‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Teases Season 5 | In Studio

‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Teases Season 5 | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Sam Heughan
from TV’s “Outlander” and you’re watching “In Studio
with The Hollywood Reporter.” (upbeat music) – So what do fans have to look forward to for season five of “Outlander?” – Season five is about family. It’s about the extended family. Jamie and Claire, have
built Fraser’s Ridge, this settlement in North Carolina and they really are now sort of, they’ve laid down the foundations. The settlement has grown bigger. Unfortunately, we all know
what is happening with history and Jamie is now being sort of pitted, pitched against his godfather, and having to take sides. And he knows he’s siding with the British, the sort of losing side
in the Revolutionary War. And yeah, so there’s a
lot to look forward to. – As somebody who’s been immersed in these historical events, are there any events that you
look forward to playing out or anything that you were
excited about in the past? – Yeah, absolutely. I mean the show is a historical show and we stick very much to history and it just so happens that when we first started
“Outlander” in season one, it was a really seminal
moment in Scottish history, the Battle of Culloden, which, the shortened version is the end of the Highland way of life, of a culture.
– Right. – And the British kind of
destroyed this culture, decimated them by banning
the use of their language and their music. So now we are in America and we get to see America in its infancy. America that is a land of immigrants, of people settling here,
of different cultures, all sort of colliding. And that’s kind of really
fascinating to see. And obviously, we have the
Revolutionary War coming up. We know what’s happening in that. That really is on our end, always part of, history is always part of our show, that sort of impending
doom of this great battle. – Ron Moore has called
Jamie, the king of men. What is it like, he said it was difficult to
write for the king of men. But what is it like to
play the king of men? Is that difficult?
– Yeah, I mean, the character, Jamie Fraser, is this kind of iconic figure, in that, he can kind of do no wrong. I mean, he does do wrong and there are times when he acts through emotion and anger. So yeah, there’s a lot to live up to and actually I think, I guess
the challenge as an actor is to show another side to him and I think, certainly as
the seasons have gone on, we get to see Jamie Fraser, not just the warrior, the hero, the lover. He’s the father, he’s the grandfather, and he’s a man that’s, he has a lot of pressures, and he’s constantly trying to
do what’s best for himself, and his extended family. It’s nice to see him also grow as well, to grow from being this
tempestuous warrior to now being a very calculated politician. – Your benefactor. Time for that hunt, Colonel Fraser. Gather your men. I want Murtagh Fitzgibbons and his insurgents brought to justice. Be it by rope or by ball, it matters not one bit to me. But I want his body hanging in New Bern as a warning to all. This matter is beyond the province now. The people are mindful of the outcome. – Aye. – Is that fun for you to kind of take on all
the new characteristics? As the seasons go on, you get to explore your paternal side, get to explore a more mature Jamie. – Absolutely. The show, I think what’s really
interesting about our show is that we’re not stuck, A, in the same location, but also the characters
aren’t the same throughout. They grow, they change,
their relationship evolves. The center of our story is
Jamie and Claire’s relationship and it is a great love affair but also to see that grow. How do people love in their middle ages when it’s still as passionate and as physical but also there are other requirements and it’s also about companionship. And as Jamie Fraser, to see him grow, he’s now becoming a lot more, I think, like his Uncle Colum, who is a great clan chief, a great politician, very calculated. And I think Jamie is now,
certainly in this season, he’s having to play a
lot of different people in different times. Yeah, he’s playing a lot of, he’s got a lot of balls up in the air and he’s juggling constantly. – And the “Outlander” books, there are eight or nine of them? – I believe Diana’s writing
the 10th at the moment. – She’s writing the 10th at the moment. So these characters have, basically been written well
into their 50s and 60s. How does that feel to be, kind of know the fate of your characters or know that their fate has been sealed. It’s unlike “Game of Thrones” where you don’t really know
what’s going to happen next. The books end at a certain level. These books continue. – You know this season, Jamie celebrates his 50th birthday, and that’s kind of a remarkable moment as an actor to play that, especially it’s not that far off for me. So it is kind of interesting but I think our show is
different to the books in a certain way, and we will only probably
be telling the story as long as people keep watching but we’re on season five. We’re about to go back
to season six this year and it’s still, every day is a challenge, every day is a new story and this season is no exception. – Have you learned anything about playing the role of Jamie Fraser that you’ve carried on into your own life? – That’s a good question. I’m asked that a lot. What sort of characteristics
of your character do you take into your
own life or vice versa and I always kinda find it hard to answer because you always have to put
yourself into the character or find characteristics
of yourself in them. So Jamie Fraser, I guess,
is me but also not. – [Marya] Right. – A different actor would
play him differently. – Yeah.
– So there is a lot there. But I guess the only thing I would say is that he’s very honorable. He is very very loyal and I think they’re sort of attributes that we’d all aspire to. – What is the most uncomfortable thing about filming in the 18th century? – It’s a great undertaking. We have a vast vast crew that are extremely hard working. It’s actually really physical. We have to get three,
400 people up a mountain, in the rain, in the mud, all at the same time, in the middle, early in the morning, and the horses and wagons.
– I’ve heard the horse work can be difficult. – Yeah, there are long long days and it’s very physical and you’re out in the elements. And Scotland, where we shoot the show, it’s not a temperate
climate like Los Angeles. So, yeah, it can be pretty
long and pretty tiring. I think that’s probably the hardest thing. And the costumes. We have fabulous costumes. They really are very very special. But you start to realize how many layers people wore in those days, and everything is very heavy. But also that helps, that adds to the
characterization work as well. (speaking in foreign language) – We don’t want you to
freeze before sun-up. – Sun-up? You mean we’ll be riding all night? – All night. And the next one too, I reckon. – You’ve started a podcast and
also a whiskey line, correct? – It started off as a podcast, it’s called “Clan Lands.” It started off as such, and it’s actually gonna be a TV show. – [Marya] Oh wow. – I produced it and
directed and financed it, and pretty much did a lot of things but we have a great crew in there, and it’s with my fellow
co-star, Graham McTavish. And it’s basically a road
trip around Scotland, discovering actually a lot
about the Scottish culture and the Highland way of life and the clan system. We are in post-production in the moment and hoping to sort of
pitch it and sell it. And it’s looking great. I’m really really pleased with it. And the whiskey.
– Mhmm. – Is called the The Sassenach, and we start selling this month in the US. We’ll be in California,
first of all, in January. And then the rest of
the US by mid-February. It is a unique Scottish
blend that I created myself and I’m really proud of it. – The last question to you. Can you spin a good yarn, and give me two truths and a lie about season five of “Outlander?” – I can, actually. I’ve got a very good one. So actually, the end of this season, we will see Jamie Fraser in the future, and he does travel through the stones. That’s a good one.
– Ah! – This season, we’ll see Jamie Fraser also pitched against his godfather and he’ll be on the side of the Redcoats. And the last lie I have to tell is. (Marya laughing) Is that, someone that we thought
was dead may not be dead. – Thank you for the exclusives. – Thank you. They were all lies.
– Multiples exclusives. – They were all lies. – I know.
– The whole interview has been a lie.
– I know. – I’m an American.
– Thank you so much. And you’re an American.
– I’m an American, from Los Angeles. (Marya laughing) – Sam Heughan, thank you so much for being here.
– Thank you. – “Outlander” is on Starz. (wind rushing)


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