Parents Vs Video Calls || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Parents Vs Video Calls || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Are you carrying a water bottle?
– Yes. I am infact carrying two. Mom, I booked you a cab. It’ll be here in 10 minutes.
You’ll be fine, right? I feel sad.
– Why? Didn’t we have a good time? We’ll meet soon, for Vinayaka Chavithi, anyway.
– What if you are busy then or I am busy then? We can’t be sure we’ll meet then.
– Don’t talk like we are still in the 50s or 60s. Call me whenever you want to talk.
You can also video call. You won’t even answer my regular calls,
forget you answering my video calls. Why are you now video calling me?
– I’m just testing video calls. Answer the call. Yes, mom?
– Aren’t you up yet? Can’t you wake up early like all other girls,
take a bath and pray to the deity? It is so cold. That is why I’m still asleep.
– How come it is cold? Isn’t this summer? Do you have your AC on full blast?
Why do you turn on the AC and then complain it is cold? And because it is cold you sleep until late?
Get rid of the AC, I say. Last month the eletricity bill was Rs. 3000,
yet you don’t seem to learn. Now, get up! Pray to the Lord to offer you some wisdom.
Now, take Aarti blessings. What?
– You heard me. Not the kind of Digital India Modi would’ve expected.
– Had I had Modi’s number, I’d have video called him too. Jahnu, can you see me?
– Yes, I can. A relative of our neighbour’s brought these sarees.
I’m planning on buying one too. So, I want you to tell me
which saree to buy of all these sarees. Take whatever you want to.
– What do you mean by whatever you want to? How is this?
– What colour is that? A mix of pink and orange, I’d say.
– It looks fine. – Peach colour, it is. Peach? It looks like orange to me.
– Green borders and circular patterns. Can you see it? Yes, mom, I can.
– So, is this good? Yeah, it’d suit you well.
– This saree costs Rs. 5000. Rs. 5000?
Isn’t that expensive? But this saves a lot of effort.
Instead of going to the store, the store has come to me. Fine, buy it if you want to.
– No, you tell me. Is this good? Do I take it? Yes, take it.
– But, isn’t this expensive? Mom, just make up your mind
and buy it if you want to. No, you make up your mind. Shall I buy this?
– Bye! Jahnu, are you there?
What has happened? Mom, I’m driving. Shall I call you back later?
– Uncle Nagesh is here. Talk to him. Why is he there? I’ll call you back later.
– Hush! He is right next to me. Talk to him. She is online, brother.
– Uncle, put the phone right before your face. Raise the phone a little.
– Not so much. Can you see me? Now, I can see you.
– How are you? Last time I saw you,
you were riding a bicycle. Now you are riding a bike. I’m riding a Scooty, actually.
– That’s great! – Uncle, I’ll call you back later. Your mom told me you’d be busy.
– Yes, I am. Is everything going well there?
– Yes, uncle. Could you pass the phone to mom, please? Sure. Here you go.
– Yes, Jahnu! Mom, I said I was driving
and that I’ll call you later. Why don’t you ever pay heed? Quite! Your uncle would hear you.
– Let him hear. Uncle, you tell me. Should I be talking
on the phone despite getting late for work? God, you two are so..
– Fine. I’ll call you back later. That is what I’ve been saying.
Such a weird family! Well, kids these days.
– I can understand. Kids these days are so busy. Hi, mom! Why is it you called?
– I was having Banana chips, so, I was reminded of you. Last time you made banana chips, they weren’t crunchy.
But, see how crunchy I made them. You can hear the sound I guess.
– Yes, I can. – Do you see the colour? It should be golden brown in colour.
– Alright, mom, I’ll call you back later. Can you see it? Now you can, I guess.
– Mom, I’m at work. I’ll call you later. You are always busy.
Anyways, shall I send you some banana chips? Do you got earphones? Shall I? Yeah, hold on. Dad, Jahnu is on line.
– Nice. Yes, Jahnu?
– Hi, dad! – Hi! Hello? Dad?
– How are you? – I can’t hear you, dad! You can’t hear me?
– I can’t! Turn off the cooler. Turn off the cooler?
Son, turn it off. How can I hear you with the cooler on?
– Well, it is too hot here. Can you hear me now?
– Yes, I can, but I can’t see you. You can’t see me? Perhaps you’re eye sight is weak.
– Hell with these dad jokes! I don’t have any issues with my sight.
All I’m asking you to do is hold the phone properly. Oh, alright. Give me a minute.
– Uncle Nagesh was better than him. Now can you see me?
– Even Ram Gopal Varma never experimented this much. So, what’s up?
– Dad, I need Rs 5000. Rs. 5000? Son, turn on the cooler.
Turn it on now! What did you say? I didn’t get you.
Well, I say we’ll talk later. Bye! Take care!
Call me if you need any money. These are the next 5 concepts.
Your house is so tidy. Cut it!
We are too busy, you see. Can you hear something vibrate?
– Why isn’t she answering? Your mom is video calling you.
What did I sit on? This place is a mess. Answer the call.
– I will. Let me make myself presentable. Hi, Jahnu! How are you?
– I’m good. I just reached home. Is everything going good?
Are you keeping your home tidy? Show me around? Of course, I keep everything tidy.
– Fine. Had your lunch? – Yes! Did you? Yeah, I will, in a while.
Keep having your meals on time. Alright, mom, I’ll call you later.
– Fine, bye! Last time she called, you rushed to the balcony.
This time, you sat on the sofa’s armrest. Wonder where you’d go the next time.
– She’ll lose it if she sees my house is in a mess. It is so important to make sure
my mom doesn’t know my home is untidy. Doesn’t your mom video call you?
– No, she doesn’t. Today I’ll cook these beans, come what may.
I’ll Google for the recipe. Why Google it
when I can call mom? Why is she calling up now? How come you video called me?
– Mom, are you busy right now? I’m preparing the dough to make rotis.
– I’m preparing dinner too. Tell me how to cook beans.
– You got married despite not knowing how to cook beans? Rather ask Gautami, she loves beans.
– Whatever, now tell me. First, peel off the skin.
– I’ll use the knife to peel it off. Don’t use the knife.
Do it with your hands. You don’t have all day. Hurry up!
– Fine, I’ll call you after I’m done peeling. Alright.
– I should’ve instead Googled it. What’s up, Jahnu?
I’m getting bored. That’s why I called you up! Well, I called you up just like that.
What’s up? I just topped up my internet pack,
so I thought this video call would be crystal clear. Am I appearing crystal clear? What’s up? Hi, guys! Firstly, Eid Mubarak!
I hope you are having a great day! Techonology is good and all
but still I think video calls are so annoying because of all these reasons.
If you could relate, give it a like. Also comment and let me know
how your mom video calls you? And do share with your mothers!
I’ll see you next Wednesday!


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