People Embarrassingly Exposed By The Internet

People Embarrassingly Exposed By The Internet

the Internet is filled with lies deception and fakery thankfully every now and then vigilant Internet users are able to call out the guiltiest fakers exposing them in spectacular acts of cold-hard internet justice hello a lot of fakery goes unchecked it's extremely satisfying when the perpetrators are finally called out there are hundreds of great examples out there but here are 20 of the greatest times people were embarrassingly exposed by the Internet number 20 logan sees colors in november 2016 the oldest of youtube's controversial paul brothers uploaded a video of himself trying out glasses designed to rectify colorblindness but there were a few issues first of all the reaction was a little excessive for the small change the glasses would offer besides the glass is developed by him chroma never claimed to cure color blindness as Logan's video title had suggested they simply enhance distinction between colors the wear can already proceed secondly Logan's alleged colorblindness wouldn't keep him from differentiating colors on his multi-coloured bird maverick which he claimed to see is all yellow Matt Reeves yellow his whole body this led some to question whether Paul was colorblind at all armies of internet truth finders banded together under the leadership of youtubers like AI doves and h3 h3 questioning the authenticity of the video Logan eventually released a video admitting that his reaction had been inauthentic although he insisted that he had embellished rather than live I exaggerated my reactions and the colorblindness that's why people thought that I was lying however I will say this I did not lie I did not like what I did do is embellished there's a big dip in sheer number 19 PETA vs. Steve Irwin there are certain international treasures whose heartwarming legacies live on after their passing Steve Irwin is one of these yet on his birthday 13 years after his death PETA thought it was wise to respond to a Google eleven with a tweet reminding everyone he was killed while harassing array according to PETA he was disrespectful and frequently harassed exotic animals and their young it didn't take long for the people of Twitter to bring up some of PETA's less-than-stellar history which more than undermined their moral high-ground as it turned out PETA once donated seventy thousand dollars to known arsonist Rodney Coronado Wow according to the Washington Post PETA shelters have had kill rates as high as 90 percent they kill cats and dogs by the thousands instead of finding them places to live Steve Irwin on the other hand inspired a generation of nature enthusiasts wrestling crocs might not be ideal but at least Steve didn't euthanize 90% of them number 18 chicken goo the Internet has a vendetta against McDonald's Chicken McNuggets the most popular post of disgust tend to involve mechanically separated chicken or this pink goop that emerged in 2010 many have tried to pass the pink goo off as mechanically separated chicken paste but one prime cut example deviated from the more solid soft-serve appearance for something more liquefied as much as the individual built up the story it was swiftly shot down as being the machine that distributes tubby custard from the popular children's show Teletubbies and while no one certain exactly what's featured in the original image it's certainly more vibrant than real chicken goo though honestly neither are particularly appetizing number 17 women history Saints on October 29 2016 filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter with a very odd statement in an ill thought-out attempt to support the female gender more suggested that women can do no wrong he claimed the women have had no part in atomic weapons or genocide bear no responsibility for environmental issues and have never participated in a school shooting sadly a quick Google search could have saved him some severe embarrassment twitter user baddest mamuh JAMA fired back with facts about Elizabeth graves a woman who played a significant role in the development nuclear weapons she then mentioned Siri Powell shells head of global exploration who's responsible for helping the oil company's expansion which has an exactly screamed environmentalism she also introduced more to Elsie Koch a commander of the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp and Brenda Spencer one of the first modern school shooters who'd have thought women are capable of bad stuff too it's almost as if they're human number 16 the impossible model Instagram star Amelia Liana had quite the scam going when she posted images of herself in iconic places across the world the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower were among two of her hotspots but it was her picture of the New York City scape that started to tip her followers huh the 2017 photo was missing the Freedom Tower which completed construction in 2013 Liana remains insistent that her photos are shot in the location she specifies despite being scrutinized for some of her doctored shots and obvious stock photo use number 15 credit where it's due if you have even a single brain cell you should know not to do what one of Facebook's dhimmis users did this clever clogs lifted a photo likely off of a Google image search for pretty flowers and plastered it on his Facebook wall claiming it as his own photographic genius what he failed to notice was the Munich Boyer photography watermark in the bottom right hand corner his fellow users however did notice and proceeded to call him out not all heroes wear capes number 14 hipster identity when MIT Technology Review posted a look into a 34 page research paper from Brandis University that when broken down ultimately said all hipsters look alike it received outspoken criticism from one individual according to Gideon Litchfield the MIT journals editor-in-chief the person in question wrote in to complain that his image had been used without permission on a story that slandered him when Litchfield did his research however and reached out to Getty Images to determine if there was an issue of libel at hand the truth emerged the model in the photo in the man riding in were two completely different people the individualistic complainer wasn't so special after all even to him it turned out hipsters do all look the same number thirteen Popcaan some people tell the strangest lies to seem impressive sharing a story about how he swindled singer Harry Styles out of $100 well at a baseball game this Twitter user was sure to hashtag the post swear to God proving the users word was worth far less than the amount he claimed to have stolen Harry Styles responded to the tweet revealing he wasn't even at