Destiny 2 | SUMMER EVENTS & REWARDS REVEALED! Bungie Day, New Title, Moments of Triumph & DLC Loot

what's up guys hand as he R and today which I'm going to talk about some destiny to stuff and of course it is Bungie days so first up happy Bungie Day we'll talk about that in just a moment but stay Bungie give us a little bit of information about moments of triumph for this year and […]

Indus News Bulletin | 10:00 UTC | 12 July 2019 | Indus News

[Applause] welcome back after the break you're watching in the snooze and I'm physical bringing you our main stories in detail Iran has called on all foreign forces to leave the Middle East foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi says the region's states are capable of maintaining security tensions between Tehran and the West have continued to rise since […]

Understand Branding versus Marketing versus Advertising

hi today we're discussing the difference between branding marketing and advertising these are three elements that are people often are confused about how they interrelate and how they define each of those elements when considering branding and business for us as a brand agency we believe that your brand is your greatest asset if you think of it […]