ORCAS im LORO PARQUE: Positive Verstärkung bei inkorrektem Verhalten | zoos.media

ORCAS im LORO PARQUE: Positive Verstärkung bei inkorrektem Verhalten | zoos.media

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. A lot of people know that we train with positive reinforcement and positive reinforcement is basically: if the animals do something that we like, we reinforce it in a positive way. It could be with ice cubes, it could be with rubdown, it could be, of course, with a the bucket of fish and over time the animal realizes, it’s going to be something good when they get the reinforcement and so they’re usually likely to repeat that behavior. But what happens, if we give a signal and the animals do the wrong behavior or get it “incorrect”? Obviously, if we gave them a fish or a reinforcement for that, that’d be very confusing and they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the signals because they would just be doing what they want. So, I had to come up with a way to communicate: “That behavior, that you just performed, was not correct.” So, we call that: we give them an LRS (Least Reinforcing Scenario) and basically what it is, is an opportunity for the animals to be calm and relaxed. So, if they do something incorrect, instead of getting frustrated, they know that they come back, my body is just for a brief two second pause, maybe three seconds, like this. That’s an LRS and basically it gives the animals another opportunity to be correct because: in response to the LRS, if they’re giving me good attention, they can get reinforced. So, imagine that: they can jump incorrectly and still be positively reinforced and we’re able to communicate with that with that LRS. Now, write your questions in the comments and don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video, subscribe for free.


7 thoughts on “ORCAS im LORO PARQUE: Positive Verstärkung bei inkorrektem Verhalten | zoos.media”

  • Habe ich das richtig verstanden? Beim LRS bekommen die Orcas – wenn sie "unerwünschtes" Verhalten zeigen – die Belohnung lediglich 3 Sekunden später? Und das reicht aus, um den Tieren den Unterschied deutlich zu machen? Erstaunlich.
    4:53 – warum macht der Trainer hier ein LRS? Der Orca hat sich doch toll um die eigene Achse gedreht. Was war daran falsch?
    PS: bei 3:50 gingen ein paar Fische daneben. Hat sich die der Orca später noch geholt?

  • Cetacean Anna says:

    Ich liebe den Loro Parque und die Orcas (Keto, Tekoa, Adan, Morgan, Skyla, Kohana und Ula) ❤ Wisst ihr wie es Ula den Orca Baby geht?

  • Shannon Dominguez says:

    Thank you for the video. It’s wonderful to see the trainers & orcas be so in synch with each other & how everything is positive. It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around why on earth some people actually think that something like electro shock is used as punishment for these beautiful creatures. You can really see how the whales seek their trainers out for affection something a scared abused animal would never do. Relationship is everything with them & it warms my heart to see it.😍💕

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