Opinion | Fox News host Sean Hannity’s influence on Republicans in Congress is dangerous

Opinion | Fox News host Sean Hannity’s influence on Republicans in Congress is dangerous

-Record low unemployment,
14 states, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, women,
youth, unemployment. -Sean Hannity has an outside
influence on the White House. -Sean Hannity, come on up.
Sean Hannity. -By the way, all those people
in the back are fake news. -He has been called Shadow
Chief of Staff. -Mr President, thank you. Now it’s time to update
our understanding of Hannity’s influence
in Washington. -Buckle up, folks.
Welcome to “Hannity,” because we are less
than 12 hours away… -The night before Robert Mueller
testified before Congress, Hannity proposed
a number of questions that lawmakers might just ask
the former Special Counsel in his much-hyped testimony. And wouldn’t you know, they bit. -When did you learn that Russian
dossier became the bulk information used
in four FISA applications… -It’s apparent that the sealed
dossier formed part of the basis to justify the FBI’s… -Is it true you chose
Andrew Weissmann… -Andrew Weissmann attended Hillary Clinton’s
election night party. Did you know that before
or after he came onto the team? -…
the FBI paid Christopher Steele? -…
when Fusion GPS funded by the DNC
and the Hillary Clinton campaign started developing
the Steele dossier. -Hannity has been working
very hard to craft distractive and, in some cases,
phantom lines of inquiry to steer attention away from
the conclusions of the Mueller report
into Russian election meddling
and obstruction of justice. -What he’s doing is not
obstructing justice. He is pursuing justice, and the fact that
you ran it out two years means you perpetuated injustice. -The TV host’s success
in gaining such traction for his inquiries attests to his
persistence over the Trump era in inviting lawmakers such
as Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz on his program to meld minds. -But I am going to explain
to the American people that everybody that
was investigating Trump hated his guts… -With the White House
and Congressional GOPers in his corner, Hannity has conquered two of the
three branches of government. How long before he penetrates
the judiciary? Fox News is constantly
serving up a counter narrative to the Russia investigation, and this could have
real consequences in the 2020 election. Across all of its programs, Fox News claims to be protecting
the sanctity of America — its borders, its traditions,
its citizens. -My message is to you tonight, and I’m not
a registered Republican. I’m a registered conservative. -Yet, here he is,
providing talking points that minimize the Russia threat to lawmakers who are tasked
with fighting.


100 thoughts on “Opinion | Fox News host Sean Hannity’s influence on Republicans in Congress is dangerous”

  • Congress: glances at video rolls eyes quietly goes back to doing some paperwork T.T

    Me: silently watches wow looks like ur pretty calm cause Trump is utterly screwed. T.T

    Congress: I always remain calm besides he should have known not to trifle with me mind you there is no getting out my grip and he got caught. The more I investigate this matter the more knowledge and advantages I have mind you I like to take my time with all this madness going on. Did you know that I had a personal hobby for jigsaw puzzles? T.T

    Me: no how come? :O

    Congress: cause I get to piece that very long puzzle nobody wants to put together n then they wonder why n its merely because it is a master piece that hasnt been finished n instead left unfinished n that shows me how devoted you are to making progress on that puzzle because if u dont finish it I will finish it completely besides I hate unfinished work it bothers me. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to shower n have some dinner and here take this bag of candy and when ur done eating tell me how they taste T.T

    Me: Sure…………wait what why? ._.

    Congress: You'll understand once ur done for now consider it a mere compliment till ur done eating em T.T

    Me: Oh…..well m k 😛

  • Terry Hawkins says:

    You CAN sum Sean Hannity and Mark Levin up in THREE words….. THE PERFECT NAZIS !! POINT BLANK….. END of STORY !!

  • Shane Whitbread says:

    there is no bigger fool in public life than trump … no wait,maybe Mitch and lindsey and don jr, nunez,gates.jorden, meadows;bar,mcarthy, Hannity,carlson,ingram and the immigrant peiro plus many more but none worse than Trump,what a freakin waste of space and oxygen!!! Nice work America must be nice to have everything and still feel like you are entitled to more..f.u.!!

