100 thoughts on “Origins of Trump-Russia probe now a criminal investigation”

  • roguemale TheOne&Only says:

    Listen to the Trump-cultists!
    Grasping desperately at anything to save the criminal in the WH.
    Trump is done like a dinner.

  • Lol, I'm surprised CNN fake news would even run a real story though they still attempted to mildly spin it! It seems there attempting there last dying death throws however it's far to little far to late!

  • Conspiracy!!! Really CNN. Just throw in the towel and put at the bottom of the screen that “the views of CNN are opinion and no way represents any actual facts”

  • So investigating Trump's ties with the Russian disinformation campaign to give Trump an advantage in the 2016 election is now a 'crime" in the alternate universe of Barr's DOJ.

  • When is he going to start a criminal investigation on Giuliani? 🤔 It is ilegal for a non government official to act like one on country foreign policy matters..

  • The RussiaHoax was nothing but a Psyop to overthrow Trump. I’m no fan of Trump but I have no respect for criminal intelligence operatives that spy on innocent Americans to try to overthrow the President. Is America now a military junta run by CIA criminals?

  • Fake news, there is a ton for them to worry about, the truth is coming out and CNN is covering up as long as they can get away with it.

  • Pay a foreign agent to fabricate a salacious dossier with Russians then use it to commit fraud on our legal institutions, election process and American people…. Anyone that doesn't like these actions is a right wing conspiracy nut.

  • Excellent! Robert Mueller had the same power. It's completely fair and honorable.
    CCN has nothing to lose. They are the Fake News.

  • I can't wait for this civil war to kick off 🙂 You cnn scum, you don't think you'll be safe do you? Start a civil war, then think you won't suffer any consequences… How funny!

  • It's amazing to see CNN treat the few viewers they have left like they are so stupid… And conspiracy theories of the right on Hannity? No one at CNN has the balls to go on Hannity's show and debate him about the facts involved with all 5 of the hoax witch hunts.

  • PUPPETS. America has become divided. The media don't represent the people anymore, in fact they've weaponised empathy. If anything, misplaced hatred of trump shows the pain the people feel and is indicative of the media's lack of concern for real human rights. You want proof? simple. Every time the media makes a claim against trump (there'll be more coming, all of this is premeditated and factually incorrect designed to misguide the public and weaponise their empathy against a 'common' enemy') DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Follow the trail backwards from the claim. You'll be surprised to find that nearly all claims by the media lack a backbone. They're insulting the intelligence of the people, and once the people find out (which they will) its game over. We'll have a new society and even though we don't have to remove them, we won't have to save them either. Welcome to 2020, may God be with all.

  • Citizens of the planet, stop eating shit directly from the media's asshole without questioning where it came from. Shit is shit, regardless. But question it anyhow.

  • So if this is a right wing conspiracy theory, was the Russian and Trump investigation a left wing conspiracy theory? American politics and media are poisonous on society and the rest of the world. Who cares whose investigated, if someone did wrong, they should be investigated and brought to justice. Only problem is America never punishes those in power.

  • George Watanabe says:

    Republicans are looking for criminality. Hmmmmm are they looking in the mirrors of Trump, Barr, Moscow Mitch, and Lindsey Graham?

  • Timothy Stephen says:

    I guess they will find out what is what and can finish there reporting from behind bars and if we are lucky they including CNN will finally stop lying, but I don't think so

  • Illegal survellia nce no testimony on cameras they will show on 360 whole globe if I had a billion I would burn it to make some elicous hamburger s

  • timing is interesting?? really, even though you committed TREASON with the FAKE russia thing, which imploded in their faces and now they're using the FAKE UKRAINE THING WITH FAKE WITNESSES AND FAKE NEWS MEAT PUPPETS SWORN TO TAKE TRUMP DOWN!
    This isn't timing, its finally and hopefully justice. FUN FACT; THE DEATH PENALTY IS STILL ONE OF THE PUNISHMENTS FOR TREASON, MR CLAPPER!

  • Biased hypocrites using loaded language don't care very much that turn around is fair play! Anderson Crapper looks like Rachel Madcow's bottle blonde twin sister.

  • You couldn't make crap like this up; talking about clutching at straws! This is why a rich man shouldn't be president………….he can buy what he wants!

  • Dude consider yourself lucky to be stupid. If you don’t go to jail by the DOJ you’ll be taken off the streets by others. We’re not playing games this time

  • Clapper is so obviously nervous. “I uh don’t uh know uh what uh this is uh all about” Most of them have already lawyered up. I’ve noticed that when a criminal investigation is launched on Republicans, it’s factual and serious but when Democrats are the target, it’s always a Republican conspiracy theory.

  • The one afraid is Trump. That's why he has Barr doing this fake criminal investigation. Barr, turning on his own people to please his boss, Trump. Barr forgot he is supposed to uphold the Constitution, not be Trump's personal attorney/hitman. Barr will be going to prison for his conspiracy with Trump. And, when the truth comes out, Trump will be impeached and removed by the Senate, because there will be too much evidence for the Republicans to ignore. Since Pence was also involved in the conspiracy, he too will be removed. Hello, President Pelosi!

