Pandakki Oorelte || Bandi Star || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

Pandakki Oorelte || Bandi Star || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

What’s the matter?
– I asked for leave for Sankranti. He said it is impossible. How the hell can he say that?
– Don’t yell at me. Ask him the same. – Yeah, sure. Excuse me, sir. I’ve finished the project.
It is ready to be delivered to the client. Very good! Now work on that Germany project.
– Sir, I need leave. Every time I hear the word leave,
I feel like there is a stone in my heart. You’re funny!
There’ll be stones in kidney, not in heart. We’ve deadlines to meet. So, you won’t get leaves.
– Sir, you’ve been saying this for over a year. If I don’t visit my village,
my villagers may file a missing report. You’re the most skillful worker we’ve got.
– Sir, stop coaxing me. Come what may, I need leave. This guy is acting so stubborn. Fine, you’ll get
3 days leave. You should be here by the 4th day. Kiran. Don’t say this to anyone.
– Alright. What happened?
– We talked about project. – But you walked in so pissed. Remember, never act suspicious with your wife
and act pissed with your boss. – What do we do now? Boss yelled at you. So, you be hurt
while I’ll get back to work. My manager gave me a leave of three days.
How do I go to my village now? Don’t worry. I’ll look for train tickets.
– What the.. Waiting list of 500 and 1000? That is so ridiculous.
– Even the website crashed owing to the demand. What do I do now?
– You don’t have any other options. Approach a travel agency and look for bus tickets.
Do you know any travel agency guy? I’ll be back in 10 minutes.
I know one guy. What a long line.
What is going on? Bro, what is this line for? Free onions?
– No. The line is for bus tickets. Where is the counter any way?
– Well, it is about 1km away from here. Unlike these people, I’ve a travel agent friend. Rs. 1,000 is for Rs. 2,000..
– Are these movie tickets? – No, bus tickets. Black market even for bus tickets? Which bus, anyway?
– Metro bus. – Metro bus! Won’t it take about 3 days
for a metro bus to reach Anakapally? Take it or leave it.
– I’ll leave it. I’ve friends as travel agents. How are you, bro? – Who the duck are you?
– You sold a ticket to me last Diwali. Remember? What is it you want? – I need a ticket.
– Say that again? – I need a ticket. Are you out of your God damn mind! Sir, have this pill.
– What is going on? What is wrong with him?
He wasn’t like this the last time. Where are you headed? – Anakapalli.
– Ride with us. We’ve Seater, Sleeper, AC and non-AC buses. I’m not interested. – Sir, please.
– I’m not interested. – Let me get your bag. Sir, please. All our buses are empty.
Please, ride with us. – Yeah, fine. And now he is acting so high and mighty.
– This is the season for travel agents. So, sorry, kiddo. I just got a little worked up.
Where do you want to go? Anakapalli.
– Anakapalli. Let me check. Rs. 10,000.
– I’m asking for a bus ticket not for a flight ticket. Also, Anakapalli doesn’t have an airport.
– Even I’m talking about bus tickets. I don’t want sleepers. Seaters would do.
– Even I’m talking about a non-AC seater ticket. I can get a ticket for Rs. 2,000 in the black market.
– Try your luck there then. – Of course. I’d like to buy a ticket from you for Rs. 2,000.
– Prices have gone up. Now it is Rs. 6,000. You said Rs. 2,000 a while ago.
– Now, the demand has gone up. Take it or leave it. Like you’re the last resort. I’ll take a train instead.
– You’ll take train? Forget boarding the train, it is so crowded
you can’t even enter the platform. Man, he is scaring me.
– Rs. 1,000 is for Rs. 6,000.. You said you’ll be back in 10 minutes around 10AM.
Now it is 10PM. Did you get the tickets? No, I didn’t.
– I knew it. That’s why I thought of contingency plans. Come Here! I’m There For You.
– Coming. Yes? That is the name of an app.
– What sort of a name is that? If you’ve a bike or a car,
you can offer rides to other people. This seems like a good option.
– Car, booked out. Here is a condition. – And that is?
– You’ve to drive the bike. – Let me read all the terms. You finally got a ride and now you want to read the terms?
– This guy is such a pain. I saw a $ symbol. Wonder why it is there.
– Cut it. I booked you a bike ride. It is getting late. – Where to?
– I’m going out of city, to Vizag, kiddo. I’m going there too. Hop on. Only Rs. 2000.
– You think I’m someone who takes auto rides? What nonsense are you talking?
I’ve a bike coming to give me a ride. Yeah, bro?
– Reached the pick up point? – Yes. You were in a hurry. Are you carrying wallet?
– Yes, I am. – Clothes? – I said yes. Fine. Open the maps and spot where your ride is.
– Yeah, fine. Call me after you reach.
– I’m hanging up now. Where is my ride? Where is he in the maps?
He is coming. Are you Kiran?
– Yes. – You booked a bike ride? – Yes, that’s me. Where is the bike by the way?
– Bro, I’m on the bike. A cycle?
– A cycle is called a bike in the US. It is a a US app. Nonsense! I want refund.
– Didn’t you read the terms? According to the rules, you should pay me.
– Why should I? If you cancel the ride,
you’ve to pay me Rs. 10,000. Screw you, Sai. You mean I should ride..
– Yes, you should ride. Bro, are you coming or are you going to pay the fine?
– I’ll ride, the other is not even an option. Greetings, sir. – Shit! He is still here.
– So, this is your ride? Lovely! So, you’re going to Vizag for next Sankranti?
Fine, let’s meet next year. See you. Bro, hold on to the cycle. Bro, hurry up!
We’ve a lot of distance to cover. Why are you so pissed? It is me who is riding.
Give me a minute. Yes, I’m moving it. You stopped again? We’ve to hurry up.
– Hold this. I can’t do this anymore. Kiran, where are you?
– I’ve just reached Suryapet. – Good! So, you’ll be in the office in a couple of hours?
– I’m still on my way to village. I’ll be back there in 3 months. Kiran, if you don’t come to office today, you’ll be fired.
– What? Fired? – Hurry up, bro. Bro, I can’t do this anymore.
I’ll pay you Rs. 10,000. You go on. Rs. 10,000? You’ve to pay Rs. 1,00,000.
– What? – Didn’t you read the terms? If you cancel the trip midway, you’ll have to pay Rs. 1 lakh.
– Screw you, Sai! Hi, all. I’m assuming you liked this video.
Comment and let us know similar scenes you faced. Happy Sankranti to all
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