  • Trisha Meenaghan says:

    Graham…you HAVE no principles. YOU stated publicly many times just how much YOU hated Trump. Then you took the money and now you have a big dirty brown-nose!


    Idiots all idiots. Learn the law first of all. Explain to me what law Trump violated ? It's now known there was no collusion and the whole damn thing was a fraud from the start. Obstruction, explain to me how there was obstruction . And how would you react, knowing evil people, with no soul, was trying to convict you of a crime that could get you hanged for. Just because someone you knew hated you. At least i see many thumbs down on a Liberal MSM channel. That shows those who still believe this lie is a small minority of braindead, mentally ill, living in their mother's basement watching "The View" while eating a big bag of doritos, lonely as hell, so called American people.

  • It's not just Hannity! He speaks for the millions of Americans who feel Trump was set up by Obama's corrupt minions at the FBI/DOJ!!!

  • For goodness sake get a life and stop the hysteria, the lies and the hypocrisy. The truth will prevail and show just how screwed up you are.

  • bernadette black says:

    I can understand Trump not understanding Mr Mueller , TRUMP has no EMPATHY But the presenters on Fox should be ashamed of themselves . Don't they know when a person has a disorder like parkinson's it slows the speech and reaction time down but not the brain .

  • Like the DNC Networks (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, TYT), not to mention Billy Bob Maher and SNL, don't have an influence on the DemoRATS? Are you kidding me? There is much more danger there! Hannity VS a shitload of Libsters, and you're worried about him? That's rich!

  • DJ See's through it says:

    no this propangada passing as news is a treat … just go ask nick sandman … you race playing/ baiting/ hustling clowns … hope people shoot up your building …

  • Target Fox News' sponsors. Let these corporations know you will not support them if they continue to fund this propaganda.

  • NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    Meanwhile the CON-SERVATIVES Klan headed by Moscow Money Mitch , has put money and Russia malicious Hackers beforehand to Americans and our election security.

  • There's a very good RT trained hannity is covered in red!!!
    Know the truth, read the truth, study only the truth, know your history, stay away from fugazi News.And then the one significant place where comrades are created. Trained, tampered with, and honed with a dull sickle..
    Push them away, push them away,

  • Terrill Meyer says:

    LOL, now Hannity is dangerous. Don't you really mean that ALL Republicans are dangerous? Or more specifically, all people who don't go along with your viewpoints. Yes, worry. be very very worried, LOL. They are hell bent on maintaining your first amendment rights. Now how evil is that….it's terrible.

  • You think Hannity controls things ? "YOU IDIOTS"
    Hannity is obviously getting the information from the top, which the Main Stream Media can't do anymore because they have isolated them selves with their own Fake News !

  • mark 4ex2strong says:

    WP IS ARM OF INTEL CLOWNS IN ACTION…i'm in australia and i know that..hannity ,besides being repetitive has been accurate and will prove himself correct…

  • I remember when I was 16 (1985) Fox Channel came around the cable news channel. Every liberal laughed off the Republican conservative party. The Liberal Democrat party owned the tv media with their political agenda since the birth of TV. Who is laughing now with the same mass media the Democratic party has been shoving down our throats. It's about time for equality. Fair play with Fox news.

  • Did you even see Robert Muller report…? How can anyone Not see how corrupt the entire report is…and come on "The Penguin is screaming the loudest in congress. Those who scream the loudest have the most to hide

  • Poor little WaPo, what's your problem? Could it be you' re up to your eyeballs in the attempted Coup de'tat ? It's all falling apart and Comey can't have seeds planted fast enough to save those asses! I know it's your intent to insult Republican Congress, but they're all rather accomplished within their own right. Oh and Erik Wemple, as a Tax Payer Hannity has the right to voice any and every question he wants answered as we all do! Tell me WaPo, what are your ties in foreign countries? Thanks for playing FISA'S work both ways game … 'Q'

  • angelsvoice66 aka JerzKat says:

    what a bunch of BS! Those members of congress have been asking those same questions for months! They and the investigative journalists that come on the show have been on the same page since the nightmare fraud of an investigation began!

