– “Do not let your mom see this.” (laughing) – They framed this?
(laughing) I’m just– this is so funny! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Malcolm, today,
we’re going to be showing you 10 funny break up notes.
– Oh, yeah! I remember the break up stuff. – (FBE) But these
are written by kids. – Awesome. Yes, kids
are hilarious. – Dating, to them,
is like holding hands at lunch, so that’s kind of cute. – Like they’re breaking up
with their boyfriend/girlfriend? Okay, how cute is that gonna be? – “Broc, why do you not talk to me? We have relationship ‘prob-lums.'” – “I don’t want to dig a ‘dibors,’
but we might to. I am so ‘sory.'”
Oh, that is cute because that looks
like a little kid wrote it. – “Dibors.”
D-I-B-O-R-S. I don’t want to get a “dibors.” – I think she’s headed
in the right direction. I think she’s asking great questions. – Paige, I feel for you. Broc, you know, he’s working
through some things, and I think if you give him
some time, some space, he’ll come back. – I think it’s great.
It’s heartfelt and straight to the point,
you know, and it’s like they gotta do something about this.
This is urgent. – “Shawn, I am breaking up with you. You have not talked to me
since the day you asked me out.” (laughing) That’s so sad. – “You need to get it together
or you will never get married and that would be sad. You should get married,
just not to me. Rachel.” – Wow, it’s a message.
You better listen, Shawn. It’s a message. – That was three–
(laughing) three months ago. Oh my god! Rachel, you nailed it. – That is deep. Yeah. Because she actually gave him advice,
but at the same time, she’s like, I’m quitting with you. – She’s kind of speaking some truth. Shawn, it’s been three months, bro. Like, get with it. – “DeLandren, to Krystal– to Kyrstal.” “I’m breaking up with you.” – “P.S., happy anniversary,
though. One month.” (laughing) “It’s really hard to do this.” (laughing) – Broke up with them
on their anniversary date. Good way to break up
with somebody, on their anniversary. – He’s like, “I’m so sorry,
but P.S. happy anniversary.” That’s like every relationship–
that doesn’t change. – “I’m breaking up with you.
Happy anniversary, though. One month.” There’s layers.
This is a layered note. – “It’s really hard
to do this.” (laughing) (sighing) I’m laughing at heartbreak.
That’s horrible. – “Dear Alexa, I am so sorry,
but I’m going in the other direction, but I’m probably
breaking up with you.” – “I guess we can still be friends. I guess I still love to see you.” – “And I am– but so, so sad
that I am doing this. But just do not let
your mom see this.” (laughing) That’s
the sad thing, you know? They try to experience
all the emotions, you know, when they probably feel relief. – Maybe this person loved
the mom more than the kid. I bet she made the best
cookies or something. She’s like, “But don’t tell your mom.” – Well, just– honey, just explain
that you’re going in another direction– you guys
are going in opposite directions. That’s great! – He must have really liked her.
That’s cute. Whew, that’s some letter, though. – “I’m sorry we have to break up. You always try to make me laugh,
but your just make yourself look bad.” (laughing) – “We’re over for real.
From Stevee.” – That’s it, man.
That was pretty to-the-point. There’s no love right there. – Oh, that is so funny. They crossed out the love, for real. He wrote it and then
he crossed it out, like, “I don’t love you no more,
so why would I put love?” – She’s trying to be too funny
and it’s like, you know what, that’s hurting my feelings,
so maybe they’re not really good jokes, you know? Maybe they’re
a little too offensive for him. – “We’re over for real.”
They broke up many times, it looks like. (laughing)
Those kids, oh my god. They have girlfriends, boyfriends
at a very young age. – “Dear Ashley, would you please
be my girlfriend? I like you a lot. Yes, no, maybe?”
Then he circled no. – “I’m sorry, I already
have a boyfriend, Kyle. But when we break up,
you’re my next choice.” (laughing) “That will probably
be in a month or two.” Wow! Oh my god! – That’s adorable.
She’s got choices. You’re going to have to wait in line. – “That will probably be
a month or two.” (laughing) These are the best things! – Ashley? What’s– who’s this? Oh my god. I want this kid. – The fact that there’s just no filter
with these kids is amazing. You get their honest responses. It’s like, “You know what?
It ain’t gonna last. You’re next in line.” – “Thanks for everything.
I can’t see you anymore.” Oh, with lipstick on the side. – “I’m not having fun.
Please don’t call me.” Get it, girl.
Bam, bam, boom. – (laughing) Oh my god!
That is rough. That is tough right there.
Someone call 911. – That right there
is a break up letter that I think people
would send out a lot. “I’m not having fun anymore. Bye!” – You know what’s really painful,
the lipstick on it. It’s like, “God!” You know, it’s like,
here’s my lips though. You know, just
so you can remember me. – I want to know where she learned
how to kiss the envelope. What show did
this kid learn this from? – “Dear Janet, I think
we should break up. I would tell you why,
but I am having a tough time describing my feelings,
so I drew a picture of me riding a giraffe instead.” Yee-haw!
“Sorry.” (laughing) – Where are those kids?
I want them. I want them.
I want you guys. I want you. Come here. – Is that weird, riding a giraffe?
You guys don’t do that? He’s young. He can’t
describe his feelings, but he really wants to ride a giraffe
and those are his feelings. – I am so using that with my wife
the next time we’re in a fight. – At least he’s saying
he’s having a hard time describing his feelings, you know,
instead of, “Uh, I don’t know.” – I guess he wants to be free.
That’s what I see. The picture shows he just doesn’t want
to be bound to anything. Leave me alone.
I want to be free. – (laughing) They framed this one? This is so funny! – “Tom, we should break up. I don’t like you any more. You’re too in love with your friends. Maybe someday you’ll be
ready for an almost semi-serious relationship.” – “But for now, I suggest
you don’t get another girlfriend. If you want another girlfriend,
I heard Jenni Brothers wants you. Well, see you around.” – This person has a lot of personality
delivering those break up letters by framing it. – With a suggestion.
(laughing) That’s a nice one.
It came with a suggestion. – Oh my god! It gave him a scoop
on another girl. This is amazing, man. Still trying to help the guy
she’s breaking up with. – “Dear mom, I just
got dumped at the dance. Turns out that she likes bad boys.” – “Am I a bad boy?
I hate girls!” Aww, that’s so sad. That’s what happens, man. He’s learning lessons at a young age. – These are the best things ever,
and he wrote it on a post card. Oh, he was at camp. – That’s so sad. But he’s talking to his mama.
He’s opening up. That’s good. – I like his chances. I think he has a lot
going for him, you know? He knows how to operate
the United States Postal Service. – It is funny, but it’s not funny
because, you know, girls at that age,
they do like bad boys. – (FBE) So tell me
what you think about these break up notes.
– They’re adorable. Reminds you of childhood,
you know what I mean? Gosh, I have a couple stories myself. – They were so sad
that I had to hide my tears through laughter. – You know when my kid
brings home stuff like this, I’m going to be taking pictures of it
and posting it online. – This shows how kids think
and it’s cute, you know? They think that they’re in love
and that that’s the best way to break up. (laughing) – You can learn some stuff
as adults from this, you know? Just get to the point.
Let them know what’s up. Be like I’m in or I’m out, you know? That’s it. – Thanks for watching this episode
on the React channel. – Have any cute break up stories?
Let us know in the comments. – Don’t miss out.
Be sure to subscribe. – Goodbye!


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