Dimash – Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance Reaction | Dragon Television Spring Festival Gala

Hi everyone, it’s me and this is: Dimash at Dragon Television Spring Festival Gala | Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance Reaction Dimash looks like a king here Admission is great What surprises me is he is singing here in Chinese I don’t know this person but I have to say that he has quite an interesting voice What […]

Nenu Na Luck || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Dad, I’ve passed engineering with distinction. That’s great. – Ain’t your son damn lucky? Chintu is such a bookworm, yet all he secured was 2nd class. You’re damn lucky. Stars were in line when you were born. Mom! – What’s it? Why’re they calling my hard work as luck? – Yeah, you did work hard. Still, you shall […]

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial – Day Three | The Daily Show

Today was the third day of the impeachment trial of Donald Jemimah Trump. And Democrats continue to lay out a meticulous case that Trump abused his power and is now trying to cover it up. They’ve given floor speeches. They’ve shown video evidence. They even brought out the Constitution and had it tell everyone where Trump touched it. […]

Ellen Gives Her Bucket of Savings to the Lopez Family

Yesterday we surprised an amazing family at their home in Red Bank, New Jersey. And we had a feeling we were going to love them, but we didn’t realize how much until this happened. [SCREAMING] [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] What do you have, Josevic? What? I’m going to save a gorilla. You’re going to save a gorilla? Yeah. I know […]