This week on TGC News, 2 new guns from Ruger,
a new concealed carry 9 from FN, 1 million 320s, a clear dust cover for your AR, Sig
is in court a lot, and the background check numbers are in! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. I’m pumped to have you guys here during the
Coronapocalypse and thank you for subscribing to The Gun Collective. Please keep your arms and legs inside the
car as the outside is scary and there’s no TP out there. Now, how about some news? First up this week, Ruger has made it back
into the show with 2 new guns. The first one is a new version of the Ruger
American line up called the Ruger American Competition. As you can probably ascertain from the title,
it’s got some features leaning more in that direction. Let’s run it down. Besides the standard American basics, it has
an extended slide that has speed holes for less reciprocating weight as well as some
nice serrations front and rear. It has a 5 inch barrel, fiber optic front
sight and adjustable rear, and as everyone seems to be doing these days, an optic cut. And that’s pretty much it. For the MSRP of 579, this might be a solid
way to get into competition shooting without a ton of money invested. The other new gun Ruger released is called
the PC Charger. It’s essentially a chopped down version of
the PC Carbine. I’ll run down the specs real quick. It has a 6.5 inch threaded barrel, MLOK handguard
with the takedown system built in, a dinky little hand stop preinstalled, pic rail on
top of the receiver, interchangeable magwells to accept different brands of mags, it comes
with the Ruger magwell installed but ships with the Glock one as well. And then of course the rear of the polymer
chassis has a pic rail so you can attach your favorite brace, COUGH TGC15 at SB Tactical
COUGH, and otherwise its the same as the big brother carbine version. Honestly, a gun like this has potential to
sell way more than the carbine version. Braced pistols are all the rage and having
a tiny little suppressed 9mm would be the bees knees. MSRP is the same as the full size chassis
variant at 799 dollars. I’m curious to see what you guys think of
this one. Do you think it’s rad? Or is it wet bread? Sound off below and let’s talk about it. And now some more new stuff before we get
into some industry news. FN USA just announced the addition of a tiny
little concealed carry gun called the 503. It’s a slim single stack striker fired 9mm
with a 3 inch barrel, what they’re calling snag free 3 dot sights, 6 round mags, some
nice texturing around the grip and serrations on the rear of the slide. Otherwise it’s a fairly standard thing. In their promo materials, they’re bragging
about the enlarged controls even though none of them look bigger, and the all metal trigger
which they claim will break crisp and cleanly at 5 lbs. An extended 8 round mag also comes with the
gun. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything groundbreaking
going on here BUT it would be great to have another solid choice for a gun in this category. The MSRP lands at 549 and when you compare
that to the front runner in the category, the Smith & Wesson Shield, which has a higher
capacity and slightly lower 479 dollar MSRP, things get interesting. Here’s hoping the 503 does really well in
independent reviews. Also in the news this week, Sig Sauer announced
on their social media that in 2019 they hit a big milestone with the P320, they had made
1 MILLION of them. And to celebrate, Sig Custom Works created
a one of a kind P320 with the number 1 million in the serial number. The grip inserts are made of hand cut granite
since the guns are made in the granite state, there is some really nice engraving with a
14 karat gold inlay and an all metal high gloss polished frame. It is a gorgeous example of the custom work
they do in the custom shop and a really cool way to celebrate. I highly doubt the gun is for sale but that’s
not the point here. It’s more about how cool this is and celebrating
that milestone with them. This next one is something that I haven’t
settled on yet. It’s from a company called Space Rifle and
it’s a product called the Hatch. Essentially it’s a clear plastic dust cover
for an AR15. The selling points they’re using for this
thing are.. Questionable. They start by calling it an optical dust cover
that allows you to see the position of your BCG and ammo with the cover closed, they say
that its 50% lighter than the standard metal dust cover, and they brag about it having
a delran detent so it doesn’t wear down your receiver. Not once have I thought to myself, man this
dust cover is heavy, or man I wish I could see where my BCG was, or even man I hope this
dust cover doesn’t wear down that little notch in my receiver. Not once have I thought any of those things. I’m the type of person to basically never
close the dust cover anyway. BUT at the same time, I don’t think any of
those things are BAD. I do have concerns that this thing would get
dirty pretty fast, especially if you are shooting suppressed. And with the MSRP of 30 bucks vs like 5-6
