‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

[Machine beeping] “The frustrating thing
about all of this is it really just feels like
it’s too little, too late. Like we knew —
we knew it was coming. Today is kind of
getting worse and worse. We had to get a
refrigerated truck to store the bodies of
patients who are dying. We are, right now,
scrambling to try to get a few additional
ventilators or even CPAP machines. If we could get
CPAP machines, we could free up ventilators
for patients who need them. You know, we now have
these five vents. We probably — unless
people die, I suspect we’ll be back to needing to
beg for ventilators again in another day or two. There’s a mythical
100 vents out there which we haven’t seen. Leaders in various offices,
from the president to the head of
Health and Hospitals, saying things like,
‘We’re going to be fine. Everything’s fine.’ And from our perspective,
everything is not fine. I don’t have the
support that I need, and even just the materials
that I need, physically, to take care of my patients. And it’s America,
and we’re supposed to be a first-world country. On a regular day, my
emergency department’s volume is pretty high. It’s about
200 people a day. Now we’re seeing 400
or more people a day. At first, we were trying
to isolate patients with cough and fever and be
more careful around them, but we weren’t
necessarily being extra careful around
all the other patients. And then we started to
realize that patients who were coming in with
no fever but abdominal pain actually had findings on
their X-rays and chest CTs that were consistent
with this coronavirus, Covid-19. So someone in a car
accident gets brought in and we get a CT scan of
them, and their lungs look like they
have coronavirus. We were seeing a lot of
patients who probably had Covid, but we didn’t realize. Ten residents and also
many, many of our nurses and a few of the attending
physicians got sick. The anxiety of this situation
is really overwhelming. All of the doctors,
it’s hard for us to get tested even if we want
to, even if we have symptoms. We’re exposed over
and over again. We don’t have the
protective equipment that we should have. I put on one N95 mask
in the morning. I need to have that N95 mask
on for every patient I see. I don’t take it off all day. The N95 mask I wore today
is also the N95 mask I wore on Friday. We’re always worried that
we’ll be out of N95 masks. What’s a little bit
scary now is the patients that we’re getting
are much sicker. Many of the young people
who are getting sick don’t smoke, they’re healthy,
they have no co-morbidities. They’re just young,
regular people between the ages of 30 and 50
who you would not expect to get this sick. So many people are saying
it’s going to be OK, everything’s fine, we have
what we need. And if this goes on for a
month or two or three or five like it did in China, and we’re
already this strained, we don’t have what we need. I don’t really care
if I get in trouble for speaking to the media. I want people to know
that this is bad. People are dying. We don’t have the tools
that we need in the emergency department
and in the hospital to take care of them, and — and it’s really hard.”


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  • The New York Times says:

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  • George Padilla says:

    It is truly amazing that Trillions upon Trillions of dollars are being used for armament but there is no money to help hospitals with equipment to save lives. The good old USA.

  • Corona: "It's morphin' time!"
    And folks, this is what happens. It's probably already a different animal from the ones in Wuhan.

  • how about you tell the mildly sick patients to go home, AND STAY THERE, unless things change and they become severely ill!! We are wasting staff, supplies, and time testing patients who do not need to be tested!

  • With all of the videos on the Internet showing many, many New Yorkers treating the C19 virus like a joke (Standing on street corners in large groups, laughing while giving high fives, hugging each other while saying no C19 is going to get them, etc), what else would you expect? VERY sad situation and shame that so many are going to suffer from someone else's actions

  • If you read this and work in medicine or any medical profession, thank you. You are literally the most important people in the whole world right now!!!!

  • Sathaporn Tantijaroensin says:

    Canada doctor has rigged 1 ventilator to treat a few patients.

  • Every single country underestimated this! We knew it was gonna happen… countries have failed their people! We lost so many lives… just because people are old that doesn’t mean you can cut their lives short.

  • Hardcore Nightcore says:

    Military: Hey guys, check out this brand new missile we spent billions researching
    Healthcare: Seriously bro…

  • David Armstrong says:

    While y'all running around worrying yourselves sick about much to do about nothing, they have taken complete control of everything economic and financial. After the virus comes financial ruin for 60 to 75% of the population worldwide. You were warned.

