‘Order!’: John Bercow’s decade of thunderous pronouncements

‘Order!’: John Bercow’s decade of thunderous pronouncements

Order! Calm yourself man! The lion must get
back in its den! Order! You’re yelling across
the chamber. Be quiet. Mr Jacob …
Order! You are over-excitable and
you need to contain yourself. If it requires you to take
some medicament, then so be it. Order! The honourable gen…
Order! This kiss a ginger activity
is probably perfectly lawful but I’ve got no plans to
partake of it myself. Order! Order! Order! Order! No! No, you’re not moving anything.
Resume your seat, young man. No, no.
Resume your seat. No.
Resume your seat. Order! You really are a very
over-excitable individual. You behave like an adult
and, if you can’t, if it’s beyond you,
leave the chamber. Get out.
We’ll manage without you. Get a grip of yourself, man. Calm. Take up yoga, you’ll find it
beneficial, man. I most certainly don’t
look for favourites. Order! Order! Order! Mr Kinnock, you are a
cerebral denizen of the House. Gesticulation and shouting are
way beneath your pay grade, man. I don’t require any assistance
from some junior minister. That’s an absurd proposition. Order! Order! Order! You’re a very jocular fellow
but you’re a little over-excitable today. Calm.
Long time to go.


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