Pakistani media crying India is becoming a super power

Pakistani media crying India is becoming a super power


25 thoughts on “Pakistani media crying India is becoming a super power”

  • Initiative le barabari pe?😂
    Humare jitna initiative Lena start kardiya toh tumhare log bhuke mar jayenge🤣

  • Gollalappa Hadpad says:


  • Malay Chatterjee says:

    China is "COPY MASTER", world know's it. Bhai Pakistani, I am a Hindu bhrimin, but, my 40% friends are Muslim. We have no problems with each others in any fields, You Pakistani know it very well, that Chinese are creating "DEBT TRAP" for capturing Pakistan. Why Pakistani CITIZENS, INTELLECTUALS,BUREAUCRATS,EDUCATED MAN & WOMAN, YOUTHS are till silent? Politicians & Army mortgage Pakistan under Chinese, and looting money, Pakistan's dark day, these Politicians & High Army Officers left Pakistan forever. Suffer common man.

  • Manchuvaru Reddy says:

    Because of PAKISTANIS short sightedness, selfishness, anarchist policies & faulty foreign policies. The PAKISTANIS are going worse to worst.
    •No economical growth
    •Added debt
    •Global begging not stopped
    •Militancy exports grew
    •PAK exports downfall
    •PAK imports increase
    •PAK financial condition is exploding to worse
    •PAK tax revenues are the worst
    •No administration & institutional improvements
    •No infrastructure growth
    On the whole PAKISTAN is going to dogs.

  • Naveen dahiya says:

    When india said 2 year before CEPC is disaster for PAk no body oppose
    Now see this is the beginning
    Because pak think China is friend and india is enemy


    Don't you think you are on the wrong path?- You want India should be your enemy & china your friend? You want to compete with India? , – SAHAB, JANAB' there is a gross mistake in your thinking, all your good senses is blurred by HATRED.

  • Dakshayani S says:


  • Manchuvaru Reddy says:

    As of now. INDIA'S global ranking Economically is in 5th position. By 2025 – 2030 it will be 3rd position.

  • Pakistaniyon china ne CPEC ka itna bada wajan tumahare sar par rakh diya hai jiske bojh tale tum roj tadapte rahoge aur chahoge ki inshaallah hme isse nijat dila de .

  • Girdhari Ram says:

    Tum log aantwadi paida kar sakte ho or kuchh nahi. Tum logo ne aik commercial and hard working kom hinduo Ko Nikal diya ya Dharam pariwartan karwa diya. Aisy isthiti Mai progress nahi ho sakta

  • Jangi Prsad Yadav says:

    Baap beta she hamesa bara hi rahega jahil nalayek bekuf beta Pakistani ko kab akkal ayega kuran khata maa baap ke kadmo me janant hota hain aur Pakistani beta apne hi maa aur baap ko Bom aur AK 47she Marta hain jo beta apne maa baap ko kadr nahi krta hain vo jahanum me jata hain Pakistani aur Pakistan jahanum me hi jayega 100'/ kiw ki Pakistan aur Pakistani na kuran ki mante hain na allah ki mante Pakistani aur Pakistan kewl Hafiz said aur masood azhar salahuddin ko Allah aur Mohamad paigabr ko hi apna tarn har manta hain

  • Vinay Ruparelia says:

    Pakistanis will be able to play with real will only recognise Pakistanis when they give up terrorism support and become main stream business.

  • Instead of crying, you Pakistanis should be congratulating India on becoming close to a superpower now, but you guys have a different mindset which is why your country Pakistan is in chaos and finished in every way today.

  • Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies. says:

    India is at top of the game, In every standard including Morality, Economics, Standard of Living, Literacy rate and 1000 more fields.
    India has reached Mars and Pakistan is still dying trying to reach Kashmir.
    Thanks to Indian Army. A lot more goats will turn widows in Pakistan.

  • Sakharam Kharat says:

    Jai hind. Stop all trades and water of Pakistan. They're all relatives of lootaru Babar. Ghori and Khilji. Don't believe on them. Terrorists peoples. Jelious on Hindu rulers of Hindustan. Crush them. Jai Hindustani arm forces

  • Hemraj Mishra says:

    Pak India say barabri . Bewakoof barabri barabar walo say hoti hai. U people beggar's & terrorist country. Ha nyay hoga. Tum 1 maroge hum 4 marenge. China say cpec par sign karne say pahale Bharat say discussion , opinion kyo nahi kiya. Abb rote kyo ho.

  • Biswajit Roy. says:

    We are successful because we don't believe in aliah ke nam per bheek nehi mangtey ..Islamic republic of terroristan

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