What does Bad Continuity in television and movies mean?

[music] Well hello everyone, and happy pandemic Friday. Today we’re going to take a look at something called “bad continuity”. Now what is bad continuity? Well here’s an example: Uh, did you see that? See what I mean? The position of my hair, right? “Bad continuity”. Now this happens all the time in television and movies; there’s bad […]

男主和女主和好如初,雨中电话亭内亲吻,浪漫极了 💖 Chinese Television Dramas

Sister Jiaming, you’re back! Jiaming! You’re finally back. Welcome back. Did you arrange all of this? I know you took back Yilan’s business, so I thought you would still need this place temporarily. Besides, this is merely a piece of cake to me. How is this a piece of cake? It took us a whole 10 minutes to […]