Uri Avnery – Naked girls in, Ben-Gurion out (64/315)

In terms of content, I had a clear worldview: it was anti-Ben-Gurion in all respects. It is not that I was opposed to this or that issue, but I had in mind an entirely different country, I was opposed to the country that Ben-Gurion envisaged in all aspects, in its entirety. I was opposed to Ben-Gurion’s policies on: […]

Presenting the Integra – next generation microwave radio platform

communication has always been a prime necessity for mankind one study by sending messages as smoke signals thousand years ago has led to modern microwave technologies used to move mountains of data people have always searched for ways to communicate more efficiently and effortlessly over the last decade SAF Technica has played a big part in the search […]

Who is Media Vision?

Media Vision | The Conference Company Our Story Our Mission | Our Values | In a Nutshell We are a leading provider of professional conferencing & interpreting audio solutions for successful meetings. We are not your typical corporation We are a team of passionate people Dedicated to audio excellence A multinational team from 30+ global cities our diversity […]

RTA School of Media Promotional Video 2019

The RTA School of Media at Ryerson University is Canada’s premiere school in media production, media art and broadcasting. It provides an incredible opportunity to be creative with with industry-leading faculty and alumni in three unique programs and one shared experience. RTA is about thinking, creating and leading. Learning at RTA means I have access to top-level faculty, […]