Penn State football blitz: 2019 Media Day coming up, pressing questions on offense and defense

Penn State football blitz: 2019 Media Day coming up, pressing questions on offense and defense

okay it's the Penn State blitz here on Penn live starting to get serious we've got a lot to get to in this edition we're gonna talk as August camp gets ready for Penn State pressing questions for the Lions on offense then we're going to talk pressing questions for the Lions on defense there's a Penn State meaty day coming up James Franklin is coaches and his players Meet the Press we're gonna talk a little bit about what to expect from that and then as always we're gonna close with the always fascinating Penn State mailbag Greg I know you always look forward to the mailbag it's one of your favorite five or six minutes that's right activities of the week before we get to that though it's been a long offseason if you really think about it all the stuff that Penn State's kind of had to deal with there's been a lot of storylines some positive some negative maybe more negative than positive but finally were less than a week away from the start of August Camp Penn State's got a lot of questions after replacing guys like trades McSorely a mile Sanders Shareef miller to starting offensive linemen and Ryan Bates and Connor McGovern there's some new coaches on the staff lost some people challenging schedule so let's start let's just start with the offense pressing questions we've kind of been writing about that on Penn live each day hopefully people have been reading it I have my fingers crossed but what what's overall what what are maybe one or two that really stand out to you for the office yeah we can just jump into the quarterback back right away Sean Clifford will Levis you'll fight it out obviously I think most assume Sean Clifford will win that job and then he has a lead going in the camp you know as you mentioned on last week's blitz so James Franklin's raving about will love us and I think this has all the makings of a tres McSorley Tommy Stevens battle back a few years ago when we all kind of assumed that it was traits McSorley's job but it ultimately was his but James Franklin adamant that Tommy Stevens right on his heels I think we'll hear a lot of the same things this time around and then of course the offensive line they have to replace two starters Connor McGovern now at Alice cowboy Ryan beats what the Eagles thus hope seems to be that CJ Mike Miranda are ready to play guard and that Rasheed Walker is capable playing tackle in the big 10 Bob we don't really know it until we see it on the field yeah to me a really an underrated question is I'm very curious to see who will emerge for Penn State as their third receiver hmm primary receiver they're gonna spread the field KJ hammer Johan Dotson look like the locks to start right but they need a third receiver there's certainly some talent in that room five star like Justin shorter could be set for a big year and to kind of go hand in hand with that you know it's very clear that James Franklin was not happy last year with the way the position was coached right he he pulled the trigger on a coaching change I think not even 24 hours wasn't long the Citrus Bowl yeah David Corley was sent packing after a year Jared Parker brought in early indications are that James is happy with the way that he's been working with the wideouts remember he used the phrase aggressive in his coaching style but they need to play a lot better this year and they need to be coached a lot better because they were just too reliant on trades McSorley a mild Sanders to get the offense going they can't be that one-dimensional this year I think I think the development of the receivers and how the new coach coaches that is a really big storyline and I think they really need to get some of these young receivers going so let's turn our attention Greg to the defensive side a lot is expected from the defense this year they got a lot of speed they got a lot of talented young players they got some guys coming off a redshirt years that could really help them and there's there's there's kind of a perception that this could be if not the best defense in the big ten one of them and one of the best defenses in the country how do you look at it were the questions that need to be answered yeah I think the question I have for you Bob is it came in the form of a mailbag question a couple weeks ago in a story on pen life and it was a question about what position do we think that maybe either we four fans are overconfident going into the season and the question a popped into my mind immediately with beef – wine yeah we know eater gross modest as a stud he's getting first round NFL draft grades Robert Windsor has been raised about bite Gil Brandt which is a stamp of approval they have it that any other college player would take um do we do we really know truly what to expect out of the rest of these guys no other than the potential looks fantastic but is there overconfidence about that group in your mind going into the 2019 season I don't know if overconfidence is the word but there there is they still there's a lot of players on that in that unit that I still have to prove it right I mean other