33 thoughts on “Operation Market Garden | Animated Mini-Documentary”

  • The Armchair Historian says:

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    This has been the hardest video for us to make! Let us know if you want longer videos from now on (12-15 minutes). If there is any misinformation or anything that needs clarification please let me know and I will add it to a corrections list.
    1. Spelling error at 8:22, written "arugably" instead of "arguably."
    2. At 7:46 we say that Jim is a Brigadier General, but he's wearing two stars on his uniform as a Major General in the portrait.
    3. 12:45 Should have been 107th Panzer Brigade, not division.
    4. Pronounced Staffordshire, not Stratfordshire.

  • Constantine Joseph says:

    Fool hardy to rely on infantry with a lack of AT capabilities to take on mechanised infantry and armoured units in the area.

    What was Monty smoking? I'd like to have some of those

  • This was the last gasp of the British Empire.
    The Brits desperately needed to be the big victors over Germany That they should be the ones to lead the Allies as they were the most qualified because, you know, they're British.
    The fact that Britain was bankrupt and incapable of offensive action on its own notwithstanding.
    There was not enough gas, supplies for both the Brits up north and the US and Patton in the south.
    So they hatched this half-assed plan using American troops and material to augment their forces for this 'big show'. When they ignored and suppressed info that 2 panzer division were near the British drop zone, that was a criminal act. Those guys, who fought like hell, were stabbed in the back by Churchill and Montgomery.

  • Grant De Los Angeles says:

    Ww1 vet at Ww2:
    Colonel:We'll be done by Christmas they said.We'll really mean it they said.It won't be like last time they said.

  • Иван Роджер says:

    6,854 captured commando on the 5th day of the operation ?! This shame has not yet seen Britain. When in Stalingrad 24 ordinary soldiers defended the area for 58 days from almost the entire 6th German army! And while no one surrendered to the enemy! What is the problem?

  • Noman Rashid says:

    Montgomery wasn't the most brilliant of generals. His success in Egypt were mostly due to attrition suffered by German forces in Africa and equipment quantative supermacy

  • Montgomery should never have planned this or even allowed to execute this plan.
    Even in they succeeded with Market Garden completely — DAMN – there is yet another river called Ijssel … still no free road going into Germany.
    Montgomery is just not capable of reading a map. And anybody who could read a map and approved this operation was just too willing to fight no matter what.

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