bucks for a metal version, is it worth the extra cash? I dunno. Part of me hates it, part of me is indifferent. What do you guys think of this thing? Would you buy one or is it stupid? How about some gun industry news? Sig sauer seems to spend a lot of time in
court and 2 of their cases have had a bit of resolution. First up, Steyr Arms sued them back in 2017
for patent infringement, essentially saying that the design of the P250 and later the
p320 was using the same plastic housing and multi function metal part removably mounted
that they patented back in 2001. Long story shorter, a US District Court Judge
granted a motion for summary judgement and found that Sig did not infringe on Steyrs
patent and then dismissed the case. That’s a win for Sig. However, in 2018 they has a class action suit
brought against them alleging that the 320 would fire out of battery or in the unlocked
position due to the lack of a disconnector that was actually included in the voluntary
upgrade program that came out after all of the drop testing stuff showed the gun would
fire when dropped at specific angles. It seems they have come to a settlement. It’s pretty funny to me because on the settlement
page on Sigs website they are immediately defensive. Claiming that although the plaintiffs have
not proven their claims, sig has reached an agreement to resolve the case. The next paragraph also starts with defensive
language, Sig denies the plaintiffs claims and by entering into this agreement sig is
not admitting that the allegations have merit. But they for some reason still decided to
settle. I think this could be for a few reasons. Maybe it’s cheaper to settle than to fight
it. Maybe they were going to lose the case because
they were unable to prove their side of things or maybe they just wanted it to go away and
stop paying the lawyers for this one. Either way it’s an interesting move. If you want to make a claim, you can go to and see how you might do that. Also in industry news, the February NICS numbers
are in and boy are they high. Almost 750 thousand more checks versus February
2019. And I suspect March will be even higher because
the NICS staff said that on just the 16th of this month, they were experiencing a 300
percent increase over the prior year. Likely because of panic buying but holy crap
is that a lot of guns selling. I know you guys have seen that gun stores
all over the country are sold out of ammo and guns and lord knows how long that trend will continue. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions. This time our questions are coming from our
loyal Subscribestar supporters. If you aren’t supporting us on there, please
click the link in the description and go do that. First up, Daniel Hayden says how do we reach
all of the 1st time gun owners? They need info and safety! I totally agree and I think the best way to
reach them is for folks that make content and write articles to focus their attention
on those new folks. It’s also up to everyone else out there to
welcome them into the community and show them how
great it is. It’s going to be weird and tough because a
lot of ranges are closed right now BUT now is the perfect time to educate. AND please for the love of john moses browning,
do NOT bitch at them for the laws that are in place. Educate them on what the laws are and let
them discover the unjustness on their own. Guide them, do not try to force things on
them. WIlliam Moonan says what will be the next
mainstream caliber to die off like 40 has? And Ryan R says do you think due to the recent
surge in gun and ammo sales that 40 will see a resurrection? Yes it will see a slight resurrection but
that was a sort of forced one because all the smart people bought 9 mills haha. And the next caliber to sort of die off will
be 380. It will take a while but I think with the
rise of the 9, 380s will fade away like 32acp and 25acp did. Austin Fink says what will be the fall out
of this surge of first time gun buyers cleaning out gun stores across the country? Will it be more gun rights voters, a flood
of used guns on the market in a few months or more unsafe things happening due to lack
of training? The simple answer is yes. There’s no good way to predict the behavior
of folks. I suspect that we will see more folks from
the middle move towards our side, but not everyone will. We may even have more people that say things
like I’m a gun owner but.. Followed by some tyrannical nonsense. We will also likely see a bunch of people
decide to dump the gun for half of what they paid in a very short period of time. Guns are not for everyone and that’s okay. And yes we will likely see some not safe things
happen. BUT we need to look at them as opportunities
to educate. Not everyone is up to speed on gun safety,
again it’s our job to welcome folks into our community and teach them how to have fun safely. My friendly fire question to you guys, where
have you seen the best pricing and availability on ammo? How about the worst? Share it with the class in the comments below
and if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. I would love it if you guys hit the like button
to show your support and if you think we’ve earned it, get subscribed as well. As always, thank you all for watching. We’ll see you soon.


