OOPS! Fox News Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Committed Impeachable Crimes

OOPS! Fox News Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Committed Impeachable Crimes

Fox News released a poll this week that they
conducted that actually had some results that I’m sure that they didn’t want to reveal to
the public because according to Fox News own poll, a majority of people in this country,
Democrats and Republicans, actually believe that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor,
is going to uncover impeachable criminal offenses committed by Donald Trump. 56% of the respondents in that poll said they
believe Robert Mueller is going to find impeachable offenses the further he looks into Donald
Trump’s history. However, a word of caution here because bipartisan
majorities of both parties also agree that it’s very likely that Donald Trump is going
to fire Robert Mueller before the probe ends. The poll then went on to ask another question
about do you think this probe is important, to which 64%, including Democrats and Republicans,
said that “Yes, it is important that this probe continues.” So, this poll conducted by Fox News flies
in the face of everything that this network has been telling us for months, and months,
and months. They’ve been telling us the probe is going
to go on too long. They’ve repeated the President’s talking point
that it’s a witch hunt. That it’s concocted by Democrats to make up
for their 2016 election losses. Or that it’s not going to find anything because
there was no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. Well guess what? The public, including many of your viewers,
happen to disagree with you on that, and now you have your own set of data that you created
that shows that. And here’s another reason why this poll is
so important. It has a margin of error of only three points. I know a lot of people may not think that
that is important, however as somebody who has a degree in political science, and somebody
who studied political science research methods in college, I can tell you that according
to what political scientists are actually taught, you’re never supposed to put trust
in a poll that has a margin of error greater than three. A lot of the polls that have come out recently
have margin of errors of five, six points. Those are pretty much unreliable at that point. But three or less, those are polls that you
should take seriously, and this Fox News poll happens to be one of the more accurate polls
that we have seen come out in a very long time.


100 thoughts on “OOPS! Fox News Poll Shows Majority Believe Trump Committed Impeachable Crimes”

  • Leeanne Bishop says:

    Lier lier pants on fire GO GET GEM MUELLER keep digging back Trumps ass up against the wall gee the money trumps bribes or payout to those who’s kissing his ass must be more important then their livelihoods and how his BS is going to effect their children’s futures, how can anyone show their children that trump has did nothing but distroy their country day in and day out WOW ! You Trump Humpers are going to lose bigggggg time.

  • My fellow Americans , we need to start talking to each other so we can find our way back to living with and respecting each other .

  • The man has been a criminal his entire life, stiffing contractors and tenants simply because he had enough power to do so. His mentor while growing up was ROY COHN, for Pete's sake: one of the most despicable and corrupt human beings to ever walk the face of this planet. Karma has, at last, caught up with Donald Trump. And Karma has deemed that it's time for him to pay.

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535 says:

    I love it when this prickhole flys off the handle about every little thing Hehehehehehehehe xD it’s always a great day and night when he flips out like a crybaby

  • steve mascella says:

    It doesn't matter what the poll says, what matters is Mueller has been sniffing around for about a year now and found zero evidence of collusion! I wonder how Obama woulda faired under someone like Trey Gowdy looking around him for impeachable offenses?

    This is the swamp fighting back. Plain and simple.

  • The left is off the rails. Trump has done nothing worthy of impeachment. I don't understand the hysteria. He's turning out to be a pretty good president. He's a strange character is a lot of ways but he's doing a good job.

  • ThePhilmoreslim 1 says:

    Anyone who saw his interview on their show can see why he probably has committed an offense shows he scared and coming undone…… dude was a reality TV guy like 5 years ago had no experience being in a political office and is a glorified sexist and racist

  • People this did not start with Trump, this started a long time ago. Read your history and pay attention to what has gone on through out the years.

  • But is Trump even intelligent enough to have conspired with Russia? Given his compulsion to blurt, he'd have incriminated himself without even making Comey or Mueller do much investigative work. I can pretty easily believe the campaign colluded but probably they weren't dumb enough to tell The Donald anything important – he'd blurt. Trump is dangerous enough to need impeaching but what's dangerous about him is his unbelievably high degree of incompetence.