  • TheAndreacoble says:

    Washiington Post….you are a horrible news paper! Not only did the Epoch Times come up with most of the questions Hannity asked, but I came up with the same zinger questions when I saw Constantine on the Capitol lawn in 2017. The Mueller report read like he was a Russian spy. You may find this hard to believe that Americans actually read the 448 pages AND SENT IN THEIR QUESTIONS TO FOX. God you are boneheads!

  • Linda Deneher says:

    We lost the Free Press when fools started reading rags like the national enquirer and thought that was reality. Fox is the video version.

  • Gaetano Vindigni says:

    Let John Cleese say it for all of us:

    Aping urbanity  
    Oozing with vanity  
    Plump as a manatee  
    Faking humanity  
    Journalistic calamity  
    Intellectual inanity  
    Fox Noise insanity  
    You’re a profanity  

  • This week, more than 100 coal miners from Moscow McConnell’s home state of Kentucky – all of whom have black lung – showed up at his office to ask him what he’s doing about their health. Moscow McConnell didn’t even spend one minute with these workers who had traveled for half a day on a bus to meet with him. This proves that Republicans don’t care about their own constituents, as does every policy they introduce

  • Good on Sean, funny how the demorats complain and complain…ever see a demorat complain about CNN or MSNBC oh no never, even after they told the world that Hillary was going to win in a landslide. Now we have this stupid video. Get a life Demorats.

  • Tomorrows Last Funeral says:

    It's one guy on one tv channel against every major tv station,and newspaper in the whole world. The fact is, when it comes to Hannity's coverage of Trump's run in office and the completely fabricated investigation intended to destroy the President of the United States and take total control of its citizens, he has never lied. Actually, as hard as it is for someone that has, let's say Trump derangement syndrome to believe, every single factual statement he has made on his show has been proven true. Believe me, look it up for yourselves. If Hannity or anyone on Fox who is exposing the the truth about this attempted coo by our own government said anything about the left that was a lie, they would be gone immediately. Instead they just call them prejudice or Nazis just like they do to each other.Just like Pelosi says on video more than once including at a public press conference. She explaims how to destroy someones reputation by doing " A Smear " Then try to destroy you, Pelosi explains " first you make a false statement, a lie. Then you confirm the lie to the press. you know, you guys by saying you heard about also then the media runs the story and thats it, thats a smear" Then she giggles about it. they do it every single day to several.people and organizations to gain power. Look what happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro for calling Omar antisemetic .. She was back in a week, but only cause it was the truth. Ask Roseanne's whole show and its entire cast and staff how that works out. If it wasn't for Shawn Hannity and a few other honest reporters, the Swamp would never be drained and Hillary and Obama would never get the firing sqaud in Guantanamo. Oh But it is and they are so thank God for that.

  • Robert Sanchez says:

    when Obama was President, this guys used to mention the deficit every five minutes down to the last penny, looks to me things are very lopsided.

  • Michael Vella says:

    President Drumpf …. the magician …. because nothing he says or does is real!
    Sean Hannity …. the puppet master …. manipulating Drumpf’s ego to complete the GOP agenda … to stay in power.
    The GOP is trying to create a Master (the rich) – Servant (everyone else) relationship across America.
    A bit like the feudal lords of old England. Drumpf’s base think he is all for them, but he’s all for him and power.
    Everybody else is simply a means to an end. His base are paying for the wall, tariffs, poor education, pollution and the list goes on.
    They are living in a cocoon thinking it is affecting everybody else cause Drumpf is their champion.

  • This is hilarious, god i love msm, its this shrinking echo chamber of screeching offended pretend victims.

    An investigation staffed SOLELY with dem lawyers couldnt find i single shred of evidence after 30+ million and 2 years and they still cant let it go? Did any of you even see how bad Mueller was under questioning? ?‍♂️???

