Oh Bhagavanthuda || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Oh Bhagavanthuda || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Get up, lazy bum! We’ve to go to the temple.
– Mom, we went to the temple only the other day. The other day?
That was exactly a year ago, on your birthday. And today is my birthday again. Mom, why is this man doing acrobatics?
– He is only praying to the Lord like he promised. Who promises to Lord to pray like that?
– I did, if you get married soon. What? You promised you’ll roll and pray?
– No, I promised you will. – I won’t even get married. Are you here for archana?
– Archana? Yuck, she is my ex. Swapna is my girlfriend now. Good Lord! What is your clan name?
– Clan name? Give me a minute. What are you doing?
– Looking it up. My net is slow. – Oh Lord! Excuse me.. – Yes?
– Could you turn on your hotspot? – Sure. Why? You’ve any important mail to send?
– No, the priest asked me for my clan name. I’m looking it up. Is this your first time in the temple?
– I’ve never come alone to the temple before. Instead, call your parents and ask them.
– Wow! Now that is a good idea. – What a noob. Distribute the Prasada
while I go circumambulate the temple. I asked you to distribute it,
not eat it all by yourself. Can I have some more?
– Sure. Lord, what did I ever do to you?
I offered you coconuts, prayers, Prasada and even fasted every week on your account.
Yet, you do this to me? Why? What did He do to you?
– He failed me in the exam. – Oh! Now it makes sense. So, you flunked in your exam?
– Yes. God failed me. – Did God write your paper? No.
– Did He evaluate your paper? – No. You while away your time in the college
without attended classes and you still are shocked you failed? You say God is at fault for not letting you build castles in air?
– See, because of you, even this girl is chiding me. Good Lord! Please, continue your conversation with Him.
– I’ve lost all hope on you. Now, I’m Lord Ventakeshwar’s devotee. What is that milk for?
– To bathe the idol with it. – Why waste milk like that? Instead, bathe the idol with water. Lord won’t mind.
You can give that milk pack to the needy. Kids these days talk like they know all,
but you know nothing. Son, let’s go pray to the Lord.
– I don’t believe in God. You go on. I’ll rather play PubG. You don’t believe in God, sir?
– No, ma’am, I don’t. – I see. Want some Prasada? Please! I had nothing since morning.
– This asshole doesn’t believe in God but wants Prasada. You said hole something?
– I-I said the black hole is somewhere up there. Well.. Yes..
You’re right. Serve me some Prasada. Want some more? And some more?
– I can have all of that. Can I have some?
– Didn’t I serve you some a while ago? – So? Now, get out.
– Some more, please. Thank you. Who is this guy after my chick?
– Something is fishy right here. Bro, do not stalk that girl.
– You too are stalking her but I didn’t say a word. I come here every week, just for her.
– And I go to which ever temple she goes to every day. That makes me your senior. So, step aside.
– You both are here only for that girl? – Yes. Half the guys go to temples just to ogle at girls, right?
Also, that girl won’t fall for either of you. And why is that?
– Because she already has a boyfriend. – Holy crap! Had I spent all this time on my studies, I’d have landed a job.
– But how do you know that? – She is my neighbour. Ma’am, tell me, do you have a boyfriend?
– Makes no difference as I don’t visit temples every week. “There is Lord Shiva in me.
There is Lord Shiva in you.” “If Lord Shiva is in you and in me,
He’ll be everywhere in this universe.” Excuse me, sir. We’re at Sai Baba’s temple.
How come you’re singing songs in praise of Lord Shiva? God is omnipresent.
Wherever you look for Him, you’ll find Him. You are Harika, right?
– Yes. How do you know? I’m a famous astrologer.
– Astrologer, huh? Nice. You’re here with your mom and the priest
offered you holy water. – Yes! After that, you distributed the Prasada to kids.
But before that, you tasted it yourself. Yes, I did!
– That explains a lot about your mom’s cooking. After all that, you’ve come to sit here.
– Sir! You are great! Could you please read my palm? I won’t whenever you ask me to.
I will only when I want to. Can’t you read it in my palm
that you’re about to get slapped by me? I want you to go away from here.
So, God will see to it you go away from here. I get it. You found out I’m a fraud.
Please, don’t give me those death stares. I’ll leave now, ma’am.
– Get out! Wonder how long my mom will take? Are you looking for someone?
– No, sir. I bought new shoes just yesterday. So, I’m just keeping an eye. Instead, they can give Rs. 10
and deposit their footware at the entrance. There are hardly anyone in the temple.
Now is the time to rob one of these shoes. I’m going to rob these two pairs. Yes, these two pairs
are what I’m going to rob. Bro..
– ‘Yes, bro?’ I’ve got two pairs of shoes. They’d atleast be worth Rs. 3000.
– ‘Rs. 3,000? Alright, bring them. I’ll give you Rs. 200.’ What? Just Rs. 200? If I sell them
on Secondhand.com, I’ll atleast get Rs. 1000. Now, tell me.
– ‘Fine, I’ll pay you Rs. 700.’ – Cool. My footwear.. Mom, I lost my footwear!
This is why I never go to temples! How did you lose them without even going to the temple?
– This was all a dream? I think I had a lot of it last night.
Sleep, I mean. Greetings, people!
Well, this was a highly requested video. Finally we could do it now.
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