33 thoughts on “Paul Keating 2UE – 1992 on Mabo – Talk Back Radio – John Laws”

  • Thaddeus Lovelock says:

    Aboriginal Australians could not vote until in 1967, and could not even enter a pub. Some white Australians don't seem to realize how discriminated against they were in the not too distant past.

  • Ken W. Simpson says:

    Paedophile ex-PM known as 'the executioner' who, according to Fiona Barnett a courageous survivor of sexual slavery and Satanism, Keating frequently visited Thailand to sexually abuse boys. He was also an apologist for the late, brutal and genocidal General Suharto, president of Indonesia, who invaded and occupied East Timor. Another Australian paedophile PM, Gough Whitlam, ignored the assassination of Australian and New Zealand journalists by the invading Indonesian armed forces at Balibo.

  • Good on ya Paul Keating. Good to see a leader standing up against racist dickheads. How some of those people can even dispute that the aboriginal people were dispossessed of their lands is just amazing.

  • The attitudes of theses callers is still alive and well in Australia today. People think dispossession was a single event in 1788. The view of the callers is basically, buy the land we stole from you even though there is no freeholdlease hold on the land and you still live on it.

  • Leigh Douglas says:

    if only there were more politicians today who would not think twice about putting stupid and bigoted people in their place, like Keating would do, rather than obsessively follow the focus group lines, then things would be a bit better.

  • Michael Mastrantuono says:

    Paul Keating's Logic has created the precedent to potentially dismiss the constitutional title of the Nation over the Land of Australia. Australia needs a "Federal Constitutional Court" to supervise and re-balance any law or judicial decision of severe implication for the Nation or even the privatisation of Justice, but at the same time all institutional powers – Constitutional Court included as part of the Judicial Power – must be in equilibrium in between themselves.

    In the formula of institutional balance we should neither forget the Crown! 

    In other words the existing High Court alone cannot make final decision about the "Terra Nullius" and Aboriginal entitlement of evident and/or potential detriment to the Constitution of Australia and the Sovereignty of the Nation under the terms of such constitution. 

  • Keating really was a visionary; he had a vision for how he wanted Australia to be. He was trying to educate Australians about our history and our future;

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