Overwatch: NEW Anniversary Event Details! - Did Blizzard Kill Role Lock?


44 thoughts on “Overwatch: NEW Anniversary Event Details! – Did Blizzard Kill Role Lock?”

  • Your Overwatch says:

    Jeff said he liked the balance of the game rn, BUT

    No nerfs.

    No Role lock.

    So more GOATS…

    All of this makes it seem like Role Lock MAY have been considered, going through the channels but cut short by someone in the chain of command at Blizzard or the Overwatch League.

    Are we getting a surprise PTR balance patch in a couple days w/ a 2ish week lead up to stage 3?

  • Ryan Killough says:

    Cross play could be possible if you could make console sensitivity go all the way up to 200 200 and just tweak stuff in advanced. A friend of mine tried this in the workshop and the console aim was so much more precise if you set up the right advanced settings for the 200 sensitivity

  • Andrew Smith says:

    i wont watch OWL again till they fix the goats problem i have already seen all the matches and found them boring the first time

  • Can stun just be a blinding thing now? I’m fine with a stun ult like rein but I hate getting stunned once every 10 seconds

  • Jesus Christ says:

    As usual, Blizzard refuses to give us what we want, and instead thinks we want some boring ass trading cards of actual irl people….
    I'd do trading cards if it were the overwatch characters and the cards would be each character and all of each characters skins, and maybe each pose, I'd pay to collect all of those, not some random dude that happens to be good at overwatch on a owl team that I honestly dont care about at all… Too much GOATS in owl, the fact that it's the same thing every single match ruined it, it's just no new or fun to watch….

    Although I'd pay $100 for a NSFW Overwatch characters trading card deck and pay more to get all the legendaries….

  • haechan berry says:

    watching my fave team on OWL is one thing but always seeing goats is so annoying and it isn’t fun to watch anymore. the only reason they haven’t lost viewers yet is bc everyone wants tokens

  • Shazzbozz McRocketstrike says:

    Cool, more GOATS. I didn't really like watching OWL anyways, just kept a tab open and reap rewards.

  • Isaaru Narom says:

    Goats is the funniest overwatch has ever been. Mobile with lots of heals and large health pools. I personally feel safest with one damage role on my team. 2 is okay and 3+ (80% of games I'm queued into) feels like throwing. It's not fun at all. 2-3 support 2-3 tanks and 0-2 damage is where noth the fun and the wind are at.

    Personally dps is only fun in arcade, I dont get why everyone trys to play dps in comp( why wouldnt those people have more fun playing a game like cod where everyone fills that role?). Mind you I play from bronze to platinum between my account from lunch( bronze to gold) ps dont play comp with friends its damaging; and gold to platinum on my solo quest account I got during last years sale. And personally role lock or role limits is the sexiest idea iv ever heard for overwatch, my fingers are crossed that it does happen one day.

    Or maybe make two comp modes one with and one without role locks.

    Sorry this is only pertaining to one small portion of the video, but who else dreads all these 2-3 dps roles in solo que?

    Also great video.

  • if role lock is not going to be introduced in the game then I'm quitting the game for good. It's just not fun trying to climb out of bronze with 3-5 players picking dps who usually doesn't kill anything even when i try my best to keep their sorry asses alive.

  • Blizz should have killed goats 3 months after it came out. That should be the life span of these extreme comps.

    Remember when Brig was launched, Jeff said she was meta changing and no one belived him?

  • GamerLazer 0 says:

    IM REALLY Sure That THE D.VA SKIN THAT BREAKS THE INTERNET Is A Pun For A Wreck It Ralph 2 Skin And its Gonna be that candy girl.

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