  • What do we do with the leftist idiots who are actually killing this country from with end? As some of you mentioned us Trumpets are violent, I’ve personally have never gotten violent but keep up the bullshit and anything is possible right. F-ing idiots. Lmfao Keep up your stupid wishing for Impeachment it isn’t going to happen. Muller still looking after after all this time. As bad as he wants to impeach Trump he still can’t find that smoking gun because if he had any damn thing he would have ran with it already. Stupid MF’ers! Haha Keep wishing in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster. Hint- it’s that hand full of shit but you can keep wishing because it’s going to be a great ass whooping come 2018 and 2020! 😂

  • Orville B Jenkins says:

    He acts like a guilty man. Whether he is or not. He has worsened his situation with all his palaver keeping the issue alive.

  • dotard dotard trump….la la la la …lo lo lo lo …..you ….are………..going ……….to………. JAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………………


  • The Ring of Fire: Please do recall that a substantial amount of Americans are "Independents" (i.e., neither Democrat nor Republican). Indeed, Independents may outnumber Republicans

  • Dimitry Rotstein says:

    The problem is that many Republicans believe that Mueller will find impeachable offences not because trump has done something wrong, but because this investigation is a "witch hunt", which will find wrongdoings even if there are none. So, this poll is not as encouraging as it might seem at first glance.

  • Here we go with those polls again. You know what polls are like. Yes and everybody has one. People bring up polls when they have no facts.When I ask people what crime trump has commited to make you think he needs to be impeached I here crickets. Just because you hate someone is no grounds for impeachment. Why does this man scare some people sooo much. Can it be that a bussiness man is showing the world and all of our politicans how to actually run a government corporation. Thats right our government is actually a corporation and who better to run it than a bussiness man. Seems like most all these politicians are lawers and what do lawers do? Thats right they pass laws on us the people. So what the hell do lawers know about running a corporation? Thats right nothing and we now see in just eighteen months how much he has accomplished. Trump will be our president thru 2024 you can take that to the bank. The dems may not be.

  • 1st, pres trump at times talks like a baby. 2nd some Republicans (repubs) are obsessed with sinful sex and miss the bigger wrongs, 3rd the ongoing back-room deals are not being made into m as in street news.

  • he needs prison, impeach Clinton still got to stay pres. Nixon resigned, so impeach doesn't boot you from office as a full outright consequence.

  • btw they are going after collision and are not talking about conspiracy. so define the difference. I think conspiracy is the wrong with collision. but there is more…

  • Fox news has more faked news then any other networks. Fox news sucks. No trust in this news . It's a SAD network and horrible.

  • Alelae Duplasey says:

    You wish. Hold your breath and see. 18 months and still NADA. Please hold your breath until they do. AT LEAST ANOTHER 18 mo.

  • A Fox poll shows a majority believe Trump committed impeachable crimes fortunately people believing Trump committed a crime and Mueller actually having evidence of Trump committing a crime are not the same thing though I am sure some people don't understand that and disappointed The Ring of Fire didn't mention that!

  • A Loyal Amethyst says:



  • same people that said he won't be President. Remember the WHOLE WORLD said he won't win. Every poll every expert said there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE he will WIN. Go on youtube and research all the videos of people saying he will never win. From President Barack Obama to every celebrity in Hollywood and media. Those videos are PRICELESS. Never get tried of watching them to FUNNY. Never believe in polls. Wait on result or outcome. #TRUMP2020

  • Remember all the scandal with Bill Clinton. He actually lied under oath. He actually had sex in the oval office with Monica. He played with her pussy with a CIGAR. I wonder what he used it for. A big mess. And what happened to him. More popular than ever. He even won a 2nd term. It energize his base. Same is going to happen with Trump if you liberal's start talking impeachment. Even Nancy Pelosi said it. It's not a good idea. She know why. What Trump has done so far while President is not even close to impeachment. You can not impeachment a President because you don't like him. It's doesn't work that way. So good luck with that. # TRUMP2020

  • Guess, what I voted no and when I was about to click off I saw my vote automatically change before my very own eyes and not by my on hand from no that I had clicked on to it turning to yes and was shocked to see that. I say that poll was rigged and who ever was behind that machine was rigging it, if I had not seen that happen with my own eyes I would have said they were telling the truth, but not now. Maybe it was an honest gliche, but I will always wander about that., It was truly weird to say the least to see that happen, before my very own eyes. I still do not believe he has committed a crime and if he has it can not be any worse than what Soros and the Clinton's have done. Why have they not been deeply investigated and sent to prison. I say you do not send Trump to prison before you send the Clinton's , Soros, Obama, Comey ,McCabe and Rosenstein and definitely Mueller to prison , let's do not leave out Schumer either, the Democratic Instantgater. And the six women as well. The four Demo's women and the two Repubs.women. Peace to all.