  • Bestoink Dooley says:

    Unless you're a hermit living alone in the wilderness growing your own food, at some stage you're going to be exposed. It's not going away. The only way for the virus to be neutralized is when a large enough percent of the population has been infected and they build herd(humans are the herd) immunity OR a vaccine can be produced– but that likely won't happen in time. A percent of the infected herd will die before this happens. Most healthy people will survive, they just get sick to varying degrees for a couple of weeks. Here in the U.S., there are ~330,000,000 people. If 2/3 eventually get infected, that's 220,000,000 infected. @3% mortality=6,600,000 dead. So a few million Americans are going to die. Get used to it.

  • Wow, that's depressing to watch. I am from India and we have been very lucky not to have the virus spread as much as in other countries. The US can have all the money that they want or claim, but if you cant get the required equipment in time, you are as good as a 3rd world country.

  • Thank you for what you’re doing and for sharing your experience and the truth. Praying for the needs mentioned❤️🙏🏻

  • Believe or not, there is few new cases in China now! 

    Only 8 weeks after a surge of infections caused the country to take extreme measures which had been jeered at by some countries before.

    Some of takeaways from the outbreak in China as below:

    – forced/arranged quarantine: definitely work.

    – wearing masks on: definitely work.

    – increasing to use hand sanitizer/hygiene: definitely work.

    – temporarily restricting travel: definitely work.

    – avoiding to stay in a central air-conditioning environment: works.

    – Enhancing self immunity: works.

    – self isolation: possibly work.

    – social distancing works: possibly work.

    – body temperature has been proved not the only one symptom, which means some infected cases without fever.

    – the fact of the virus contains more than one sort (probably 20) of strains has been proved, which means one sort of strain spreading in China, however, another exists in Italy. 

    – the level of public health has been proved no firm connection with prevention spreading of the virus, but the level of public emphasis.

    – multiple organ damage has been proved, which means the virus will certainly attack other organs more than lung. 

    – all ages have been proved can be infected, from the newborn to the senior citizen.

    – after their period 15-16 days women will come to their lowest level of immunity.    

    Learning from China's drastic measures should be simple! So be quick!

  • Thank you for what you’re doing and for sharing your experience and the truth. Praying for the needs mentioned❤️🙏🏻

  • New York City touted being a sanctuary city. That and when this thing started the Democrat Governor told everyone that it was no big deal and they didn’t need to practice social distancing. Guess who was wrong! Let’s quarantine NYC and close the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • I hope this courageous emergency room doctor in Elmhurst, Queens doesn't get the Virus. God bless and be strong. Out.

  • William Fronckiewicz says:

    You would think that after America lost over 12,000 people in 2009 from swine flu that the Obama administration would have stockpiled and positioned medical supplies around this country incase a pandemic would happen. Just saying.

  • Israel is doing just fine with american tax payer money + all the profits you generated to military industrial complex for fighting Israel’s wars. Just for anyone wondering why US gov is not able to provide for you.

  • And Americans are still voting for Trump and Biden who ultimately want to slash funds for public health emergency and Medicare&Medicaid. 💀💀💀💀💀

  • So, what happen to Trump and his advisor Larry Kudlow claims that America has “Contained” COVID-19 as “Pretty Close to Airtight”? 🙄😒

  • vismaya sangathigalu says:

    Im from India..I pray all Americans to get cured …It's spreading slowly in India also..We are scared..China is responsible for all this

  • shows that we are not prepared. to even have communist China making vaccines ect for our country shows me that our govt(which we elected) doesn't care about us. And we the people are stupid to allow this, but again it shows that the people do not take an active part in what takes place in our government.

  • only 14% of the daily average of those that die daily in the USA have died from this….. its completely overblown 7,542 die daily

    327 million Americans 1 million could die and we be alright

  • America is very 1st World in Military Technology and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    America is very 3rd World in Medical System and Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Yellow Penguin says:

    In Holland they are altering ventilators to be able to use 1 device for 2 people. Apparently, this is something nurses can do with a few relatively simple instructions and using existing medical grade components, and these devices normally have plenty of excess power.