the Tigers game number 12 Bali banana Graham it's understandable to be worried if scrawled on to your banana are the words help I slave in Bali send help please but the reality is that despite the attempts of the original poster it was clearly not from a Bali sleigh as a reddit user pointed out the writing on the skin would have bruised in the time it took to come from Bali moreover has the metochi sticker indicates the banana came from the el oro province of ecuador which is about eleven thousand miles away number eleven a real shame for a facebook narcissist having people you know in real life his Facebook friends can be a real issue when this user claimed men can't be fed Shane because unlike women men being fat is by and large a choice her brother chimed in with some truth bombs though she claimed to be genetically predisposed to being overweight her brother publicly reminded her of the many times doctors had explained that her obesity was not related to genetics according to her sibling her lazy lifestyle and the body that comes with it are the only things that are by and large a choice number 10 first class faux pas even celebrities can be on the wrong side of internet embarrassment when rapper Bow Wow posted this image on his Instagram there was no reason for his fans to question its authenticity that is of course until one of his followers called him out for being next to him and on a public flight the snapchat made its rounds ultimately landing on Twitter where one user found the source of the image he used the website of a VIP transportation service in Fort Lauderdale number nine Paul's prices as I've established slogan Paul loves to embellish and what I did do is embellish there's a big difference in one case Logan went as far as two point nine six million dollars worth of embellishment when Logan revealed this video filmed in Dubai title my new three million dollar watch his embellishments didn't go unnoticed as a matter of fact he added himself in the same video and revealed the watch he did purchase was only forty thousand dollars in case nobody caught his own admission a Twitter user was sure to point out the mathematical difference while Logan did try on a three million dollar patek philippe watch during the video his shameless clickbait was blasted on line number eight miracle diet there's no better way to draw the quality of your sketchy diet product into question than to steal someone else's legitimate weight-loss photos unfortunately this original posters genuine achievements were undermined by blatant lies on the part of multiple shady Instagram accounts who repurposed her transformation to their own nefarious needs luckily though she had the last laugh as her rebuttal soon went viral number seven involuntary man spread errs in recent years this particular seated pose has been labeled as man spreading some seed as an act of male dominance while others insist it's a natural way to avoid and compression all that aside when the person responsible for this image posted their clever caption coing hem a man spreader in recovery they weren't expecting to be called out as it turned out the secured legs have nothing to do with man spreading instead it's intended for people with Tourette syndrome or epilepsy to keep them from kicking in the event of an episode this proponent of social justice had just mocked a disabled person great job here number six clan on campus when this disgruntled students shared a video of an active flute Klux Klan group in Bowling Green Ohio their concerns seemed genuine but after a brief investigation by the school the hooded Klansmen turned out to be nothing more than an overly active imagination according to a series of photos posted in response the alleged white cloak had little to do with the KKK and more to do with protecting science equipment number five I'm vegan for lifestyle blogger influencer and outspoken vegan Giovanna Mendoza deceiving her followers was just another aspect of the job unbelievably jovana appeared in a video on the vegan bean YouTube channel tucking into a plate of fish though her realization and feeble attempts to hide her plate were hilarious her fans felt deeply betrayed in response to being outed she posted an apology video asking for forgiveness and explaining that she planned on telling her father is about her real diet unfortunately her apology video gartered tens of thousands of dislikes and she's since lost thousands of followers number four breaking stereotypes the internet seems unwilling to let go of the stereotype that models lack intelligence when the coding dot engineer Instagram page posted an image of a Victoria's Secret model touting her abilities with various programming languages the response was that of bitter mockery and doubt that is of course until the model in question Lindsay Scott listed her credentials these included work as a professional software engineer and a double major computer science and theater degree from Amherst sounds pretty legit to me number three driving Division one click at a time there are real instances of racism and concerns over blackface and then there are people that wish to create an outcry purely for coverage a good example is this article by National Review which tried to make its followers believe charcoal face masks were deemed racist by the public especially black communities thousands chimed in to clear the air that the claims made in this article are simply not true anywhere facts stoking the flames of division just four clicks it goes the show don't get swept up and what you read online number two this is not a drill to the casual eye this image may incite some confusion paired with the attached caption and you have the makings of a danger social media posts while one individual seems to have taken the bait believing these American children were forced into Muslim prayer another was pretty straightforward with the truth and states prone to tornadoes drills are run for student safety this prone position is common and in no way linked to Muslim prayer sometimes online fakery crosses the line from funny to scary especially when people buy it number one exposing yourself to the Internet some people don't need the internet cell they embarrassed themselves quite easily take a look at this photo do you spot anything unusual it's more than just a messy table this person is selling illegal substances on reddit of all places but it gets better tucked underneath the desk clear for any police officer to see is the dealer's ID it's unclear whether the five-o track does perp down but the stupid people subreddit certainly did so which of these embarrassing exposures made you facepalm the hardest let me know in the comment section down below thanks for watching