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  • Fuck Ruger…They strung out the release of 3 versions of that 9mm PCC. The last 2 iterations were more desirable; however I'm not running back and forth to upgrade them, so I will be keeping the one I have and fuck Ruger.

  • Cheaper than Dirt are muferfuckers…lets put the pricks out of business. Boycott them into oblivion. Several gun shops in Reno have resorted to these same tactics. Only Reno Guns and Range have been "keeping it real." If you need ammo on the Reno area go there. I got a couple hundred rounds of .308 there for 35 bucks for 50 rds. I usually get .308 mil surp for 30 cents a rd. just 3 weeks ago.

  • compares all companies prices but as it relates to those in freedom hate states that you need to go to a gun store i would say it sucks to suck, move to Missouri.

  • Lorne Holtzclaw says:

    Cheaper than Dirt will rape you dry if you attempt to buy ammo from them.A $8.00 box of Russian 9mm will cost $25-30. 1000 rounds of 2.23 will cost $1000. Help put these people out of business by never buying anything from them again and spread the word.A year from now they’ll try to place nice but they will fuck you

  • Mossy Shotgun590 says:

    Hey i'll take all ur 40 S&W ammo any one's got !!!! Its all Stooooopid. Esp plastic see thru dust thing. Ruger pistol pretty cool though.

  • Lucciano Molaro says:

    A transparent dust cover that will only be translucent after 1 mag hmm sounds like a dumb fad that will last for a short period with new shooters and might actually do well in this time frame considering millions if new gun owners just came out of the wood work.

  • Lucciano Molaro says:

    There is millions of reason to settle when your not in the wrong literally millions and millions of dollars which is just a 50 50 gamble anyways

  • Cheapest end on .223 was palmetto state 1000 rds for $399 and highest was shittier than dirt for $899 for 1000 rds

  • PSA regularly increases their prices by about 5%. But just since the beginning of the month their prices are up 19% on most accessories and 38% on most guns and ammo. I hope that in 6 months when theres a surplus the laws of supply and demand work in our favor.

  • MSSynsyterGates says:

    Midway USA for the best, Cheaper than Dirt( and worth as much) had the worst. Not even the first time theyve been scummy.

  • Cheaper than dirtbags. I mean 1000 dollars for a 1000 rounds of 9mm. THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! And as I remember they tried to pull this crap last time. They need to be BOYCOTTED!

  • One of my local gun shops, in Columbus, GA.,  IS price gouging on ammo. A $20 box of ammo, purchased in January, 2020, is now going for $50. I also checked the weapons prices and the same thing. BUT, not to the same extent.

  • PHL_knife and tool says:

    I agree new gun owners need to get some mentoring from our community and also for the PA folks, Bucks County Sheriff's office is doing an online safety course for ALL These first time gun buyers. Pretty wild to see lines of a 2 hour wait to even get in to buy a box of ammo or a gun.

    Glad to see Gov. Wolf changed his mind thanks to guys like Adam and Josh Prince, and now gun shops are considered life sustaining or essential businesses in PA and allowed to remain open. Not that many shops have a lot left at this point. Philly last I heard had some .410 buck at 1.25 a round, some .38 special, and random calibers like 45LC, 5.7 and 25acp. Glad to have put a little aside long before this.

    But to top off, best prices overall Academy Sports online had .223 brass cased ,200 rounds for 34.99 plus $5 flat rate shipping on all ammo but full ammo cans. With shipping prices academy has been the go to for me.
    WORST PRICES….?…. As always Cheaper Than Dirt, never letting a crisis go to waste for a buck. For 1k rounds of 9mm Seller Bellot Ball 115g, $1100.00 plus shipping. I think 1k 5.56 in 55g was something like $1300.00+
    I will never forget what they did after Sandy Hook, the ammo shortage and now this. Never a penny to CTD ever. They can charge what they want, but even at reasonable prices I won't support them.

