7 thoughts on “OReilly Factor – The Liberal News Media”

  • The overwhelming majority of the mainstream media are left-wing, but clearly the left doesn't want us to know this, because they just hate it when people know the actual truth.

  • Actually, a study has been done, by UC Berkley, (not exactly a bastion of conservatism), and even their study claims that the news media skews extremely to the left compared to the US population, and even FOX news was left of the average voter.

  • What needs to be done here is the REAL conservatives need to mass produce MANY< MANY< MANY< MANY conservative news outlets in Television, News Papers, Magazines, FM Radio and all other forms and processes of getting REAL information out to the world population that will Trump the libtard news outlets so that way people can decide for themselves who's really lying and telling the truth.   The New World Order has bought up ALL news outlets, disguising themselves as liberal democrats and then presenting the news the way THEY need people to hear it so they can control the way people see the world. While preparations are being made to assassinate the NWO illuminati command structures world wide, the conservatives can get busy with all their money and pool it all together and begin manufacturing at least an EQUAL number of conservative news channels to counter balance the NWO puppet news outlets that are all liberal. When the playing field is even, conservatives ALWAYS win and the libtards know this which is why they must cheat and cheat hard in order to win.

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