OnePlus 7 Pro – Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

OnePlus 7 Pro – Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

good people say hello to the OnePlus 7
Pro the company’s flagship smartphone for 2019 actually I think I should put
some asterisks are on that statement because you never know they might
actually come out with a OnePlus 7t or the 7t Pro later this year let’s just you
know what let’s just say that the 7 Pro is OnePlus its flagship smartphone to
date they brought some interesting additions to this device like the pop-up
front-facing camera resulting in this notch list display an
additional ultra wide-angle lens a beautiful AMOLED display with a high
refresh rate and some more now please don’t consider this as a full dedicated
review but rather consider it as an informative one so that you’re aware of
what’s really new with the 7 Pro and when we spent a couple of days with this
device and I like doing smart reviews more like consumers so you know expect
our long term of you in the next few months so here’s everything that you
need to know about the oneplus 7 pro but first let’s take a quick look at our
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superior cooling performance it’s both Intel and AMD socket compatible and it
features RGB lighting learn more about it down below alright so I just want to
address something right out of the way and that’s the size of the 7 Pro it’s
huge guys in fact it’s bigger than the 6t and I was struggling to hold that
phone comfortably so if you’re in the same boat as I am you’re gonna have to
get used to this it’s a 6 point 6 7 inch AMOLED display that now boasts a
resolution of 31 20 by 1440 so quad HD plus instead of the full HD Plus on the
6t so for you pixel geeks out there this is a welcoming bonus oh and the cherry
on top of that is that it now features a refresh rate of 90 Hertz so navigating
through the UI is a bit more responsive and fluid and if you game a lot on your
smart phone this will change everything it’s not 120 Hertz as good as the razer
phone – but I’ll take it over the standard 60 Hertz
now I do need to point out that the edges of the display are curved on both
sides and honestly I do feel like it’s a bit more aggressive than the Galaxy S10
it’s more reflective and actually quite distracting and watching content
especially in good blinding situations so do keep that in mind but other than
that this is a beautiful screen with awesome colors nothing to complain here
moving on to the pop-up camera I’m sure a lot of you have questions with regards
to the durability because it’s a motorized mechanism that pops up and
down when you enable the front-facing camera mode now oneplus claims that
they’ve tested this over 300 thousand times to ensure that it’s consistent in
its operation they’ve even added rubber grommets around the module to prevent
debris from entering and stalling the motors they’ve also used the
accelerometer and the gyroscope to automatically retract the camera module
when it’s in freefall so for those of you who take selfies in the most extreme
conditions like you’re on the top of a mountain you’re trying to get that cool
angle and you’re trying to show it off and oops you just drop your phone
because a its first of all a huge phone so chances of here dropping it are a lot
higher you would have to worry about that anymore because the camera will
automatically retract and it will protect the lens module itself so that’s
nice I mean they’re trying everything that they can to make sure that
durability is intact and it’s certainly something that I have to validate myself
in the long-term abuse so do certainly stay tuned for that the one thing that I
do want to add on top of this is that oneplus is trying to step out from their
comfort zone they’re trying something new with the 7 Pro and I gotta give to
them because it’s certainly not the first phone to come out with this pop-up
camera implementation we’ve seen other brands like Oppo in the Asian markets
come out with the same technology but it’s a very first device at least in
North America to feature this cool implementation and I’m genuinely looking
forward to your thoughts about that what do you guys think about it
now the design hasn’t taken a shift from the 6t aside from the display and the
pop-up camera you still get the alert slider which is nice and it comes in
three colors mirror Gray almond and nebula blue which is the one that I have
over here and I love it quick note on the fit and finish the first thing that
I did notice is that this phone is heavy I mean obviously given its sheer size
you should expect that I’ll do love the frosted sort of matte
the back it’s certainly a lot better than the glossy surface on the galaxy s10 so it’s not a big of a fingerprint magnet compared to that device so that’s
nice and it gives you a subtle grip so it’s certainly nicer to hold my hand but
I would probably end up throwing a case on top of this because I do not want to
drop this phone I just don’t the 7 Pro has a triple
camera setup at the back just like the galaxy s10 so you get a 16 megapixel
ultra wide-angle lens a 48 megapixel standard lens but before you start
jumping with excitement keep in mind that the final image is in 12 megapixels
to the pixel binning now for those of you who are wondering what that is it’s
essentially grouping four by four pixels into one huge pixel that results in
better low-light performance lastly there’s an 8 megapixel telephoto lens
for that extra reach and at first glance the results do look pretty good I mean
there is detail the color reproduction is also really nice I don’t think you
can say anything terrible about the cameras coming out of the stock camera
app but having said all that I can’t wait to see what Android or third-party
developers can come out with especially since the Google camera mod on 6t was a
complete game-changer so I can’t wait to see that rollout on the 7 Pro it should
certainly step things up quite a bit now if you recall watching my OnePlus 6t
review I talked about how I had some issues with the in display fingerprint
scanner and that’s partly because it was first gen tech and it was actually a lot
more slower than a physical reader softer blades certainly helped improve
the accuracy and the responsiveness but it just wasn’t as fast as I’d like it to
