Nightline News – Ending Earmarks

on nightline, eyeing those earmarks. Can the new congress stop that spending sleight-of-hand that funnels billions of taxpayer dollars to everything from mariachi music to teapot museums the fight over pork heats up plus, her father’s daughter. Meet Layla Ali boxing champion just like the greatest of all time himself, Muhammad Ali. Why she followed in her father’s […]

Trump throws tantrum over question about coronavirus fears: ‘You’re a terrible reporter’

Millions of units are ordered and we’re going to see what happens. We’re going to be talking to the governors about it. And the FDA is working on it right now. The advantage is that it has been prescribed for a totally different problem, but it has been described for many years and everybody knows the levels of […]

Universal Studios Florida and Gillette Razors Television Commercial (1996)

>>Narrator: To the men who give their best every day, we offer our best Gillette Sensor Excel. Spring-mounted twin blades and micro fins to set up your beard for the world’s closest shave. Gillette, the best a man can get. Experience the Gillette $25,000 Mystery Adventure at Universal Studios Florida. Where you and 19 friends could see the […]