100 thoughts on “Papadopoulos reacts to Barr investigating Russia probe origin”

  • Mihaela Andreeva says:


  • First, there was a counterintelligence probe to look into Russia. Not necessarily Trump/Russia, but Russia's election meddling. That lead to Trump. When Mike Pence was asked if ANYONE in the campaign had ANY contacts with Russians, he said, "Of course not. Why would they?" But it turned out that Trump and 16 of his associates lied about 140 Russian contacts. Trump's son and top people had met with Russian government surrogates to trade illegally obtained information for sanction relief. Trump lied about pursuing a Trump Tower Moscow deal that required the approval of Putin, the very person who was attacking our election to get Trump elected. That is PROBABLE CAUSE for a probe.

    Trump refused to acknowledge the FBI and CIA findings about Russia. He oddly cozied up to Putin and worked to lift sanctions on them. Then, he fired the FBI Director, and said it was over the Russia probe. That's what started the Mueller probe.

    There was probable cause for the FISA warrant on Carter Page, and a judge agreed. Fusion GPS is a legal oppo research firm. Its findings were not obtained from a foreign government, there was no quid pro quo, and the findings were not shared with the Clinton campaign. Christopher Steele reported it to the FBI because he found them so alarming.

  • Connie Ferguson says:

    When it gets hot and on point she always tries to shut the interviewee down .
    Why is that lady.?
    Again you 🚩🚩

  • thinking Whitemann says:

    Kamala Harris ….wants free healthcare 4 Iraqi and Russian immigrants …!!!let's get to the voting booths people…..

  • thinking Whitemann says:

    Kamala Harris supports a Shiite Refugee from Iran with the benefits a free healthcare education housing and food stamps

  • almost amusing how papadopoulos would be front and center for all media priorities and interests and the story would be told many times over already, except he was not partnered to the corrupt clinton scam calculations and would not lie for the benefit of any ideologically infected expectations. barrs investigation is what america wants and our dnc media loathes. consistent democrat dishonesty and disgrace that spent a lot of time and effort to have agency control and unquestioned credibility, now angrily trying to regain some protection where they wont have to answer. historical events that really spell out democrat denial and constitutional abuse which are the fundamentals of their integrity and courage.

  • The demon Democrats had foreign intelligence agencies and our intelligence agencies spy and get dirt on president Trump and his administration. Barr and Durham are going to expose their CRIMES and this is why they are moving forward with this fake impeachment inquiry. It's political theater to draw attention away from the demon Democrats CRIMES against our president and country. This is going to be the biggest criminal scandal in American history by trying to take down our sitting president. Hillary Clinton is the main source behind it all and now she may run for president again because the demon Democrats don't have anybody else who can win against president Trump. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  • Paula Brashuier says:

    The same of the same bullcrapp this country is almost. Destroyed the finish will be here asap by Godfather Trump& his criminal's from way thing's looking other countries wishes& hate of America to be wiped out will be here soon!!

  • I didn't know he was out of jail already! What a nice guy. Nothing wrong with making a little cash on the side, right?! A true patriot, I'm sure he only cares about the welfare of Americans . RICH, WHITE americans.

  • I'd love to watch this report, however, I cannot take Martha's interrupting and talking over the guest! What a queen b!tch she's turned into!

  • Formally Informal says:

    General Barr Has not only the Authority but the OBLIGATION to investigate every single lead inside of the USA or Outside.
    Those complaining, is because they have something to worry about.

  • How can all this bad and evilness in all governments not be ran by satin. Things happening today with our politicians are something bigger than voting! We no longer have to look in that back of the book cause there in the bible now! I never believed it it all to far fetched! I’ve done some evil stuff! I was hoping not to be judged to be honest. Shoot! But when our politician today are in the Bible and it can’t be denied causes of dates and times to the minute haha! I’m not stupid. Look at it all hillary evil badly trump done bad things but god still used him to show you that he is real. It’s in there few sentences finally true proof dam it’s in there! Dang! First time in 26k it all seemed far fetched to me! But like I sad when it’s in your face and now it can’t be argued in book without a doubt? Come on people were not that stupid! Look for yourself fools! Just a few lines! Haha don’t even have to read whole book now! Hey ashiests prove it wrong! you feel stupid or make all Christians feel real stupid! So go ask a Christian that know to point them out! See for yourself! I’m still in shock! Wow! I have to change some things for real!

  • sue JesusistheLord says:

    Mr. Papadopoulos has been through a lot. Takes a good person to turn that kind of money in. And that may be key. Hats off to you sir.

  • Christian O'Brien says:


  • Wow seriously Obama Fuck’d his legacy he had 1 job to be the best black Democratic President all goods he won he got 8yrs ! Fair and square but … it’s riddled in Scandal from IRS, Benghazi, fast and furious,20% of our uranium sold to Russia, Comey and this whole Russia scandal its Fuck’d what the 1st black president really did with his tenure! 😂

  • The greatest challenge facing President Trump is the dismantling of the two tiered justice system which is preventing the draining of the Swamp

  • Heidi Pykkonen says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard someone give a really plausible motive for foreign governments to help spy on the campaign. Wish she’d give him more time to speak.

  • Barr is the Droopy Dog of our times. "What took you so long!" Remember the wolf, how he just couldn't get away from Droopy!

  • George Papdopoulus is Nagesh, Nageshwar, Nageshwari, Nag of snake🐍 generation's of the serpent of the old. Link's to India-hindutva BharatMALA regime under China-Russia communism with catholic idol worshipping and black horse islamic rapist Mohammed.

