27 thoughts on “Pelosi comes out swinging: Barr lied to Congress, that's a crime”

  • Scott Hensley says:

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸
    Tell the truth. "Affordable care" made my premiums more than tripple and my deductible so high that the insurance will not have to pay anything unless something very major happens to me. Republicans want to replace it with a plan that actually works and is affordable! Republicans do not want to take away my Contstitutional Right to have firearms. You only tell what you want people to hear. You dont tell the full details. You are a slanderous old drunken traitor of the American people.

  • Frank Somma jr says:

    Keep talking Old Lady you will have more of your Looney left followers like that Colo Duo shooting up American citizens because the don't agree with you.

  • Albert Rodgers says:

    She has to be the biggest hypocrite of all time. She uses the constitution when it benefits her and her party but is against the 2nd amendment.

  • Svetlana Van Wyk says:

    I watched all 5 hours of Barr's testimony. He behaved with self respect, confidence, dignity and presented factual arguments supported by statute and law. He released the appropriate documents, as promised, with accordinance to his role as AG. On the other hand, Dems behaved like a pack of uncivilized wild children. Hawaii's Senator Herono was just plain aweful–she slendered Barr without a cause or provocation. Dems are mad that Mueller didn't agree to indict Trump for obstruction. There was not sufficient evidence to successfully prove obstruction of justice. That means the case would fail. Mueller didn't want to fail, and didn't want to be torn to pieces by Dems and media (he just wants to be loved and admired!) So instead of doing his job i.e. providing recommendation for either indictment or no indictment, he releases a document full of slendorous details (even if based on fact) and pushes his responsibility to draw conclusions on Barr. Dems should be mad at Mueller not Barr. Pelosi needs to stop this circus, and start doing her job.

  • Linda Daniel says:

    Do something you wicked old woman! Pass a bill for border security! You are doing NOTHING you greedy old hag

  • Linda Daniel says:

    I can't believe the tax payers are paying this woman money. She's such an embarrassment. She's not only old but she's drunk or on pills and it looks like she's had a stroke on one side of her face. This woman cares NOTHING for the people, it's all about how much money she will get, especially from the infrastructure bill, which I'm sure she gets a portion of for passing the bill. What a wicked old woman.

  • Michael Judge says:

    What a NUT JOB, did she forget about Eric Holder and Obama corruption at its best… Such a hypothetical stance!

  • Textbook projection when she says "special-interest agenda undermining the constitution". Dems are exceptionally good at accusing others of what they themselves do. Once you get this, you'll walk away…

  • Steven Faults says:

    Maybe he should burn documents, smash phones with a hammer, and pour bleach all over computers? Then there would be zero evidence for the demonrats to continue these ridiculous accusations. I find it quite amusing listening to Nancy Pelosi use words like "respect"! Ha. Just retire already will ya? Look at what you've done to California. I don't want to live in a Country like that

  • …. pre existing conditions was the one good thing they are keeping from Obamacare. what is she talking about?

  • 2:50 … when she speaks of "voter suppression" what she means is against voter ID so every vote will be legitimate. Democrats don't like that

  • I don't know which is more scary, the democrats and their constant lies and misinformation for the past two years or the fact that there are still Americans who think this is real, and think things like this video are legitimate complaints. this will never end as long as the Dems are not in the whitehouse.

  • Michelle Passmore says:

    Dems will be replaced with another party. Pelosi and cronies will be wearing ORANGE OR Executed
    Pelosi is scared Look at that witch, she’s shaking in her boots. You are a lying b. How about all the money you took from the Tax Payers. People are walking away from you crooks

  • John Q. Public says:

    "HR-1" is about expanding politics? NO!!! HR-1,2,3,4 is NOTHING but INCREASING FOREIGN workers REPLACING American WORKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • John Q. Public says:

    WHO LIED????? 'n.paloosy' LIED to every American who heard her mumbling about how BAD THEIR HERO 'r. mueler' IS!! The DemocRATic Nationalist committee (DNC / COMMUNISTS) party has lost their ONE-mind.

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