Owen Jones​ on his​ attack: ‘I get headlines​. Many minorities don’t’

Owen Jones​ on his​ attack: ‘I get headlines​. Many minorities don’t’

Firstly, I’m absolutely fine,
but this weekend, whilst I was celebrating my
birthday with my friends, I was on the receiving end of a
pre-meditated, targeted attack. I was physically assaulted
and my friends, trying to protect me, were also assaulted. Over the last year, I’ve been
on the receiving end of a very deliberate and systematic
campaign by far-right activists. Now, it’s pretty clear why
I’m a hate figure to these people. I’m their antithesis. I’m gay, I’m
a socialist, I’m anti-racist, I’m anti-facist and I’m proudly
part of the anti-facist movement. But I don’t want this to
be about me. I’m a white guy with a
media platform and there are so many others,
in this country and elsewhere, members of minorities,
who are being attacked similarly by far-right thugs,
without getting headlines, without getting interviews. The far-right is on the rise.
It’s a growing menace. It’s its strongest now, since
any point since the war, emboldened by the likes
of Donald Trump and the rise of right-wing
populist movements. And we can see far-right violence,
whether it be the assassination by far-rights terrorists of
the Labour MP Jo Cox, the attempted far-right murder
of the Labour MP Rosie Cooper, the Finsbury [Park] attack, and numerous other far-right
terrorist attacks, particularly in the United States,
targeting muslims, migrants, Jewish people and opponents
of facism. Now, when we talk about
islamic fundamentalism terror, we ask who the hate preachers are,
who’s radicalising them We need to start asking those
questions about far-right violence. Actions have consequences
and what we are seeing is the radicalisation of
far-right extremism by mainstream politicians and
mainstream media outlets. Now, we can’t be scared
by the far-right. We’ve defeated them before
and they will be defeated again. But we can’t just call out
examples of far-right thuggery and pretend they exist in
a vacuum because they don’t.


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