Parichayam || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Parichayam || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Is education all about grades and marks?
How can knowledge be quantified in terms of marks? Dear, are you free today? Let’s go to a movie.
– ‘Why? Don’t you have college today?’ Who cares about college anyway?
– ‘Alright. Let’s go to the movies.’ – I’ll be ready. Who cares about college?
She will, when he ditches him. Dear, you didn’t wish me
a good night last night. I felt so bad. She is so upset over a good night?
What if he tells her a goodbye for good? I’ll rather focus on my studies. Divya, I’m going to a movie today.
Could you please answer for me during the roll call? Call proxy for me too.
– This isn’t the first time you’re asking me to do so. Since you’re friends, I don’t have much of an option.
But aren’t you ashamed to bunk so many classes? Don’t blame us. Blame the college
for being a women’s college. Had our college been co-education,
we’d have come to college atleast to kill time. You girls are hopeless.
– Forget having a boyfriend do you atleast have a guy friend who cares for you?
What is wrong in having guy friends? Swami Vivekananda said it isn’t enough
even if you are good friends with a 100 people. I never said friendships are bad.
I’d love to be friends with a guy who is good to me and doesn’t expect much in return.
Friendship with such a genuine person will remain lifelong. Pay heed to me, dump those books
for a while and pick up your phone. There is this app called Tinder.
Maybe you’d find a genuine friend in there. ‘Maybe you’d find
a genuine friend in there.’ ‘Because friendships
with genuine people remain a lifetime.’ What’s the matter?
– I’ve no idea. I feel like to cry. – And why is that? When I was on my way home,
I was stalked by 3 guys. They acted so cheaply. Why doesn’t the society change the way it sees a girl?
– Early on, girls never used to step outside kitchens. But now, girls are even stepping of India for studies.
So, yes, there has been a lot of change but some fools still have that archiac mindset. We’re living
in constant fear of being assaulted by such beasts. For them to change the way they see girls,
they should first treat every girl like they would their mothers, sisters and daughters.
But, for us girls, we can’t help but keep living in this fear. What are you doing? Come chat with us.
– Don’t disturb me. I’m watching a movie. You can watch that later, now hear me out.
This girl, Anusha from our class, is such a psycho. But her boyfriend, I heard, is very sensitive
and bears with all her tantrums. How lucky is she. Wonder why we never are that lucky.
– Stop comparing and start understanding your boyfriends. Then, maybe, even you’ll get lucky.
– Oh, cut it. – Remember my friend Shravya? She is so cute and now she is in a relation
with a guy who is as black as coal. Love is truly blind. What is wrong with her? Is she blind?
– Who says a cute girl shouldn’t love a bad looking guy? Perhaps she got into a relation with him
because he understands and loves her for what she is. Let’s not even discuss such stuff with her.
– Yeah, she speaks like she knows it all. Tell me this. Why does the girl’s surname
change after she gets married? After marriage, she goes to live with her in-laws
making her a member of her in-laws family. It has been a traditional thing.
– I’ll bring my hubby to my home and change his surname. You’re chatting big time with him. Smitten with him?
– Oh, no! He talks like a good friend. Also, I’m always in my limits. No way I’ll fall in love.
– Good luck with that. Hi!
– Hi, Jones! So, tell me.
– You want to place the order already? I meant to say like in, ‘break the ice’.
– My bad. Well, I’m done with my engineering
and now I’m preparing for civil services. Come on, I’m not interviewing you
for a job or anything. Well, I heard there are vacancies available
for the position of your friend. I want that job for sure. You seem to be well read
as you do have the knack to speak. I believe you need to learn from real life
to gain true knowledge than just read books. Cool. So, tell me.
– Well, I.. – I meant it as in, ‘Lets place the order’. My bad. What is it you want?
– An orange juice for me. That’d do. – I’ll get it. What does it mean one says people are all updated?
– Take our mobile apps for instant. We’re asked to constantly update those apps.
Even after updating, the apps are still the same but they get a little quicker and smoother.
I feel that is the same with people. So, you like being updated?
– I won’t change just because people are. But if I see any good in a change,
then I’ll certainly change. By the way, what goals do you have for life?
– I have only one. To marry the guy of my dad’s choice and settle down as a housewife.
– As a housewife? Who wants to be just a housewife? I’ll work until I get married. And I’ll raise my kids,
not too far away, but a little away from this updated world. I’ll teach them all good virtues and teach them
how to survive without compromising on ethics. Then, I’ll get them married too
and finally retire. You know what is common in us?
We both love Telugu and love being smart. Fine, I’ll go pay the bill.
– Please, don’t. – Why? Will you? – No. Then who is going to pay the bill?
– Don’t you know that friends share?


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