Off Camera Secrets | Team Fortress 2 – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Team Fortress 2 – Boundary Break

Hey, what’s up chubby nuts. All right, I’m gonna be honest with yhey whats jdgfjbsgsjgbjsbgjhsbjgsjgbjsbgjsbgjsbgfhjsbgjbgjsbgou here I thought I was gonna be doing this intro, but the grammar is just freakin terrible. So you know what? I’m just gonna explain it to you right here I think this is just a show where the guy can take the camera basically anywhere, but let’s be honest with ourselves, right? It’s just no-clip. All right, it’s no-clip. Don’t let this conman fool you. It’s totally no-clip! However that animated intro from Michael chin 1994. That was some beautiful Stuff. Oh man. It was really good. I mean, it wasn’t Valve good, you know, but what are you even saying here? This is one man. We’re talking about okay. Okay. I just kind of calm down. I gotta calm down. I What am I even still doing here? Enjoy the show people. Or don’t, I don’t care! To clear things up real quick that is not just a great impression of the Scout That is the voice of the scout Nathan Vetterlein So thank you so much man for doing this week’s intro I got links to his YouTube channel down below that I’ll explain later But for now, let’s boundary break some animations. We’re Team Fortress 2 there was a ton of great videos called the “Meet The” series where you got to meet all the classes of Team Fortress 2 and three of the project files used to make those animations from released to the public that being heavy engineer and soldier and so let’s start off at the heavy I am heavy weapons guy Right off the bat you’re gonna see something really cool here I can show you the exact frame which the regular cardboard box is replaced with a busted one and before the box gets busted the Regular box flips through the floor to look like it’s initially crushing and when that box is crushed its for place with a unique Model one that has a little feature to it. That’s never seen by the viewer as from this angle You can see a busted seam on the box that has ammo spilling out, something that’s never shown in the published video also this room that you’re seeing here is shared with the same map as the outdoor scenes to this video which when the camera cuts Away, too heavy outside shooting in everybody You’ll notice that we have to move the camera Outside of this room to get there and by far the goofiest thing that’s apparently in the published version of this video but it’s just really hard to notice is that this Scout over here in the foxhole has his hat inside of his shoulder and he Has a really goofy expression and a quick explanation for why this is is that there is two different models for Team Fortress 2 Which is a cinematic model and a player model now Obviously the model being used here is a player model as it functions like an AI However, it inherited the facial controls of the cinematic model which doesn’t translate well and gives you this really goofy Simpsons look So Team Fortress 2 is a very rare example of where the developers are Encouraging players to boundary break essentially or to noclip if you’re splitting hairs And so the game is filled to the brim with Easter eggs and a lot of its heavily documented But that’s not gonna stop me from sharing them here in this episode like over in the map cp_Vanguard There are vaults on both the red and blue sides If you were take the camera through this vault that cannot be opened by the player you can see what the loot is, which sorry To disappoint you treasure hunters out there is just a lonely banana. So in the half-life 2 episode of boundary break as well as the portal 2 episode of boundary break I was starting to dip my toe in a very uncommon practice in video games Which is making a skybox off screen and projecting it around the maps So now that I understand that this is a common practice in valve games as well as a couple of other companies We could do something pretty fun here for a multiplayer game What we got here is the animator Michael chin1994, moving his character into the skybox of the Egypt map and when that happens well, like I said Everything gets projected including the character So what we’re doing here is we’re showing you what it looks like when Michael chin is hanging out in the skybox While we hang out in the map itself looking at the skybox, and as you can see Michael chin is terrifyingly huge But you know, we’re not even done with the Egypt map just yet. How about that? Skybox, right? I don’t think we’re done talking about it because if you look at the clouds against the void instead of the blue sky that camouflage color is no longer there and you can see a little bit of a flub on the map developers part as there’s a Transparent blue box around the cloud and you can also see eraser marks made Around the cloud and this is something that’s in the official roster of maps for Team Fortress 2 So you could boot up your own game and check it out for yourself right now [ Music ] So I looked inside of all the character models and I will tell you that was not really much to find with pretty much all of them, that is to say except for demo man. I was very surprised to find out that the demo man model has an eyeball underneath the eye patch, now not a standard eyeball by any means, instead It’s a completely black eye and in a model viewer It just looks straight black with no texture whatsoever It’s because it is, but in the game there’s more going on with it because there’s effects added to the eyeball Just like anybody’s eye. So what you’re seeing here is some reflective shine Now let’s do a zoom out of a map upward, which is a pretty popular Team Fortress 2 map [ Music ] Hey look