  • Politicians lie so they can keep votes. So they can keep there jobs. Corporations and politicians and lobbyist, do not care for the people, they care for there pockets and how this looks on them.

  • The Gateway Eleven says:

    Because FEMA and all these other organizations are taking this time of distraction to quickly install 5G towers across the U.S. Hm…. pretty odd since the areas of the first outbreaks in China and Italy already have these towers there…. also odd how the radiation that comes from these towers elicit the same symptoms as COVID….

  • Im working as a volunteer at my local public hospital. I prepared early and have many masks, a nebulizer, antibiotics, ethenol, gloves, glenn20 etc , however I reuse my mask daily. at my front door, I have antiseptic bath for all my items, what cant bath I spray with glen20, then I shower with soap. The clothes go into an antiseptic trough. I care for an aged mother and my wife is an aged care worker so I must not carry the virus. The masks can be used multiple times with just the elastic being re-stapled. Then I go pick upmy suboxone from a pharmacy and they have no PPE and no social distancing. Thats right the person who is helping is on Suboxone… but I am in more danger at the pharmacy than when I volunteer. By design perhaps.

  • It really frustrates me the "first world country"thing… what's that supposed to mean? That America has to have everything and everyone else has to suffer with trash?! The ego is unbelievable. However it's much appreciated her hard work and honesty.

  • Let this be a reminder to the world that America is not a great country everybody deams it to be. It has problems just like every country in the world.

  • Trump Campaign Threatens Legal Action Of Coronavirus Ad | Morning Joe | MSNBC

    70,173 views•Mar 26, 2020



    This is their New Hoax 1/20/20 4 SICK

    We have it totaly under control

    It's one person coming in from china

    One day it's like a miracle , it will disapear

    When you have 15 people and within a couple of days it's going to be down close to zero

    We realy think we've done a great job in keeping it down to a minium

    I like this stuff I really get it

    People are suprised that I understand it

    No I don't take responsibility at all 3/26/20 26.235 SICK 1001 AMERICANS DEAD


  • Compare this to what we saw in China. Not too different. Overwhelmed hospital staff, not enough beds, PPE or ventilators, people queueing up outside the hospital, and NOT ENOUGH TESTING. Shame on the U.S. for NOT preparing. Blessings to the people impacted by this.

  • If only NY bought more equipment back in 2015 instead of creating an "allocation protocol". Now that they're having to implement the protocol and people will die they're trying to somehow make this situation the federal govt's fault.. astonishing.

  • Oh thank you so much, somebody talk about the truth
    Maybe we will never see here again
    Friends get it 😭😭😭😭😭

  • It is nothing about politics, nothing about stock, nothing about $, it is purely virus and America government just slowly killing American.

  • johnpadvaiskas says:

    This did not have happen just like in Canada i wish them the best stay safe wash your shoes don't track the virus from room to room. Put sum bleach in boot tray walk through it.

  • New Yorkers have a lot of health problems so it's not too surprising that they are getting hit hard by this.
    Facts about New York Health   18.4% of New Yorkers drink to excess.   27.5% are obese   23.8% are physically inactive   12.8% smoke   12.5% have diabetes   36.2% are prediabetic   14.1% of New Yorkers have incomes below
    poverty level   10.6% of New Yorkers
    report poor mental health     40,000 New
    Yorkers have been diagnosed with cancer every year between 2011 and 2015   14.1% of New Yorkers have had asthma their
    entire adult life   5.6% of New Yorkers
    had COPD in 2011

  • A lot of doctors and nurses nationwide are abandoning thier post , they are now realizing that they are up against something way much more than they are prepared for this is just the beginning the president is going to lift the ban soon but that will be a mass suicide people need to stay home and help flatten the curve

  • Stressed Out Azim says:

    The Wuhan nurses wear 2 protective suits and several other PPE precautions. In the United States, with the PPE precautionary equipment that we have, we might as well be wearing a thong.

  • @00:11 Pulse ox is good, a little tachy, but Respirations at 36/min and 90 MAP? Ya'll leave patients breathing that fast ?

  • I can't believe that people are just passing by these things, take care of yourself and your family, buy masks, wash hands, clean doors, think about it. You have facemasks-store.com, if you want to buy a mask, I bought 5 for me and my family

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