than eat or in Windsor they're counting on guys that look great in the weight room they test really well or they shown flashes like Shaka Tony bright horse at game Jason always at Indiana last year but you know the rest of the year where was he I mean it's just we know he can play but he has not consistently done it they're gonna need him this year a couple of guys I think that are gonna really key for them on the defensive line or Antonio Shelton TJ must affirm yep because they need some guys to kind of emerge at the three technique position where they're replacing Kevin given that I think that's a pretty underrated loss as Kevin Gibbons I think you're right about the defensive line the obvious question for me is what will Penn State do at the safety position opposite Garrett Taylor if you really would we talked to a couple minutes ago about how weird this off seasons been you know in I think January or February we just assumed Lamont Wade was something we're gonna be part of the team you have a transfer portal and he decided to come back yeah it almost never happened right obviously had a strong spring he was running with the ones there's some other players in the defense I think that they like at the safety position Jonathan Sutherlin would be one the JUCO Chico Jaquan brisker might have a say in things but safety is important you know Penn State's gonna play a lot of four to five sets and in some of the five and the five defensive back sets instead of a third quarter it might be a third safety you just don't know what they're gonna do they got to replace Nick Scott I think that's a pretty big position battle I think the right guard battle mm-hmm Miranda and Thorpe is one and the safety battle who emerges is another big one in camp yeah no doubt and you look at that safety battle I just it felt like Lamont Wade was the Surefire when that and I just don't know anymore it's a great toss-up and maybe the biggest toss-up I mean the other spots you know offensive cars some of these other positions you you don't maybe know who's gonna definitely win but you have you at least know that the two guys and one of them's gonna win out that you I could think they could play all three early on the wait see yeah and I think that's that's reflecting on maybe how they've recruited where the last couple of years they've really played their starters a lot on offense and they've been love the corner they've been reluctant to sub out now maybe they feel better about some of the reserves that they have and you'll see them which is something they do it will have stayed in Michigan I think more than they do at Penn State so we touched upon it Penn State Media Day is is Saturday very exciting I'm excited to know you're excited we get to meet with Franklin and also the players and also his coordinators is there are there are there are a couple key players you're gonna want you're gonna be curious to hear from what about how do you think the coordinators are gonna be you know approached I think Brent pry is gonna be asked a lot about the defense I think I think Rick irani it's gonna be asked a lot about what the offense might look like differently with trace no longer you know showing up as a runner and a thrower what kind of stands out to you there yeah a couple things number one obviously with Ronnie I think the biggest questions are going to be what is he done differently approach wise just himself this offseason maybe compared to last year that might change the way he calls games in 2019 obviously there are some plays that stand out both good and bad from his first year but there are some things that have not addressed I could really hamstring again Penn State again this year just like last year so that'll be interesting you know I'll be curious to hear if pry can sort of give some numbers or analysis to back up James Franklin's claim about how fast his defense can be a curious thing to know what his opinion is that them being ranked is maybe a top five or a top two defense even in the country going into the season does he think ders because I'll be honest about it if he doesn't think they're quite there yet or if they have things to improve on he'll be very blunt about it and very analytical about what they have to do so I'll be curious to hear that and then you know just players on the quarterback battle I think is interesting and where those guys are and how it impacts a team going into camp when you don't necessarily have one guy that is your singular voice until he's named starting quarterback and of course James Franklin's gonna be asked that define when he'll do that I guarantee you he'll say just like in Chicago Bob when the guy is obvious to everyone within the program a decision will be made yeah and I think another guy that might field a couple questions we met Lyme Grover mm-hmm Rasheed Walker's developments a big part of kind of what they're doing I think also maybe what what he wants to do with will fries and maybe if he thinks he can get maybe another level out of him right at the time spot it's gonna be important and yeah I do think that Thorpe and Miranda are both gonna play but I wonder about maybe some of the guys behind them I have I was gonna say one more thing about Penn State media