  • Midnight Phoenix says:

    For any 1st time gun owner. Learn about the firearm by reading the instruction booklet or pdf file that came with the gun. This teaches do's and don'ts, how to clean and breakdown the firearm.
    Check YouTube or other sources online for beginner's guides for 1st time gun owners. Safety first. Also, learn about the laws in your state about firearms.
    Knowledge first before practical application.

    Since most gun ranges are unavailable. Hopefully, you know a friend or family member who owns property to practice on. Depending on the local sheriff, you might get permission to use their ranges with them and help with questions. Every LEO department has a firearm safety instructor for training.

    These are just ideas I came up with for 1st time gun owners.

  • Lower than dirt. I can buy a progressive press and all the components for 1000 223 cheaper than the box of Winchester lake city atm.

  • As a lawyer, i can tell you that settling even meritless claims (not saying this was or wasn't a meritless claim) is just a cost/benefit/risk analysis.

  • William Hutchinson says:

    i want me that see thru dust cover & a
    billy buddha sticker for the butt stock.
    i can’t afford ammo anymore.

  • Best pricing on ammo- Atwoods. 10% off all ammo all the time. Also a pawn shop I go to here in Wichita called aloanatlast, great prices and great selection on ammo and firearms. Until they pretty much sold all the guns and ammo during this issue. Worst prices,………..Obvious reasons why.

  • MOA Customs and Surprisingly Buds Gun Shop has some amazing prices for ammo and are rationing out quite well. I think BGS runs its ammo sales from like 0600 to 1300 or something to that effect. Super short window and they only release limited amounts per day.

    MOA Customs is a smaller shop but the owner is super cool and has a lot of connections.

  • The Grand Inquisitor says:

    John: "The gun industry needs to inovate!"

    The gun industry: [inovates]

    John: "No, not like that! That's stupid and pointless!"

  • The clear dust cover is perfect for Gucci insta pics.
    So far best ammo prices ive seen are academy and bass pro. Except i had orders cancelled at bass pro. Everyone knows where the price gouging is going on lol.

  • Wow! First time watcher here. Thank you for not going on a rant about 2A! This was a rational and informative video! Yes people are seeing some unusual circumstances in the firearm community due to the pandemic. But you didn’t go on ripping people trying to do a job or say how dumb everything is and even welcomed people in an attempt to educate the new firearm owners! You sir have earned a subscription! Not just a hit that subscribe and like … good job!

  • Joseph Collins says:

    It's always cheaper to settle the fight it. Cost my employer 100s of thousands to fight a claim. And was going to take more so they were advised to settle

  • I’m not uninterested in the Ruger charger, but it’s not the most appealing on the eyes, and pending on the price, I’m still more interested in the Stribog or PSA AK-V. Simply on the cool factor those win out for a little more money.

  • For ammo look to It's good for what ails you.
    It's where retailers compete for the customer.
    Make sure to find one of the sellers who aren't playing, The Fair Price, but with a hard shafting on shipping game.

  • 1. Go Ruger! Good job staying competitive in the modern market and among the trends. They should expand the PC line some more.
    2. .380 is already dead, they just haven't figured it out yet.
    3. Cheaper than dirt's prices went through the roof!!!

    Keep up the great work. The entire firearms community thanks you and your team.

  • Re: Ruger Charger – I like the concept not the price. The carbine seems fair when it came out (Again) in the $400 ish range. Now if the Ruger folks come out with this in 5.7 and the ammo prices come down……Wait is that an Oxymoron? Sigh…

  • The best pricing on ammo, well it has to be evident by looking at the price tags of the boxes I already own. Just heard one major manufacturer will be going 24/7/365 to meet demand. Oh, and they are talking at wholesale 5 to 8% increase in cost. Thank you….

  • Wow it's like Ruger read my mind…. I was looking at building an AR9…. Might have to look at the pistol carbine now🤔

  • I could see a purpose for the clear cover; However, It's a GD piece of plastic! $30? IDFTS. It should be no more expensive than a standard dust cover.

