Palestine, North Korea, Iran … 5 headlines of the week #3

Palestine, North Korea, Iran … 5 headlines of the week #3

Hey guys its hugo, and today we’re gonna
talk about Iran, North Korea, Congo, Palestine and air safety! The first headline of the week is about Iran.
Over the past week, Iran has seen large protests across the country, which started out to protest
corruption and the economic situation. Indeed, the government, headed by Hassan Rohani,
the President of the Country, did just announce the increase in price of both petrol and eggs. The country’s economic situation is indeed
rather dire : there is mass unemployment, especially among young people, of whom nearly 29% are
jobless according to official statistics, which probably underestimate the situation. The protests reached many provincial towns,
and don’t seem to have either a specific leader or a clear political ideology. Some of the dissidents are also protesting
Hassan Rohanis foreign policy, notably the rapprochement between Iran and Bachar Al-Assad’s
regime in Syria. The situation is really difficult to summarise
in just a minute, especially because what the protestors want is constantly changing
– it seems to be heading towards a critique of the islamic republic because, as a reminder,
Iran is also led by the ‘Supreme Leader’, a religious figure, as well as the President. We’ll talk more about the potential consequences of these protests next week. At the time of recording this video, 21 people had died during the protests, and the government’s army had announced that the protests were
basically over. Obviously, we’ve got to be wary of such
an announcement, but we will of course keep you updated about how the situation unravels. The next news item of the week is about the
rapprochement between North and South Korea. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, gave
a speech this new years, and it was rather shocking. As always, he attacked the United States but
he also announced that he would like to re-enter into diplomatic discussions with South Korea,
even though they are an ally of the US. Kim Jong-Un also announced that North Korea
would be taking part in the winter Olympics happening in South Korea later this year. South Korea announced the next morning that
they were also on board to reopen diplomatic ties with North Korea, and meetings have been
planned for the 9th January on the border between the two countries. There have been a few occasions since 1972
when talks have been cancelled and then rescheduled: the countries stopped communicating for the
last time in 2016, after some North Korean nuclear missile attempts.
We can only wait and see if this time meetings will actually go forward, and we will keep
you updated in our daily debriefs! Third headline of the week, is about the Democratic
Republic of Congo, or DRC, led by a President who is hanging on to power
The CNC, a consortium of powerful catholic churches, organised protests in the Congo
at the end of last week. At least eight protesters have been killed by the military and the police. What do these protesters want ? Well, to give you a clue, the President of
the DRC, Joseph Kabila, was meant to end his term in December 2016. But the new electoral calendar could let him
remain in power for even longer, as they keep pushing back the next elections. The elections are set for December 2018, which
means that Kabila will have remained in power for two more years than he was supposed to. And that’s what the protestors are angry
about: they don’t want Joseph Kabila to run in the next presidential elections. The protests were violently represssed by
the police and military. Tensions are running high in the capital of
the DRC, Kinshasa. Many think that this is just the beginning of a growing movement in mobilising the people, and we will keep an eye on any changes, in
our daily Instagram and Messenger debriefs. Our fourth news item of the week is about
the USA and Palestine. The American President Donald Trump has once
again used Twitter to make some important announcements this week. The one we’re interested in is about Palestine. Trump threatened to completely stop giving,
I quote ‘Hundreds of millions of dollars a year’ to Palestine. He thinks that Palestines don’t show enough
‘appreciation or respect’, I quote, and aren’t willing enough to participate in
peace talks with Israel. But, what does the US exactly finance in Palestine ? The Americans contribute every year to a United
Nations agency, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) who work primarily with
Palestinian Refugees. In 2016, for example, the US donated over
370 million dollars to this agency. The UNRWA finances lots of medical care, and
also pays for the education of 500,000 Palestinian children. The money comes primarily from the USA, but
also from the EU. The leaders of Palestine, after Trump’s
announcement, will not give in to blackmail. As for the UN agency, they announced that
they hadn’t been officially informed of any decision by Trump. We will keep you updated on the evolving situation. Our last headline of the week, a piece of
good news for once, is about air safety. 2017 was the safest year in the history of
flying, according to the Aviation Safety Network, the body in charge of tracking aviation incidents. Indeed, not one person died during a flight
that carried more than 20 people. So, flying is definitively the safest way of travelling, your chance of dying in an aviation accident being just one in 16 million. But, why was this year safer than any other
? Because, according to various aeronautics specialists, the aviation companies have majorly
invested in the upkeep of their equipment. They also commissioned lots of new planes,
which means it’s less likely that the machinery would be faulty. But, we do have to remember that these stats
do not take into account military flights. For example, in June, a military plane from
Myanmar was involved in a fatal crash, with 122 deaths. This week’s debate is the following: Do
you agree with Donald Trump that Palestine doesn’t do enough in peace talks with Israel? As always, you can vote with the small popup
thats in the top right corner, you can vote, yes, no or no opinon. Obviously its quite a complicated question,
so you can also continue the debate in the comments section below : Ill read them all. I think i’ve said pretty much everything,
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