Official Trailer | BREAKING BIG | PBS

Official Trailer | BREAKING BIG | PBS

Carlos Watson:
What makes people successful? Welcome to the show. Carlos:
What are the unexpected
turns in life that propel people
to greatness? And action. I’m Carlos Watson,
editor of OZY, and this summer,
I’m bringing you the untold stories
behind some the most extraordinary people
on the planet to uncover the real secrets
behind “Breaking Big.”


2 thoughts on “Official Trailer | BREAKING BIG | PBS”

  • We hear most news today about immigration and investigations related to the 2016 Presidential election. 

    But I haven't seen one word about the War in Yemen. 

    Civilians, men, women and are dying due to cholera outbreaks, starvation and the war. 

    The US is directly involved, with troops on the ground, intelligence, mid-air fueling, weapons, and silence. 

    I'm sure that, like all things in the Mid-East, things are complicated.

    If Americans knew about this, they would be outraged, as I am now. When the people do hear about it, they will demand to know why our elected officials and the press kept them in the dark. Eventually, they will find out.

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