  • Italy link's to Gandhi's family of India. Right from Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, INC – Indian National Congress with RSS – Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh to BJP – Bharatiya Janata Party.

  • Barr is NOT in the EU or in Europe and again Steele does not exist The claims by this Comey Coffee boy simply mirrors Comey’s and his boys lingo just as the Schiff transcript mirrors his ( Comeys)arrogant and primitive wordings It’s incredible boring just like Comey is The fascination with Europe is also Comeys mindset because he is OBSESSED and a real embarrassing mess DoPO boy here is in the end nothing but a coffee boy who runs errands and appears on TV and makes immature claims about foreign countries and the reason he does it is like his boss because he is an irrelevant insecure boring creep

  • We around the world (New Zealand here) are watching closely and waiting for the reports to drop. This is bigger than Texas.

  • i sure hope trump, barr, ghouliani, sondland, moscow mitch, gym jordan, meadowd, gaytz, nunes and graham all end up sharing a cell with mike cohen

  • Brennan is showing his fear of Investigation or lack of ability to understand what intelligence service should be doing
    The little clown can't understand why there should be an investigation into middling and the 2016 election

  • People need to watch this video – Papadopoulos explains what happening between the Democrats and Trump.
    The democrats are run by the globalists who want to tear America apart it is as simple as that.
    The globalists (UN/EU) want a one world government that they run.
    WAKE UP!

  • Boerboel Mummy says:

    Anyone who thinks the swamp is going to simply roll over and allow itself to be drained, without fighting back – is an absolute idiot.

  • Hannity, Ingraham and the rest of the crooked grifter Trump family friends at Fox are happy to live in a state controlled banana republic as long as the leader considers them friends.

  • Im wondering exactly how much information can be found out ?
    I mean, seriously, these are other countries, US law enforcement has no real influence in these places unless granted by the local authorities, so how exactly does one go about an investigation of this magnitude when the very countries your investigating can do as they please to obstruct such an investigation with no real threat to them ?

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • Trump's people were seeking back channels to Russia during the campaign. Trump was told to stop. He didn't. Russia influenced the American elections in Trumps favor. Trump obstructed justice. Any questions? Mueller said he was not exonerated.

  • The ongoing looting of America via unbalanced trade and exploitation of our military forces is worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually to many nations. Of course our "allies" are pushing back against a president who is challenging their lucrative status quo, no matter how wrong they know that abusive relationship to be.

  • brennan clarahan says:

    George is awesome. So smart to give that money they dropped in his lap to his lawyer to hold on to saying it was suspicious.

  • Oh now it's Australia, before it was Alexander Downer? What's the chance that you are telling the truth Mr Papadopoulos? You started all this massive problem! You seem to tell something new now after nearly 3 years. What's wrong Papadopoulos? Do you have a memory lapses??? Now is Australia not one person you had 🍷glass with in London???? You're Greek lier Mr Papadopoulos. You seem to be getting rich writing books lately about your doing form the start. Greeks lie true thay teeth. You're one of them.

  • 2:56 is the most important part. They randomly threw $10,000 on his lap then when he was at the airport, FBI agents showed up asking him ''WHERE IS THE MONEY!?!?''. If this is not proof that the FBI is run by a pack of criminals, I don't know what is. This is beyond crazy.

  • What the Dems and allies are really playing with:
    From Interfax, Belarus President Lukashenko at the Minsk Dialogue forum on Ukraine today:
    Experts on both sides "are drawing a horribly realistic picture. For example, Russia and NATO may switch from an accidental local conflict to a nuclear war within a few minutes," he said.
    Dismantling of the arms control architecture has practically come to the final straight after two key parties to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear-Forces Treaty, the United States and Russia, quit, Lukashenko said. "The New START is the last line," he said.
    Unless the sides agree to extend this treaty, "the world will have no nuclear arms regulations left" in just a couple of years, Lukashenko said.
    "Humanity is rapidly moving toward the brink of abyss," he said.

  • Those countries like Australia sucking up to THE MAD MANGO are about to learn how he operates and treats his friends. "When you play with dogs you get up with fleas"

  • Margaret Burgess Zbikowski says:

    Thank you Papa for standing firm, and not selling out your Candidate. The pressures put on you and your loved ones to do so, was illegal and a blight on our Intelligence Community! That, Brennen is the Predicate!

  • Democrats should have popodopolis thrown in jail for inciting racism that would make an example out of the right and put them in there place

  • Someone needs to tell Brennan that the dirt is there. We are cleaning up the mess. Maybe he had bad information or covering up something.

  • God bless AG Bill Barr & Durham to get to the bottom of this debacle. Mueller was lining his pockets & thought that he will punish Donald Trump for not offering him the job that his friend James Comey was fired from. But it boggles my mind to see how weak the Republicans are in jailing these serial offenders. If not for Trump the Republicans would keel over.

  • Kasthoorie Pollmeier says:


  • David Williams says:

    10 pts for anyone who figures-out why the Hoax Conspiracy targeted Paul Manafort. Hint: He has something in common with Carter Page.

  • If it's proven that the leaker (whistleblower) is tied to a current democratic candidate running AGAINST Trump, wouldn't that be ( trying to dirty up Trump ) exactly what they're accusing Trump of. That WOULD ACTUALLY BE INTERFERING WITH THE 2020 ELECTION. What idiots.

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