buddy, I’m an engineer. That means I solve problems Okay, there’s like five million things going on with this engineer video But I’m gonna try to break down some of the more interesting stuff like for example Here when you see this gun shot right at the start of the video You’ll see that it spawns a blue engineer who shot the gun which means that in the published video that you saw that was released By valve there is in fact the blue engineer off screen here And also you may notice the sniper walking in the background of the official video Well anyways to pull that off they had to do a little bit of perspective trickery because what you’re gonna see here Which is incredibly awesome is in truth The sniper is just walking through the air in order to look like he’s walking down a hill in the published video in fact The same can be said for all the character models at the end of this video as well, as they are also walking in midair To fool your perspective and what ends up happening to the hand that he kicks at the end of the video Is it stuck in midair just off-camera for a good while before a changes scenes And also this area is a unique map made just for this source filmmaker video And so if we were to pan the camera back a little bit you’d be surprised how much environment is not seen by the player despite its one purpose to valve [ Music ] Okay, let’s get back into those Easter eggs So one map that has two Easter eggs in it is the foundry The first one can be found near a blue capture point inside of a garage And to the untrained eye would look like nothing’s going on inside of this garage aside from the fact that the player can’t access it However, if you notice those planks are covering up certain letters and if you read what’s in between those two planks backwards You’ll see that it spells out robot and inside the red team space You’ll see a red soldier guarding a door. If we were to take the camera past that soldier inside that door There’s a room that’s fully modeled with scout and heavy-looking at difficult to make out pictures of the robots Which a very similar easter egg is also found in the map doomsday But instead it’s on the blue side and past the soldier is a spy that looks a little bit defeated Also has a map showing three areas that would later become maps for man versus machine and also fun little note The spy cigarette is still attached to the model and it’s clipping through his arm but let’s round this all off by going back to foundry and doing a zoom out because this map is a Really good looking map from far away And hey, you know what, We talked about man versus machine earlier so long we talked about that the first thing I want take a look at is this vehicle? Over here that houses all the robots now if you take the camera inside you might notice there’s a bunch of cubes that make up some of the aesthetic of it, however, there’s one cube that’s never seen by the player, and it should also be noted that even if you could get at the right angle To see where it’s supposed to be, you’d never be able to see it because it’s only inside the vehicle It’s this blue cube over here And normally when we see cubes on this show It’s supposed to represent a function but that function could be is sometimes hard to say but in this case I’m almost certain it was for aesthetic reasons however Funny that I should mention cubes on this map Because there is a cube that is underneath the map that is meant for just that, it’s meant to call in some sort of function I’m sitting here waiting to see what it would do but unfortunately It doesn’t seem to show you what it does, unlike the box used in the harvest event map where it’s used to spawn ghosts But the developers decide to be a little bit cheeky with this spawn box and even furnished it up to look like a break room The cool thing about Team Fortress 2 is that yes all the maps that you get are official at a certain point However, some of the maps that become mainstays were created by users like over here in the map Freight There is a secret bounty room that has the artists initials on the ceiling and that same map designer managed to also have another map made and so naturally you can assume that if you take the camera through some part of this map you will once again find his initials So, let’s start talking about aliens and really quick there is another Easter egg in this map There’s a secret room inside of the silo that is dedicated to the creator of this map complete with emblems and URLs and everything else But what I find more interesting is the map itself one of the things that can happen while you’re on this stage Is that you get abducted by aliens? And then your character is inside of a spaceship? So there’s a lot of questions that need to get asked there. Where is the spaceship room? Is it inside the spaceship itself? Well, no, it’s not there is a static room where the characters get teleported to and as for the spaceships themselves, where are they? well You can find a whole lot of spaceships on the corner of a map here and you’ll see that most of them get used at a certain point but it is just fun to note that the Creator used more than one spaceship and just gave them very Specific functions and in the map Watergate ho boy. Here we go You’ll notice that a spaceship starts in the skybox And if we take a look at the mothership that they spawn in you can see a bunch of spaceships being stored in here waiting To be used now. We already learned earlier that the skybox is merely a projection when you’re using it in the map So how is it that a spaceship can start in a skybox and then somehow immediately transition into the main map? Well the way that they make this work, is