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  • Teresa Fields-Pena says:

    The peta thing well the humane society does the same shit puts them down instead of finding homes i know cause ive worked for the humane society i QUIT God bless you

  • El Oro to Bali with, that line at 7:39 if you forcibly make it straight is in excess of 21,500km. Letting the lines flow the shortest distance over Australia and Northern tip of New Zealand is close to your original 17,702km.

  • Squiggz Dawnton says:

    As far as the banana thing goes of course it's fake but uh… Bali is much closer to equador than you lead us to believe, you decided to go east from Equador when in reality going west the distance is only 581.22 miles away. Not a big deal but I don't see why you took the longer of the two directions that would be like flying from New York to LA then taking a plane to Asia and then heading to the UK When you could just go from New York to UK In a fraction of the time. Just doesn't make sense and really rattles my brain to think of.

  • Michael Schuett says:

    Vegan’s are so annoying. Humans were designed to eat meat ( check out your teeth). Vegetarian’s are fine, but vegan’s come on. It’s just something that’s trending and that’s all.

  • mrpaperbag paperbag says:

    Please remember… Is not them youtuber who have a problem, they just greedy and do what ever it takes to get likes. It's them crazy "subscribers" who are dump enough to believe everything them youtubers telling them. So more subscribers they have so more money they make….

  • Amilia Savage- Urban Spaceman says:

    Yeah these sad buggers were bs-ing but ya know what irritate me most? Bloody 'influencers ' (yes Kendall Jenner we're looking at you and the $250,000 fyre festival paid you!) That will plug anything for the right fee. Miss Jenner and her ilk need a lesson in how to locate their moral compasses. I will defend Kendall in one sense though, at least she hasn't inflicted crotch goblins on the world yet… (unlike the rest of the clan) no doubt Stumpy, Tree and Ding Dong Banana Gnome God (or whatever the latest addition is unfortunately named) will be 'mini-influencers before long… Smh.?

  • okay. manspreading? rly. i didnt know what that was before i saw this video, and i've been sitting like that since i was 5, i dont feel "better than women" or anything, i just do it because its calming for my legs and i spread them out because i feel like using less energy, i dont have any epilepsy but i got ADHD.

  • People should know better than to lie in this day and age with all of our advanced technology we have to expose them!

  • Thanks, BE AMAZED, I love your channel. I am mentioning it again and giving you a like because it's as usual well made. What I don't understand is related to the content of this video. What kind of idiots watches these idiots on YouTube?

  • I think its funny the obese thing that her own brother called her out on her lie that it aint genetics atleast hes honest,beside it populair today to blame genetics for everything rather then stop eating crapy foods fast foods and pre packed chemical induced meat. Research have shown that even if you have so called bad genetics it makes up only 20-30% of the totaal body weight thats overweight due to genetics so basicly the other 80-70% is all to blame to yourself by being lazy eating bad foods and keep blaming genetics while you stuff your face with a glazed donut.I eat fresh everyday go to the gyme reguliere and even eat once a week fast foods and iam in great shape its what they say you look like what you eat

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