be now what they’ve done with the 7 Pro is they’ve actually increased the
size of the scanner by 36% which actually results in a lot more accuracy
when it comes to reading your thumbprint or your fingerprint and having spent a
couple of days with this device it’s noticeably faster than the 6t so that’s
certainly a welcoming change I mean I can just do a simple tap on this device
and I’m automatically on the home screen or into my phone so that’s great taking
a look at the rest of the specs there’s nothing really underwhelming with the 7 pro
I mean you get the fastest SOC from Snapdragon coold buying a 10 layer
liquid cooling system that I’m really curious to test out since summer is
right around the corner here in Canada you also get it to 12 gigabytes of RAM
and up to 256 gigabytes storage that now uses the ufs 3.0
standard there’s also dual SIM support unfortunately no expandable storage and
the battery has been upgraded from 3700 milliamp hours to 4000 and it now
supports warped charge 30 this technology was introduced with the
oneplus sixty McLennan edition it’s a special edition device and what it
essentially does is that it charges your device from zero to 50% in just 20
minutes so it’s a lot faster than the fast charge method on the standard 60
they’ve also improved the haptic vibration motor as well as implement
dual stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos so when you’re consuming
content there is proper left and right channel separation so that’s certainly
welcoming change over the 6t now for those of you who embrace wireless
charging I’m really sorry to break this to you
but the oneplus 7 pro does not support that feature which is really
disappointing I was so expecting for them to include that on their
next-generation phone but that isn’t the case because I’m so spoiled by using or
charging my devices wirelessly and now I have to go back to plugging in the cable
on this device so yeah it’s just it sucks and to be frank having having
spoken to oneplus they mentioned that you know they feel like warp charge is
the most fastest and efficient way to top-up the battery on the 7 Pro because
it’s 4,000 milliamp hours and if you try to charge it wirelessly it just takes a
lot longer than warp charge and that’s kind of their argument for not implement
with a faster solution to charge the battery wirelessly they’ll certainly
look into adding it on the devices but for now it’s just not there and to wrap
things up there’s the software which has always been one of the main pillars of
oneplus foundation if you’re an existing one plus user you would know
what I’m talking about I mean it’s clean and super customizable and it constantly
gets updated which is awesome there are a couple of features that have been
added to the OS namely built-in screen recording which does not have any limits
like other third-party apps that you’d have to pay to unlock you can choose
your desired resolution and bitrate and I do see myself taking advantage of this
feature in the long term the other feature is called Zen mode and I really
like this one because you know we’re all tied down to our smart
in our everyday lives and it’s sometimes a distracting factor if you’re trying to
have a conversation with someone so what does n mode does is that locks you out
of the device for 20 minutes straight so you won’t be able to access your device
like you know checks your social media accounts or just do the things that
you’re normally able to do I mean you can make emergency phone calls and take
pictures but other than that it’s launched I think this is a great feature
because it helps you focus on other things in life which I personally do
value as well so yeah kudos one plus for including that so with all of that out
of the way how much does the OnePlus 7 pro cost well it starts at six hundred
and seventy dollars and you can obviously configure it all the way up to
$750 for the Specht out talking abouts of RAM and doing it 56 kilobytes of
storage so certainly not cheap guys and I really want to know thoughts about
that in the comments down below do you think it’s too expensive or do you think
it’s a great value for the features that you’re getting because personally
speaking if I take a step back and look at one plus as a brand they were known
for making amazing smart phones for less than $500 they’ve eaten forms for less
than 400 ollars back in the day but now they certainly break the barrier a $600
barrier with the 7 Pro and they’re trying to compete with the flagship
smartphones out there like the Galaxy S10’s and the ones from LG so you could
either take it in a positive way or negative way it’s certainly a lot
cheaper than the Galaxy stem for sure because it’s not $1000 and that’s great
but you know when you look at the phone like the pixel 3a that was just launched
last week it basically offers some the core features that you really need on an
Android smartphone for $400 so if you’re looking for just core functionalities
there are other phones for a lot less in the market right now and I think the 7
pro stays somewhere in the middle I certainly have to test it out
extensively to give you guys my full thoughts on this device because I could
end up running into a lot of issues like I did with the 6t’s so who knows we’ll
see definitely stay tuned for the long term of you I also do want to quickly
talk about the oneplus 7 because that is something that a lot of you guys were
looking forward to as well now think of it this way the 7 is just
an incremental upgrade over the 60 you’re just getting updated specs in
terms of your SOC your storage capacity is now operated
from when one 23.0 standard and that’s pretty
much it now from what I’ve been told the one plus seven is only available to buy
in select countries so in the United States I think it’s just gonna be the 6t
and the 7 Pro which are the two product stack up for the rest of 2019 so I hope
you learned everything about the 1 plus 7 Pro if you’re interested in anything
particular that you wanted me to test on this device definitely let me know the
comments down below and I’ll make sure to include them in my long term review
I meet with hundred connects thank you so much for watching stay tuned for more
smartphone content because it’s gonna get too hot I’m signing off and I’ll see
you guys in the next one


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