OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.2: 2PM(투피엠) _ My House(우리집) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.2: 2PM(투피엠) _ My House(우리집) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

It’s 2PM on Oven Radio with 2PM! Let’s start right away with the nameshots Today’s theme is [Go Crazy] – Alright
– Please pose in pairs! Junho & Nichkhun Wooyoung & Jun.K Taecyeon & Chansung You guys are crazy, seriously… For Tuesday’s first corner We do whatever you ask on “5 Minute Mission” Taecyeon has to go now, since the corner has been introduced How sad… Shouldn’t I get to DJ a little longer? No, that’s not going to happen – Fine
– Yeah NEW Corner! “5 Minute Mission”
A selected member has to complete a mission in 5 minutes So we heard what the mission is yesterday Please tell us what you have to do, Taecyeon We do what you ask, 5 Minute Mission! I have to go to the store and buy items
with the letters “Woo-Ri-Jib-Dae-Back” Bye! – Yep
– Have fun! Get the stopwatch ready! – We’ll count down from 5
– Alright – Good luck!
– 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Go!
– Oh geez Alright, we… – Let’s watch
– He’s running Don’t fail! Let’s watch (Hurry) Here he comes! – Off to a good start
– There he goes He’s running with a selfie stick! Can you hear us? Yes, I can It works very well! Is it hot outside? What? Is it hot? Yeah, it’s hot Taecyeon arrives at the store! He’s at the store – Already?
– He’s in – He’s in!
– Hello Alright, “Woo-Ri-Jib-Dae-Bak” – Woo
– Pick from what you see – Dae or Bak… Whatever you see
– Woo! Find “Woo-Ri-Rice” or something – Woo-Ri Rice!
– Ri, ri, ri… Hey, what has “ri” in it? Ramen sari (extra noodles) – Ramen?
– Sari – Where’s ramen sari?
– Gosari (Bracken) – Cereal, cereal!
– Oh good, good – Cereal doesn’t have “ri” on the box
– Jib, jib, jib… Jib, jib Jib! I have Woo, Ri, Jib Dae, dae, dae, dae, dae, dae Dae, dae… Which food has “dae” in it? Dae, dae (Connection Unstable)
Pick ramen sari or… Dae, dae, dae, dae… Dak-dari (drumstick)… Short-dari (squid snack) – Huh?
– Short-dari Short-dari, like the squid snack No, all I need is Dae and Bak Evejari, evejari (blankets) What? – Byul-jari (horoscope)
– Dot-jari (picnic mat) I said I don’t need “ri”
I’m on Dae and Bak! Jelly, jelly, jelly Jelly…? I said I don’t need “ri” anymore! He doesn’t need us I need dae and bak! He needs dae and bak There’s “ri” in jelly, no? He’s looking for dae and bak now He just wants jelly, that’s all Huh? Where? – In there
– Here? Bak… Subak! (watermelon) Get the Subak Bar! – I got it!
– Okay You’re done? Alright! How much? Hurry! You’re really done? Just give them to me
It’s okay, please hurry – Woo…
– What are you saying? I didn’t get this Bibim-myeon… “Woo”, “Ri”, “Jib”, “Dae-bak” Just these are mine, just these four You get the card, okay? How much time do I have? Come back in a minute! Run! Thank you very much! Sweet He spent half his time already Will he be able to make it back on time? We’ll come back after commercials! What’s the album concept? What’s the title song? Is it good? Is it a dance number?
Ballad? Rock? Hiphop? I don’t want to say anything I’m not saying anything already But I want to continue not saying anything… You’ll know when you hear it! No need to speak
It’s 2PM’s 5th album, No. 5 Enjoy No. 5 Will Taecyeon successfully complete his mission? He’s coming! Run! Where am I… I can’t find the cafe! Hey, all we can see is your chest Please show us your face Uh, this looks wrong – This is weird
– What are you doing, man! – We’re looking at your chest…
– Come on, man – Hey!
– Your face, please! He’s really putting his heart into this program… My shoe laces are untied… (Heavy-breathing) – He’s here!
– 10… – He’s here!
– 10… – 9…
– He’s coming up – 8…
– Here he comes 7… – 6…
– He’s here! 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Done! Oven Radio’s Exclusive!
5 Minute Mission! Did Taecyeon succeed on his mission? We’ll check right now… I can’t wait to see what he bought Let’s start with “Woo” Obviously This was easy, “Wooyou” (milk) Delicious milk – Next
– Of course! – I helped you on this one
– Ramen sari Many of you don’t know this… – Ojingeo-jib (squid snack)
– It’s jib, not chip That goes for “Jib” And this amazing item… “Dae-Bak” Whoa! What is that? Woo Ri Jib
Dae Bak! This is awesome! This is literally “Dae-Bak” What is that? How long did it take him? It took 3 minutes 40 seconds Wow, mission accomplished! Good work! Let’s drink this to celebrate! Today was another crazy 5 minutes Yes, you ran for the most part – You know what?
– What? Your chest was on air for like 20% of the show OKChest.gif It was wrong, bro (Embarrassed) Anyway, well done!
It must have been hot outside Yes it was super hot It’s like an oven outside Good work, team! Good work! – Outside?
– Yes Let’s wrap up here
Please come back tomorrow Bye everyone! 2PM Becomes Beasts in the Studio! Coming Soon!
What happened to them?!


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