Part 1 - What is VAST & VPAID and Why is it Important for Video Advertising  -

Part 1 – What is VAST & VPAID and Why is it Important for Video Advertising –

What Is VAST & VPAID? The world of digital advertising is filled
with ad tech jargon like VAST & VPAID. If you want to run video ads, you will need
to understand what they are. Serving advertisements into video players
is different than serving them into websites. This is why VAST was created. VAST is an acronym for Video Ad Serving Template. Created by the IAB, VAST is a script that
gives video players information about which ad to play, how long it should show, and whether
users can skip the video ad or not. This is done with XML, which contains information
about the type of ad, where the ad creatives are located and events to occur when certain
things happen, and much more. So why is VAST important? In today's marketplace, the number of platforms
where video content is placed on, have increased and is increasingly becoming more complexed
as well. Think about all the different screen sizes
on different devices, various connection speeds, different video players and ad servers. VAST provides a common protocol that enables
ad services to use a single ad response format across the many different publishers & video
players. It plays a crucial role in the simplification
and monetization of in-stream video advertising. It tells the player Which ad to play How should
the ad show up? How long it should last and whether the viewers
can skip it? Where to find the ad. What the click-through URL should be and more. VAST tag comes in many versions. The latest version is VAST 4.0 which most
importantly, was updated that it addresses viewable impressions, standardizing viewable
tracking. While VAST 4.0 is already released, many publishers
are still on VAST 2.0. VAST tag however, is backward compatible,
so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. In conclusion, VAST is important because it enables video players and ad servers to speak the same language. Visit to know more about our
interactive mobile advertising solutions


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