Pentagon Releases Footage Of U.S. Drone Shot Down By Iran | NBC News

Pentagon Releases Footage Of U.S. Drone Shot Down By Iran | NBC News

the Pentagon released some video the first evidence they're offering about that that drone the Global Hawk drone I think we can show it for you to you it shows a smoke trail there it is the smoke trail of the aircraft as it was brought down now of course from this we can't tell international or Iranian airspace but it is the first images the first evidence the u.s. is putting forward about this shoot down of that drone which is capable of a lot of intelligence collecting from very high altitudes let's go to a Courtenay Kuby now she covers the Pentagon she's in the United Arab Emirates where some of these drones are based the Pentagon Courtney has put out a map showing the location of the shoot-down but not the past that this aircraft took do we have any more information as to whether it may at some point have strayed into Iranian airspace that's right Lester so the map shows what the US military says is where the drone was shot Don down this Global Hawk it was presented along with the statement from the head of the US Air Force's here in the region based in Qatar who claims that the drone never strayed more than about 21 miles from Iranian short the Iranian shoreline most of the international community recognizes that as long as it's with its outside of 12 nautical miles from that shore that's considered international airspace so the United States military really doubling down on their claims I can tell you this drone was shot down just a very short distance from where we are here but an even shorter distance from where I was yesterday out in the Gulf of Oman where we got a first-hand look at one of the tankers that was attacked in the Gulf flat in the Gulf of Oman last week the courageous we saw the blast hole this is something that the US military is now talking about was an attack by a limpet mine while they're not necessarily pointing the finger directly at Iran they are saying this is the kind of explosive that Iran has in its inventory so today marks a new level of tension because now this is a direct attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on the US military and in this case it resulted in this unmanned drone being shot down in the Strait of Hormuz Lester Courtney ku bees thanks hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


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  • What happen to FIRE AND FURY mr president what u waiting on or u just all talk hahahahahah they shot down U.S. property sir let them have it

  • No time for Kids says:

    Why cant the USA show some parts of the drone that they claimed has been shot above international airspace and should have been fallen in international waters? I mean Iran just did, they picked them out of their own waters, so it should have been fallen out of their own airspace, didnt they or doesnt it? Or did they make a quick spurt to international waters to collect those debries and brought them to Teheran and did it without being seen by the USA who was in those international waters too, werent they?

  • Why don't the Iranians send a drone "20 miles from the US shores" and see if they shoot it down… double f'ing standards self righteous cu'nts

  • Doesn't matter if the Drone wasn't in the Iranian Sea whatever the Drone was is not EEUU terriory and is illegal for the EEUU to sue spy drone in other countries you didn't even have the right to investigate after Trump sent pompeo and John Bolton to fire the fuel tanks

  • The US should strike infrastructure (e.g. oil production platform) in Iran equivalent to the cost of the US Navy drone struck by an Iranian SAM. That would be a proportionate response and should serve as stern warning for Iran to stop its intransigence in the Gulf of Hormuz or they will be dealt with a very deadly response.

  • Christopher MacIntyre says:

    America provides evidence that they have evidence of some evidence. Notice at no point in this video does the map show the actual line of demarcation of the airspace border, nor how far outside this border the drone supposedly was. They can't show this because doing so would open up a line of questioning as to how the wreckage could have landed INSIDE Iran's borders, which it did. A map showing the actual flight path you're never going to see, so don't even bother asking for that. If it was ever in Iranian airspace it would never be admitted anyway.


    This is the actual high-quality video of a US drone. Compare it to the one the Pentagon released and you'll realize the Pentagon is trying to pull a fast one.

    The videos need to be high quality because the pilot is in the US. He needs to see crystal clear images in order to fly and identify potential targets. Trump thinks we are all stupid like him.

  • TrollFarm Sage says:

    The US response to Iran's attack on oil tankers and shooting down a very expensive drone in international waters is to declare the government of Iran a pirate nation and a pirate harbor. All military or civilian merchant ships and aircraft owned, flagged or operated by Iran should be designated pirate vessels. The the UN, US, Japan and other nations affected by this piracy should issue letters of marque and reprisal, as a government license to authorized private persons, known privateers, to attack and capture air and sea vessels of the pirate nation of Iran. The owner of the 2 oil tankers damaged by Iran mines should be awarded the first letters of marque. Once captured, the privateer could then bring the case of that prize before their own admiralty court for condemnation and transfer of ownership to the privateer. If Iran further escalates continued acts of piracy, then further escalation of sanctions may include issuance of letters of marque for the seizure of the ships and aircraft owned and operated by other nations who aid or assist the pirate nation of Iran, thru trade or supply of weapons or other materials.

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