  • Philip Giacomantonio says:

    People have been talking about these same questions forever!! He was merely repeating what others have been saying all along. He didn't make them up! If you check, you will see this is the case. But, as far as influence, what about CNN, MSNBC, MSM in general, the Dem and Rep parties, and all those nutcake fringe groups that are anti Trump. No influence there, right???

  • WP is nothing but a smelly Lying armpit for their Globalist power freak owners their a grade under toilet paper

  • Are you insane? Meanwhile, in grand jury probes and actual investigations (not this bullshit speculation) the paid for media fed the Comey team the journalistic hoax meant to smokescreen an intelligence and HillBillaryBunch led coup? You should have zero pride left after selling your soul like this.

  • WAPO…so you are saying it's better to listen/watch to Madow, Cuomo, Lemon, Scarborough Tapper, or Blitzer huh? Are you serious with this garbage? Tell us, where exactly is the truth that any of the lemmings I mentioned have been truthful regarding their reporting/opinions on Mueller, the Clintons. or any of the so called russian collusion?
    Hint, you can't, because none of them have any credibility, you know it, and we know it. Stop trying to lie about people who actually report. According to your own tag line, democracy dies in darkness, you are the ones supporting darkness with this "opinion" piece on Hannity, and those anchors you back/support. You are advocating for the opposite of democracy, you wan't spoon fed mindless bots with this garbage, you know it and we know it. Anything counter to your agenda is evil/racist/facist/Nazi/xenophobic/homophobic & islamophobic….but then again you like to project.

  • What a stupid opinion peace. everyone knew what questions should be asked even the Republicans. To try spin the narrative that Hannity gave them the questions is ludicrous and you idiots think the Americans buy this?

  • They are just mad because you can't buy Trump you can't make him do what you want him to do he isn't there puppet and they can't stand that… Trump 2020

  • hippopothomas1980 says:

    LOL, so it's okay for the whole CNN, MSNBC team to do this to Trump but It's not okay for 1 lil'ol Hannity to do this to Democrats?

  • The only problem is that Hannity is more beliveable than the the Washington Post. The Post bscked Mueller and that turned out to be fake. Meanwhile what Hannity spent 2yewrs banging on about (FISA abuse, deep state manipulation, cover-ups, with-holding exculpitory evidenceetc,etc) looks as though it is true .

  • And? Like Don Lemon and Jim Acosta dont drive Democrats? There is too much of "but our side is right so it's ok" from both sides!

  • 1776concernedcitizen says:

    So conservatives listen to Hannity. If he was a socialist you guys would welcome him to your commie media kabal

  • All I got to say is, the 8th commandment from all mighty god is: Thou shall not lie… So since Shawn is never or rarely caught in a lie, how can it be dangerous? So simply put, by the Washington Post lying there is where the real danger is.

  • Democracy dies in darkness because of the fake news media! A daily barrage of nonsense peddled and propagated by biased propagandists, not reporters/ journalists, literal biased propagandists! That’s how democracy dies in darkness, you fools! ?

  • Where was LOSER WaPo when the LOVE affair with Barry Soetoro ran like an unending romance novel during the entire 8+ years of the pain that the US had to suffer?? RUSSIA THREAT ??? Where you guys with URANIUM ONE ??? You certainly didn't see any RUSSIAN THREAT as Hitlery and her ilk made off with LOTS 'O CASH with THAT deal !!!

  • If DJT wins in 2020 the Dems will go crazy and appoint two special councils, one to look into Russian meddling, and one to look into Iranian meddling.

  • Gladiator Spear says:

    Hannity you are a coward. You don’t even talk about the tragedies of these mass shootings. And what the victims went through with these crazy shooters

  • Gamers need to grow up makes association and start to funding LEFTS against NRA that will defeat NRA totally Smart no body will be harm.

  • Dennis Navarro says:


  • Can you just imagine if the news media actually jumped on the Trump train how they would all prosper; and not only them but everyone in America and it would resonate around the world.

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