29 thoughts on “Official 2018 Made by Google Event Recap Video”

  • Honestly Using this junk sucks you need a stupid Scription to use it fully this google mini junk is going in the trash

  • pixel 2 xl的屏幕真的是坑爹了,3的刘海屏又这么大,4能不能让人难以点,至今觉得最好的是一代pixel😒

  • Sanjeev Krishna says:

    If Google is the water of an ocean, 'Pixel' is a gold fish in it and I am a new country fish entered in to this ocean, searching for unlimited possibilities; as I use Google almost regularly like billions of them around the world, so confused, I think I missed this friend for such a long time and happy to find one of the best to move with. 'God Of Our Godhead Loves Everyone'

  • IS THE GOOGLE CELL PHONE LIGHT??? IS IT LIGHT. BUT ITS TOO. MUCH MONEY I AM A senior citizen can't you do any better in the price Department I now have the Samsung Galaxy Android Buy Boost Mobile I have everything unlimited for $30 a month which is incredible the only thing is it is very heavy it's the j-7 and I also have the S3 which is really old but it's many which I love

  • Yvon J. Blommaert says:

    Still waiting for the accessibility purchase of Google accessoires in Belgium. Chromecast second version and Chromecast audio are not good enough. At least try to give us the Google pixel 4 & 4 XL next year… Pretty please… (Had to buy my mini from France). #ThestruggleIsReal.

  • TechTalk - My videos are funny says:

    It's funny how people are making fun of the Pixel 3XL's notch, When the Huawei P20 Pro, Oneplus 6 and G7 have almost the same sized notch.

  • Chris Summers says:

    Look at this try hard Indian bitch faking the American accent yet failing miserably, resulting in a pathetic sounding mix of Indian accent and American blurts.

  • Trivikram Kamat says:

    Is there a way to move the icons up into the notch zone in Pixel 3 XL when display cutout is hidden?

    I want to buy a Pixel 3 XL, but this waste of real-estate is a deal-breaker for me.

  • Hey google your products are good but you compared with funny iPhone X 🤣🤣but you didn’t compared with Samsung S9+ king 👑 in mobile world 😎

  • Phone User: Hey Google, did I miss.
    Google Assitant: What you miss is there is a notch on the Google Pixel 3

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