OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.1: Apink(에이핑크) _ LUV(러브) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.1: Apink(에이핑크) _ LUV(러브) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

It’s 12PM with Apink on OVEN RADIO Guys, finally! Apink is on OVEN RADIO! Let’s call the cutest attendance ever Cho Rong is here! Chiki-chiki-choco-check! Ah-ttendance check! Oh gosh I’m sorry… Na Eun’s here! Hurry up Kim Nam Joo? @#($&@#)% Check! Oh Ha Young? Oh Ha Young! Everyone’s here! We’re sorry… The first corner on Apink’s OVEN RADIO is… A – Pin – So! Introducing Apink’s new album, Pink LUV! I think it’s fate we got to come on OVEN RADIO How come? Destiny! OVEN RADIO is for five minutes for five days Right! This number, 5, is the keyword here! It is! And Pink LUV is album number what? 5!!! (Chills) There’s more! Guess how many new songs are on the new album! 5!!! We’ve been practicing our reactions… Rong Leader wrote the lyrics for this album, right? It’s a song called “Wanna Be” I heard the song is about being in love alone Yeah, yeah, yeah Is it from your personal experience? Be honest! But we’ve all been in that kind of love before Sure I wrote the lyrics based on what they might feel… Okay, next then… Wait, that’s it? That was it? We’ll be back after the commercials! Fairy-like idol Apink’s 5th mini-album! Pink LUV More purity… And elegance and maturity too! Don’t listen alone Sharing is caring! You’ve seen way too many commercials Let’s hurry and move on Alright, the next corner is… Answer in 10 Seconds! Answer in 10 seconds! Answer! Members call friends and have them listen to the new title and hear what they have to say about it The important thing is we can only play 10 seconds of it That’s too short But our songs… they give you the feels in less than 10 seconds Of course! Who’ll go first? Our youngest made some new friends these days! Who? HYUN SANG! YOON HYUN SANG? I know which carrier he uses now! Hello? HYUN SANG? Yes? Why so polite? How awkward!!! Congrats on your debut! Thank you! We have a song coming out too When? Right now Listen to it right now Okay Too short!!! How does it sound? It was too short Your previous songs did really well but I think this one will do even better! OH!!!! Thanks for the cliche compliment! Can we hear your song too? You want me to sing? Yes, sing us “When would it be” please! I’ll stop about here… K, thanks, bye! Okay, bye! Keep in touch! Thank you, good luck! I’ll go next Hello? Hi unni! It’s Young Hee! “You can’t!” Hello Hello Yes? We have a new album coming out Listen to the title for 10 seconds and tell us how it sounds Okay Okay! (10 Seconds Sharp!) What… Done already? That was 10 seconds Can I say it sucks if it sucks? (Panic) Yes Oh, okay then… Be honest! Well I think it’s beautiful I think guys will fall in love with it but I don’t think girls will like it You can send me the money for the review to my account Okay, okay Alright That was the funniest call We don’t have enough time, we should wrap up This is from Kim Jun Sung He said he came out of the military on Oct. 28 Apink songs helped him through the service And he requested “Lovely day” Thank you! Congratulations, Kim Jun Sung We’ll sing Lovely day for you and wrap up Monday’s OVEN RADIO here Like this, like this, like this Lovely day Better than a celebrity Bye! Better than my bed at home Bye!


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