  • Chris highsite says:

    Best price on Ammunition where I live right now is in my armory, Now that I have enough time to catch up on all my unloaded brass backlog, and the backlog has temporarily ceased. Worst has been any major retailer, specially Cheaper then Dirt.

  • The good thing about CTD is that if we got to a point where ammo wasn't available, they'd still have some if you wanted it badly enough. They're existence does serve a positive function. I place the blame at the feet of people paying inflated prices, not capitalism.

  • Heywood Jablome says:

    Personally not feeling the love for liberal gun owners. They tend to ruin everything they get involved in. Even those that hold on to theirs will have the “Ive already got mine” attitude when it comes to any gun control laws their favorite tyrant is pushing. Mark my words.

  • The clear dustcover is cool. It's something I've not seen before, and for new gun owners it's just one more layer of safety and security. As long as it's durable I really don't see much of a downside, even at a $30 price. Minimal market is still some market.

  • James Hendrickson says:

    Academies ammo prices aren’t horrible but they’re selling out real quick, is shooting the freaking moon.

  • I love when all the 9mm is gone, I can walk in and still buy the superior .40S&W ammo. 🙂
    .40S&W is great, but I guess if you're a limp-wristed soyboy, you wouldn't like it, as it does have snap… but man, it's fun to shoot!
    It's only a "dying round" because Chads follow the FBI like lost puppies, not realizing the FBI reverted to 9mm because their women and weak men couldn't handle .40S&W, NOT because 9mm is better, as some incorrectly think. Nothing against 9mm; it's an excellent cartridge, but .40S&W is better if you can handle it.

  • 6:00 I have a trick for figuring out the status of your bcg without needing a clear dust cover: is your dust cover closed? Good then your bcg is forward. Seriously who closes their dust cover on an open bolt?

  • I bought a lifetime ammo supply when walmart decided they didnt wanna carry pistol and ar ammo and sold it nearly half price. My gunshop was still selling buy 9 get one box free to me the other day but it was looking pretty empty.

  • Dilldow Schwagginz says:

    That FN single stack looks nice but I probably won't be trading my XDS for it anytime soon (I am a FN 509 fan though – I have one).

  • I see that dust cover as a sexy accent for a custom Gucci AR that is its number one purpose or as Nutnfancy would say "2nd Cool"

  • Wet bread, but I like the idea. I find the Ruger PCCs to be hideous, but that’s just me. By most reports, people who own them have been pleased.

  • The charger still kicks like an ar9. The glock mags are a nice touch, but most other options shoot better from my experience. Side note: I have a glock 22 and while everyone was panicking to buy ammo I just gingerly bought 40sw easily. Its always nice to have that alt caliber

  • Cheaper than Dirt charging nearly $1/rd for Tula 9mm, when my shop was still at $8.99/box. I figured people would've learned their collective lesson about those guys back during the Great 30-Clip Scare.

  • There's going to be a lot of guns for sale after the C.V. crazy shit is over. I can't wait they are going to be people selling their guns for nothing.

  • Cant speak on behalf of ammo since I found some on my first stop at a reasonable price. But as far as gun prices here in Houston, best prices I found was a local pawn shop with little to no mark ups. Worst price I found was a local gun store charging $400+ for mid range ar lowers. and 700-900+ for mid range complete uppers

  • LicheLordofUndead says:

    I disagree about the .380 being the next round to go. The .380 is a much easier round to use than a 9mm round. I was a long time, has to be a .45 Auto guy, nothing else is as good. I am now in my 60's and find that trying to shoot a box of .45 Auto is a little too hard on the wrists. Where I can shoot my lowly .380 and empty a couple of boxes and still think about going for more, only my wallet stops me these days.

  • I completely disagree that .380 is going to fade out. There are loads that meet FBI spec out of a small .380 pistol, and they are significantly thinner and smaller than any 9mm will ever be. I think that's going to be enough to keep it around.

  • George Mezines says:

    What's the new term? (Supersonic Kills). I don't a see resurgence for the .40SW when you have two book ends, the 9mm +P and 10mm with better expansion bullets. I truly believe, If today's 9mm +P existed back then, the .40SW would never have had a niche and be accepted by the FBI.

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