that the spaceship from the skybox? Eventually lands in the ocean and then swaps out with a map version of the spaceship and then that version of the spaceship comes out of the water and we’re Not even done here yet. There’s also some Easter eggs to find like over here behind the box There’s an aperture robot from the portal franchise and on the blue team’s side behind the alleyway There’s another Easter egg alluding to the man versus machine update And seriously, I should just call this episode off camera secrets Watergate because there’s so much to talk about here The last thing we’re gonna mention here is an unused asset way off in the distance There’s a long strip that looks like a dab texture as it’s mostly white with a box pattern Hey here We go a viewer request as always if you want to stay on top of what the next game is going to be as well as drop a suggestion for What you want to see in that episode you can of course follow me on twitter at Boundary Break But yeah, as far as what you can find inside of this training area, not much I get it There’s very limited space that you can walk around in this area And it looks like there’s a lot to see but as you can see in this footage right here the second you step into those Areas, that look like it keeps going on. You’ll find out that there’s really not much left Next Easter egg that we got is in the map snow plow so in this map There’s a locked door with a window That shows you inside of a room with three doors if you were to take the camera through that window And of course go through those doors, you’re gonna find things behind them like over on the left We have the Hat of undeniable wealth and respect then as you go further in there’s just a bunch of rubber duckies In fact rubber duckie seems to be a huge theme for this map They’re littered all over the place including the train itself as the bomb rests on top of a pile of rubber duckies And while we’re over here Let’s explain what you’re looking at as far as what the Train is doing before the match starts inside of this starting area There are two layers of black textures that are supposed to hide the Train in the train itself clips through both Why there’s two I don’t know but the reason why there would be one to begin with is so if the player was to look Inside it would look like it’s just a long dark tunnel we’ve seemingly no end but of course from this angle you can see that there is Another great easter egg is in the map warehouse where if you walk around to a certain part of the map you can see a Candle through a crack in a window that’s boarded up And so if we no clip into that room we can see that there’s a lot more furnishing to this area than you would think a lot of mystical properties that use the Halloween event assets Next up is one of the newer maps banana Bay and I love what they do with the Train here because in order for this Object to go from one end of the map to the complete opposite they store it in the void for a little while before sending It back the other direction and of course we got to talk about this insane Easter Egg now There’s two secret areas in this map that you can explore but this one’s far more interesting So right the spawn area of the blue side You can see a little bit of green light peeking through a basement area And if you take the camera down there You can find a set up for a seance for poopy Joe and those of you who don’t know the poopy Joe It was a monkey not who died in an explosion shortly after the rocket took off but old poopy Joe was owned by the Manco company and had become a staple of Team Fortress 2 for quite a while If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight Santos had that and of course, we got a look at the footage from meet the soldier though There wasn’t as much to look at like the other two there is one unique thing about meet the soldier and that is the heads On the fence for most of the video the heads on the fence are not the characters from Team Fortress 2 They are different versions of the soldiers head just warped in different facial structures But one on the far left being the most exaggerated also interesting to note those heads don’t have black eyes They have eye holes possibly to further insinuate that the black eye for the Demoman was Intentional and once it is at the end of the video is swapped out with a single object That connects all the team fortress 2 members heads together and the only head that can be interacted with is the only head that ever Moved in that short, which is the medics So I got three people to think this week And of course the first one I have to get out of the way is Nathan Federline, dude It was amazing to have you on for this week’s intro. I really appreciate it guys He has his own YouTube channel where he does the scout voice for various things To find the problem you save the donuts. So I highly recommend you check it out. It’s very entertaining stuff. No wait Also, I think Michael chin 1994 for doing this week’s animated intro There’s links to his youtube channel down below as well. If you want to see more animations and also a special Thank you to I am Sol who is the one who helped me collect the footage for source filmmaker scenes Hey ladies Of course, if you’re brand new to this channel, I highly recommend you check out some of my old one So I got the portal 2 and the half-life 2 episode Already up and all you gotta do is just click on the screen here or go into the video description down below to check it out but if this is the end of the road for you, I just want to thank you for watching and Hopefully I see you again in the future. Take care everybody


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