Painting faces – Alice In Wonderland – Part 2 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Painting faces – Alice In Wonderland – Part 2 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this serioes of videos I’m going to show you how to create a mixed media boxed art piece. And basically we do this in competitions, there’s loads of different skills involved, that’s why it’s called mixed media cos’ it’s lots of different things going on. So we’ve got hand painted designs, we’ve got 3D designs, we’ve got loads going on. So this will show you how to do the full ten nails and create that mixed media look. So we’ve already created the background for this design, if you want to watch the video to show you how to create this, if you haven’t already watched that video, you can watch that now. Next what we’re going to do is we’re going to plan out this design. So I’ll be sketching out what I’m going to do, split this up into ten, made a very rough sketch of what I’m going to place on these nails. So, using my little sketch as a guide we’re going to sketch it now, onto these nails, that’s why we’ve taken the shine away, so we can pencil onto this. So first of all we start in the middle, so you can see the middle two nails are here. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly the same as your sketch, this design will evolve as you start to create it. Some things will change. What you’ve sketched out isn’t gospel, it’s a guide. And that’s my excuse and i will stick by it. So we have the table at the bottom here, so first of all we’re going to plan out how far up the nail the table’s going to go. Then we’re continuing the curvature of the top of this table. Over all the nails. And then we’re going to bring these in slightly closer. And as you’re bringing them in closer, make sure that the curves are all right. So you’ve got a top curve here and a bottom curve here. So you’ve got your rough guide of the top of the table. Then on this first nail we have A little bit of alice but I’m going to move it, move her over slightly, so I’ve got the majority of her face on. Just going to go back to the original picture… And my lovely smashed phone! And just have a little look at them so i can see exactly what I’m working with. Then you’ve got the rabbit here, i want him quite close to the bottom of the table, well to the top of the table. Because he’s only quite little. Then we’ve got the queen of hearts up here and we’re going to do her quite high because we want her as if she’s looking down on everybody at the table, as if she’s disgusted, looking down her nose at them. You need to get proportion right with her head, because her head is very large. With this design we’re mixing some of the old alice in wonderland with some of the new alice in wonderland. Make sure she has a little tiny neck, cos’ she’s got a tiny neck cos’ her face is so huge. Here is the caterpillar smoking a shisha And he’s going to be on a toadstool. The toadstool’s just peeking around the top of the table. Next character’s here, which is the Cheshire cat. So you’ve got the positioning of everything there. You’re going to get some white paint, detail brush. Water. We’re going to make a wash. Make that a little bit more prominent, so it’s a bit easier when you come to paint. So this just helps you to map out everything. I’m happy with that. Now we’re going to get some colours to mix a flesh colour, so we want a little bit of orange, white, bit of pink. Just going to use the back end of a brush to mix these colours together, to create a flesh tone. Use it flat to gather the paint up, make sure it’s all mixed. Then what i like to do is add a little bit of white at one side. And a little bit of black the other side. So we can use the white and the black as your highlighting and shading. So I’ll pick up a bit of the flesh colour and just pop it there, just so i can easily put this on. I’m going to start with alices face, so we’re just laying down the background colour for her face. And her neck. Keep the paint nice and flat. Because we’ve already top coated this, if i mess up and do that, i can go into some water and i can clean that off without destroying the background. So it’s really important to make sure that background’s been sealed in with your mega gloss sealer. And use the same flesh toned paint we’ve made for the mad hatter. We’ve got alice’s arm as well, here. Just want to go over alice’s face again just so we’ve got a good coverage. Feel like I’m doing her makeup. I’ll just apply your foundation alice! So you can see the difference between this one and that one, you can see this one’s got two coats and it’s a lot more dense in colour. Going over with the mad hatter’s flesh colour. Going to keep this nice and smooth. Just adding some colour to alice’s fingers. That’s all the flesh tones i need for now. We’re going to mix a little bit of this flesh with white. So it’s more of an off white Then we’re going to use that off white for the queen of hearts face. Not forgetting her thin, tiny, thin neck. Going to do a second coat of colour. Now for the rabbits face we’re going to use white. Little tiny bit of black, and I’m adding a little bit of black because i want it to be very slightly grey, and i still want to be able to highlight with white.Now if it’s completely white out the tube i can’t highlight with that. So we need a medium colour so we can see the white next to this colour. See the difference? Going to use a detailing brush now just to add a little bit of fur. Let that dry.


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