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi says:

    There is No such thing as "impeachable offenses". The President can be impeached for anything under the sun as long as there are enough votes to pass the motion. Fake News.

  • Liberalism is a mental illness. Just like socialist do not to need evidence. This ass clown represents the failure of liberals. There was no polling by FOX. Look it up
    If Trump cures cancer you nut jobs would still be whining. You're sheep mindless and obedient

  • What impeachable offences? Not one libtarded motherfucker can name ONE thing. DUMB stupid Fairy Cousins. Hopefully Trump will fire them all.

  • Look to the ides of July when a confidant will turn
    Then look to the ides of September when a party that marches in lock step will falter.
    The orange fat man will be unmasked.

  • Fox news poll is a leftist poll now. The deep state took the poll over like they are attempting to take over fox news too.

  • No it's not a witch hunt it's a $7mil + 1yr long partisan expose of the coruption of the doj fbi the dnc and the lame stream media never get tired of listenin to cryin commies 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LMFAO they asked 100 libtards if it's true, they said yes, and apparently that means most of America, LMFAO, you people are fucking pathetic.

  • there is no collusion that's why molar the mold is looking for anything he can possibly find to show Criminal Intent on Trump's part 10 12 15 30 years ago. LOL in The Witch Hunt continues

  • Well however Muller does he get paid for trying to derail. American whenever the dollar is gone. What will you. Yes you live own. Back in the Good. Old days it wasn't all that good go to bad know food in you.

  • the republican party is turning away from Trump and as this effect becomes stronger we can expect that fox et all will also turn against him could this be the first indication?

  • Olayemi Ayoola says:

    You must be a moron. Keep hallucinating. When there is no collusion so where is the impeacheable offence

  • Wrong!!!
    The public also repeatedly said that Hilary would be the first woman President and would win big, landslide.
    Unfortunately the public was dead wrong.

  • Tonight CNN and MSNBC covered the questions that Mueller is planning to ask Trump. At the same time, Fox spent an hour complaining about the offensive jokes told at the correspondence dinner. Then they talked about dangerous immigrants. After about 90min they mentioned the Mueller questions in a report of less than two minutes. Then they went back to dangerous illegals. Fox is where Trump supporters get their news. MSNBC and CNN are fake news to them No wonder so many of them are ignorant. I have often seen Fox polls give more favorable results to the liberal side vs the conservative side. If Fox viewers are ever exposed to Mueller's questions, I think the number of people who think Trump is quilty will go up. But it is going to be in the NYT (Failed paper, according to Trump) and Fox isn't going to tell them much.

  • I got an A in my "Survey Research Methods" class. Another very important think is the the sample be random. For example, an internet poll contains the votes on only people who came across the poll and decided to vote on it. Most of them are not accurate unless studying a very specific group. like "Brietbart readers who voted on this poll…"

  • Liberals are mentally retarded. This asshole must be their king. If you traitor Liberals don't like it ,    KISS  MY  ASS.

  • So. He can find them, but there will be no proof. A made up lie. Some of you decided to impeach him on day one. That's not how it works. You are full of hatred and you don't realize that you are supporting people who have deceived you. Maybe you want to be deceived.

  • LegalShield Barbara says:

    Yes, undeed, this baphoon liar Donald Trump will not only IMPEACHED, but need to be locked up!

  • Rob Anderson says:

    All our high level politicians are criminals, I don't need a poll to know they are lying and stealing everything that isn't nailed down all over the planet.

  • Stephen Farthing says:

    I wish I could say that it is possible. But…! I have to exercise caution. 97% is a high percentage but I would require it to be 98%. Compelling – perhaps. But this British Citizen is being wary of this. And as such – given the fact that I have been very bemused by Mr Trump. I say compelling but not quite sufficient for me to add more to this matter.

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