day but I have a funny feeling you're gonna ask me about it in the Penn State mailbag so I'm gonna I'm gonna pull back okay see if I was right let's get to the Penn State meal that I don't think you are gonna be right Bob so will happen I'll ask you about it we'll have to double back that all right first things first obviously um you know when you look at this team the win totals eight and a half you can see four people nine and three maybe 10 into what's the floor for this team in your opinion what is the minimum number of wins this team could end up with this fall minimum look at schedule and the teams they got a face in the big tent the big ten was I would say seven yeah I think I think if things go they lose a lot of close games again and I did not solve the riddle of the Michigan Michigan State Ohio State they're three and twelve against them since Franklin's been here if it goes all wrong I think they could be a seven and five team I think they have the depth to overcome injuries at just about any position including quarterback but I do think the schedule is a little bit more challenging than people realize I think that's the floor okay a second question the toughest stretch on Penn State's schedule is it undoubtedly that Iowa Michigan Michigan State runner does something else catch your eye maybe in November now I think that's going to be tough those are all just physical physical teams Michigan State's had their number Iowa it's got to be gunning for Penn State after really having a just a great chance to win the last two years the games at Iowa tough place to play I do think that will that will definitely be a challenge obviously the Ohio State game is going to be a challenge but they're gonna have their hands full when they go to Minnesota mm-hmm I don't know that Purdue's gonna be that easy even at home I'm not sure what to think of Pitt right early in the year and I don't know how good Maryland's gonna be when they open I think they've done the comes in on a Friday night there I just don't know if they're they can they're usually a little bit better at home and they are on the road but that Penn State beat about 63 right years ago so I don't know my Penn State mailbag question or the question that interests me the most is it just as a you know the start of camp who are the true freshmen that you like the most and that are most likely to get the green light which means they're gonna be prepping to play and not just a couple games then redshirt yeah it doesn't sound like keen else they're gonna be able to keep him off the field the corner from state high I think Brandon Smith is gonna play if at minimum the same role Jessie look at it did where you playoffs thirteen games mostly on special teams with maybe some mop-up duty at the end pending on who they're playing Noah Kane and Evan for it's going to be fascinating to me to see if they play both of those guys or if they redshirt one of them I think that you could make the case either way and you might just have to see how they do in camp so that'll be interesting to watch and then you know you look across the rest of the roster I don't know if I see somebody at wide receiver cracking into that I don't know if you count to Columbus or in that category but as a first eager to know I'm in first year players definitely him and there's gonna be a lot of guys that play in four games this year but in terms of the guys that play over four I think that's probably about it yeah I could see it for running back to playing this year especially if Devin Ford does what Myles Sanders did in history freshman season in August and 2016 and what Berkeley did in August of 2015 if he if the talent is that obvious team's gonna play right him I think they're already proper to play knew okay I agree with your list the one other guy I think has a chance to do something he's gained a little bit of late weight is the other linebacker Lance Dixon yeah especially on special teams he looks like he's got a little bit bigger I know they really like him I think he could end up being maybe that hybrid linebacker safety guy he doesn't put on much more weight but I'm with you I'm Brandon Smith as well and I think he talents is a guy that is gonna be and end up being one of the steals of the class yeah I think if he stays healthy yeah I won't rule well gain kind of that similar vein the Lance Dixon probably wouldn't rule out marques Wilson being in the conversation at the very least especially if injuries would pop up yeah and let's be honest he's recruiting a lot better but if this team is as deep as he thinks it is maybe there isn't really the pressure to play as many guys right at them ready but unless they get a rash of injuries and hopefully that won't happen it could only be a dozen I remember in years past it's been a little bit more than that but he's recruited so well that I think that the guys that do player are gonna be really really good oh great alright that's it for this edition the Penn State blitz here on Penn live when we return next week we're gonna have actual practices News quotes information and we won't be talking about the transfer portal anymore I know everyone's thankful for that


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