you know i’m judy Pinky d so i put on my own okay that Black Women can Go Over California more Than two million People Already live in public Housing in hong Kong and the waiting list is four and a Half Years Is this normal Here in hong Kong They both Annoy going public in woodbury Knit one Alan’S case might Seem extreme But Over 200,000 people are estimated to live in Places Like This This Space Here is someone else’s Living cause It’S incredible i mean i can’t imagine it staying Here for for a day there are no Years It Shocks me to see allen’s live-in Situation It’S a reminder That Where there’s Opportunity There’s Also Inequality hong Kong’s Runaway capitalism has made It one of The World’s most prosperous cities But This success comes at a price


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  • The work of the British who did not have housing plans and social
    amenities during its colonial rule. The legacy it left is a lump for
    Hong Kongers to live in. Should not blame China, becuase it was only 22
    years ago Hong Kong came under the rule of China. And Hong Kong wants a
    different world.

  • I've been looking at building my dream home lately feeling bad that I can't do it yet, I suddenly feel a horrible sense of shame.

  • I am the poorest of the poor. No bank account. No furniture or house. No car and nobody to care for me, but I am richer than the richest. I've got Jesus who seen to my every need and the only friend I have. ❤️

  • a man of color in a wheelchair being a journalist visiting international sites to cover stories. well… bbc really breaking the stereotypes.

  • this stupid whell chair man says 'it really looks like something futuristic'. but if he was educated at all he would speak properly, 'it really looks futuristic'. idiots from england do not speak english well.

  • It's nice. Simple life. It's better to get busy working, hang out and chill. Just come back to freshen up, have a sleep and relax then go back again the next day. May be they were like that because they didn't work hard like others did. Whatever situation a person ends up to was all because of his or her choices in the past. They enjoy living their that's why they can't move on. Also, China is a huge nation, lots of areas are unoccupied. Why not go there, build a shack and have lots of space to live. There are so many things they can do to avoid such situation but they are way too lazy. Come on people, wake up, set up another strategy for your lives.

  • cameron novini says:

    Poor guy. I really felt for him. I think my place is small. But as they somebody else is always worse off.

  • thats why many chinese people go abroad they search for better life overseas. Many of them succeded because of hard work !

  • In my country, people are always rushing to move the big city such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city to find a good job in order to meet their basic need of life because the infrastructure developed disproportionately which can lead to lower opportunities for job-seekers in outskirts. It is the reason why there are too much people leaving their hometown come here and definitely most of them have to live in " immensely thin" houses with 1-1,2m

  • Well , real estate corruption is the root cause of this condition.. .. and people get killed if they raise the that part of world

  • Yeah, it's same in so many Asians countries, I saw families in Thailand and India who have less than one pound a day life and to get work or to earn money is really very very hard so in Asian there is only one way rich ? or poor until you die,

  • thatdudeforeal says:

    Lmao “let’s get a black paraplegic so we can be politically correct and make travel accommodations in non western countries a real pain in the ass”

  • those in H K should consider moving to some of the 'ghost cities' in China…….,after all H K is still part of China.

  • My grand-father was native from HKC. Housing problem is not new. But as it’s a temporary special administrators region until 2047. I predict a housing financial crisis way worst that what happen in the USA in 2008 due to the politic instability. HK people are stuck there. If I’m a local, I’ll sell my property in the next decade and probably immigrate in any commonwealth countries.

  • This has been created by British colonial government. They do not release enough land for residential development in HK.

  • What about Japanese?
    Do they complain?
    Nobody owes you anything! Get yourself out of home and do something about it! Put yourself together and learn some skills to improve your life …don’t be a looser and just complain about everything! Don’t be a cry baby, grow up… Jesus!


  • I'm not rich. But grateful for what I've got. 2 jobs, romance, video games, a cozy unit, and uni. Sorry if I'm being a dick.

  • I'm blessed to have 2 BR, a kitchen, big living room, laundry space with free parking space in a subsdivision with security guards for only $120/mo in the business capital in the Philippines

  • Space-NOT-END-ALL-AND-B-ALL!–no?—-people-from-BBC-London-must-reaLlzze-people-DO-NOT-NEED-4-tolLets-4-bedrooms-master-bedroom-master-etc-etc–no?

  • Stupeed-reporter!—worry-about-people-ln-prlson-flrst!–ln-prlson-no-prlvacy-for-tolLet!–small-bedroom-and-all-ln-1-tlny-space!

  • Hello, HK traitors you will find yourselves no where to hid or shelter. The fact, You server the demon you pay by the rule of evil.Just like Iraq refugees thinking he saves in US pro-demon-cracy, human rights and freedom. Oh, I believe he might betray Iraq too? to help the demon destroyed Iraq.

    The US funded like IS we all know how will they ended up. Their entire family, women and children bring in with them. You serve the demon one pay by the rule of evil. simple as that and you don't need a human translator.

    Fearing deportation, Iraqi refugees cut tethers

  • the mob and protesters are all middle and upper class hk WHO DON'T HAVE TO WORK AND WORRY ABOUT MONEY, THEY JUST WANT TO BE WHITE.

  • Excel Unison Engineering says:

    Western democracy allows 1% of the population holding 90% of the wealth of a country. The housing problems the Hong Kongers are facing today were results of western democracy practiced by the the British during the 100 over years of colonisation. These housing problems were not created by China. The Western media will be quick to blame China.

  • Attributing the inequality to capitalism is a pretty big leap. It's not unlikely that it's more-so corruption in the government (funded by the most wealthy) that allows the rich to keep their stranglehold on the opportunities for wealth. Without the government, the rich would have no one to bribe to usher in laws that benefit the incumbents and suppress actual competition.

  • kwokkeung chau says:

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  • today to see it, wonder actually how many govt ppl visited them (just to understand them), or really know what is it at all.

  • This is very heart-breaking amd inspiring at the same time. Despite of the difficulty they are experiencing, they still choose to move forward.

  • Sigma Geranimo says:

    The salary worker is no longer middle class.
    They live in the house a size of a bird.
    They could not afford married and family. Divorce law kill it.

    most of them prefer to be Hikikomori

  • Relaxation Station says:

    I live in a North American commercial truck. sometimes with my adult daughter when she is in the mood for an international adventure, and it has more space and is more comfortable than that guys one box apartment!

    No wonder people are rioting!

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