  • A basement impeachment inquiry?? Is not a theory 😂😂😂😂😂
    But finding evidence for an investigation is a bad way to do it
    I think in hotel Rwanda the slaughter was caused by media
    How many riots of hate have you caused
    We all should have rights , anyone can say anything , without any evidence you media should not encourage whatever you want, I think you all fake news should also be held accountable for all you done

  • CNN the most trusted name in covering up the crimes of the Deep Dtate..the last laugh is on CNN the absolute worst, phoney, bias front of news organization….the laughing stock of the World..

  • CNN= Corrupt News Now
    CNN= Clinton News Network
    CNN= Conspiracies Not News

    Time to start spinning, turning stories around and blaming a "Right Wing Conspiracy"
    Clapper, Comey, Brennan, McCabe and others are Sweating & Trying to Cover their actions in 2015-2017

    Anderson, Be Sure NOT TO MENTION the DNC & Killary Campaign Paying for Unverified/Unverifiable Disinformation by Foreign Intel.
    Don't mention Ukraine Courts have found that Corrupt Officials Attempted to Help Killary's Campaign, NOT the Trump Campaign.

    Hopefully Each One of those responsible for the attempted take down of the Trump Campaign & President Trump will be held accountable for their actions.
    Funny that Clapper mentions the "timing" remember this investigation has been going on a hell of a lot longer that the Dems Faux "Inquiry".
    *IG Report will be published shortly
    *OBVIOUSLY, Durham/Barr Investigators have found evidence of possible crimes.

  • First CNN tried to both make money off of and sink a sitting president with this Russia BS, and now they try to make money off of the worm turning the other way. Deplorable organization, waiting to see you crumble even further.

  • At least the dude with the gray hair, glasses and tilted head has got the facial expressions down for the part he's playing. He reminds me of a lost puppy looking through those glasses, confused as hell. everytime I see him. It's hard to tell though, I guess I could be wrong, he may not be playing. He could actually be as stupid as he looks.

  • Now this is a conspiracy???? CNN has been crying Russia Russia Russia for the past three years. These leftards are total hypocrites. They said Hillary would win they said the economy would crash if Trump wins they pushed Russia non-stop, and now there's a criminal investigation they call it a conspiracy…I can't wait to see the outcome.

  • It has always been a criminal matter fake news CNN get it into your heads a crime was committed against the American people by the Demon-Rats.

  • Why is it when democrats get caught they try to gas light people as crazy conspiracy theorists……. It's like their propgandas aren't working…..

  • Chrome Chronotic says:

    Hillary came up clean. He cried wolf all day about her. Obama turned out to be an American citizen, trump was wrong about that too. How interesting that all this corruption is going on but trump and his associates are the only ones being found to had done anything of the sort. What a petty move, investigate the investigator.

  • Again, Trump is using his office and DOJ complicit resources (William Barr) to distract from what have been illegal activity by this administration. Trump has spent his entire life being sued, and paying millions for cheating and scamming hard working Americans including contractors working on his properties; from folks who donated to his charity then he misappropriated fund to support his businesses forcing him to shut it down; Trump University cheated average citizens by creating a fake institution charging “tuition” which he personally pocketed. Courts ordered him to shut it down and he paid $25 million dollars to settle the lawsuit. He caused average American workers to go without pay while shutting down the government (twice). The list of lawsuits against him for cheating people out of money goes on and on. The average American, which is now the lower income demographic, are his target. He doesn’t care about you, MONEY IS GOD in his world. And he’s made the majority of his money off the very people who voted for him, much like the rich politicians and so called “self made” millionaires. This is all a game and we are the expendable chess pieces.

  • italianknight78 says:

    Any attempts by Democrats to impede the investigation is obstruction of justice. Obama spy gate no longer a conspiracy its a criminal investigation.

  • The Obama administration is finally going to be uncovered. Bring the filth to the light. Clapper your filthy deeds are going to be revealed.

  • Raffi Basmajian says:

    Toobin says AG Barr traveling to Italy is a "wild goose chase", that's some deep insight, Jeffrey, thank you (moron).

  • So looking to Anderson being executed by a firing squad for being what Trump calls enemies of the US. These people…. scum that can not go out in public.
    Clapper "uh….uh….ah….so uh…..uh…."
    Kill these mother fuckers Trump!

  • Panic at CNN The C_a is trying to get ahead of the store because they been lying to us for three years now comes the pain enjoy the show -Q

  • 18 USC 2384 … that is the statute in which most Democrats and the Deep State actors will come to fear over the next 12-14 months… I would suggest they go to Leavenworth and pick out a corner office… before they are all gone.. 20 years is a long time to spend in a regular cell….

  • I, for one, want to know exactly how this all started, and I want justice to prevail. There are still too many unanswered questions that need to be answered and the American people deserve those answers. Whether you like or dislike Trump is irrelevant. Let’s pray that the entire truth is uncovered.

  • "Hillary wins the election and the popular vote" ….Criminal investigation? Oh no, "there's no crime it is just an investigation." Right. Fake Logic.

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